Journey Log – Day 16: A Haunting We Will Go!

For those of us who follow the path of Wicca, this is a very special time of year.   For some it is called Samhain while for others it’s Hallowmas.  For the public at large, it is Halloween.

This is a time when the veil between the world of the living and the world of those who are in spirit becomes its thinnest.  It is at this time that we are more easily able to communicate with them and they with us.

As I thought about this, I wondered if you wondered what someone who had been seeing and communicating with spirits on and off since a small child would have done with this ability – especially given that I chose the spiritual path that I did.   It’s been very interesting and both enlightening and frightening at times.  It’s led to a variety of experiences, in a number of areas, some of which I’d like to share with you now.  So gather yourselves around the proverbial campfire and I’ll get out the flashlight and hold it under my chin (for the appropriate effect) as I begin my tale…

I’ve already spoken of my experiences with my friend Dee’s mother, but little did I realize that when I opened that door it would cast a HUGE light in the realm of spirit and cause so many to come to say so much.  You see, many of those who we’ve known and love often stay close, at least for a while, to watch over us or because they have unfinished business.  The problem is, although all of us have the ability to “see” and “hear” spirits, most of us are so dragged down by our lives in the physical world that we are blind and deaf to those who want to communicate with us.  So they search for open “channels”.  When I began all this, those channels were called “mediums” and they could be male or female.  Unfortunately, many are phonies and are only looking to take your money with false promises of communication with a departed loved one.  But I digress.

My clairvoyance (ability to see spirits) was limited to seeing columns of color and each spirit had it’s own unique hue that I learned to identify as a particular spirit.  The problem with that door coming open and casting such a blinding light on the other side was that I was seeing a myriad of spirits in a rainbow of color 24/7.  If I didn’t see them, I’d hear them (clairaudience).  After a while, I really had to lay down the law and limit when I would be available for such communications or I and my life would have been consumed by the constant influx of messages.

But this ability wasn’t limited to me being Message-Central.  You see, once other people in this  reality found out that I could communicate with spirits, they wanted to know what, if anything, I could do about getting rid of hauntings in their homes and apartments!  Well, I knew this was something I couldn’t handle on my own so I spoke with the High Priest of our Coven and my co-Priestess (my friend Dee) and we began to work on what would be done, depending on the circumstance, to rid a home of a haunting.

Thank the Gods for those who used to drop the books off the shelves in B Dalton’s and to those spirits who some would call Guides, because without their help, I’m sure we would have gotten in over our heads.  At the simplest, we became ghost busters, and, at the most (and this is the scary part), we became home exorcists for short period of time.

There were two incidents that have stuck with me all these years.  One involves a triple haunting at a rental property that a friend’s daughter was renting.  The first ghost was noticed because the back door kept sounding like it was opening, closing and then footsteps were heard across the kitchen.  Then water would be heard running in the claw-foot bathtub, which was right around the corner from the kitchen.  One night the girl, Jamie, went into the bathroom to see if there was a leak. (Actually, I think she was praying there was a leak.) When she looked into the tub she saw long brown hair floating on the top of a tub full of water!  This happened a number of times.  It was always the same – back door, footsteps, running water, long brown hair.  When she couldn’t take it any longer, we got a call.  Long story short…it seems this woman came home one night and after crossing the kitchen, entered the bathroom to run water for a bath.  She slipped, fell hitting her head and drowned in the tub.  Now she was on an endless loop of repeating it.  I’m happy to report we were able to interrupt that loop and help her cross over.

The story doesn’t end there though.  The reason Jamie had been so aware of the first ghost was because she was sleeping in her dining room.  She had two bedrooms upstairs so, with my curiosity peaked, I asked her why.  She told me there were weird, pathetic noises coming from a closet in one of the bedrooms and they never seemed to stop.  On top of that, even though the room received a lot of daylight, any plants put in the room died…quickly.

Up the stairs we went.  The closet definitely had an eerie feel to it.  Although the energy extended out into the rest of the bedroom, it seemed to originate from the closet.  Opening myself to the energies there, I found that someone had died in that closet.  You see, from a time when people hid those who weren’t quite right, a long ago resident of the house had made this closet the prison for a child that today would be considered “special”.  It was here she spent her life and it was here she died.  Even though she had died decades ago, she didn’t know she died and, since this closet was all she’d ever known, here she stayed.

It was difficult, actually impossible, to make her understand that she could leave the closet so we had to ask for help from the other side.  We opened a door of light that the girl could see from the closet and, for lack of a better term, two Beings of Light came and helped her to cross over.  The energy in the room cleared and Jamie told me much later that her plants were flourishing there.

Are we done here?  Not quite yet.  It seems one night when a girlfriend was staying over, she awoke in the bed in the dining room to see an old woman in a bed in the living room  with a man in a suit bent over her.  As the girlfriend, Barb, watched the scene, both the man and the old woman turned and looked at her.  They seemed to be aware of her presence!  Barb woke up Jamie, but when Jamie looked she saw nothing and Barb said they were gone.

We checked into this one.  It was the easiest of them all.  It just happened that there had been an old woman who, because of her age and health, had had her bedroom in the living room.  On the day she died, the doctor (the man in the suit) had come to check on her.  This was only residual energy that had stayed, as can often happen when someone dies, even after years and years.  We were easily able to disperse it, but we never did figure out why they appeared to have seen Barb.  Perhaps on the day the event took place, someone walked into the living room just about the time Barb, in this time frame, noticed the haunting.  I guess we’ll never really know, but that’s what helps to make a good ghost story, isn’t it?

Oh, my, I have gone on, haven’t I?  Well, let’s drag out the marshmallows and toast a few….then I’ll tell you the scary stuff!!!

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