Journey Log – Day 14: Writers in the Sky

As I begin this entry that marks the six month anniversary of my web site, it occurs to me that some form of writing has always been with me.  Perhaps I have “printer’s ink” in my blood due to the fact that my father spent over 40 years in the newspaper business.  He wasn’t a reporter, but, in the years prior to computers, he and many like him were linotype operators.   If you’re unfamiliar with that term, it’s the job of setting type for the pages of the newspaper so that it can be printed.  Although I really didn’t understand his job then, working for the newspaper fascinated me and it did have it’s influence on  me.

I remember in sixth grade, we were asked to do a report on a country that interested us.  I took that assignment to heart and wrote the equivalence of a thesis on Russia!  Remember I was only about 12 at the time.  Then there was 8th grade history class.  We had an assignment to take a decade in the 1800s and produce a “newspaper” of several pages with stories, ads, etc. that would have been appropriate and accurate for that time period.  Oh, boy!  Dad works for the newspaper!!!  I not only fulfilled the assignment content-wise, but I produced a newspaper that had the correct sized columns, headlines, etc.

I couldn’t even settle for just writing a diary like other teenage girls.  Yes, I did have one, but when things were really bothering me, I took a stenographer’s notebook and started a fictional story called, “Just Another Little Peyton Place”.  I wonder whatever happened to that notebook?  Oh, well.  In those times, writing fiction was my way of venting my emotional distress and frustrations.  I’m not sure what I would have done without it.

I’ve always seen a reason to write – research, self-expression, communication.  I’ve also found it to be quite true that putting something down in writing helps you remember it.  There’s something about taking information out of your brain and moving it down your arm, into your hand, to be expressed on paper that really makes it stick in your memory.   I guess that’s why teachers push students to take notes – although back then, note-taking was not high on my list of things to do.

When I became interested in the occult and Wicca, I quickly learned how valuable note-taking could be.  I was  reading everything I could lay my hands on from the library and inter-library loan system to begin with and then everything I could find to buy.  Notebook after notebook filled with notes from the quickly growing number of books I read.  Believe it or not, I still have those notebooks – even after more than 35 years!

When I started teaching Wicca, I encouraged my students to take notes and also to keep journals.  One of the foundation stones to my teaching has always been “Knowing Yourself”.  All that writing I did as a child and teenager had taught me that to know yourself you needed to express yourself and the best way to do that was put it in writing.  When written down, you have a chance to see it.  When you see it, you have a chance to really realize how you feel about things and people in your life and why you feel that way.  Writing it down, and keeping those writings, allows you to return to them and reread them so that you can see what progress has been made on your journey.  It may reveal where you’re stuck and what’s causing it.  If you’ve worked through something, you can see how you overcame it.  It’s really a valuable tool to self-understanding.  That acquisition of self-understanding is not only a wonderful thing for you, but could come in handy to help someone else some day.  You just never know.

Then there’s dream journals.  I really believe everyone should keep one and I encourage my students to do this as well.  Dreams can be very revealing.  Although there are some standard dream symbols that can be interpreted by everyone, an individual’s dreams can contain symbols that are very unique and personal to that dreamer.  Keeping a journal can help you understand those symbols and what they mean for you.  Writing your dreams down can also help you to understand what life lessons you’re attempting to work through when not in waking consciousness.

For me, writing has also been a way of conveying information to others.  In 1980, I decided to start my own Pagan publication which I called Magickal Unicorn Messenger.  With only an electric typewriter and a copier, along with the knowledge I learned from my father, I began.  It was a fun experience and I learned a lot.  I also got to know many others who were doing the same thing.  We exchanged ads, articles and helped each other in our quest to get information to the Pagan and Wiccan public.  Although it only lasted about 4 years, it’s an experience I’ll never forget and always cherish.

I became coordinator of an event called “Goddess Gathering” in the Fall of 1989 when we acquired our own land after 6 years of renting land for the event.  I immediately became aware that it would be necessary to get information to regular attendees because now, not only were we having more than one event, we had weekends that needed people to volunteer to maintain the land that was now ours.  At first it was just a bulletin of several pages, but it soon turned into “Watcher in the Woods”, a periodical, for members, of articles, events, and rites of passage of those very same members.  The Muse of writing had called me once again!

So here I am now – retired since 2003 from my position of coordinator of what became Raven-Wolf Nature Sanctuary, retired as an active High Priestess and teacher of the Temple of Wicca (Although I’ve said if the Goddess sends someone with an astral sign that says “The Goddess sent me.” I would return to teaching!) and still feeling the urge to do some writing.  I do have two manuscripts, one fiction and one non-fiction about astrology, that have been gathering dust, but that’s a whole other  story.

Last Fall I felt like all the learning I’d done and the experiences I’ve been through needed to be expressed.  I call it the bony finger of the Goddess in my back.  So with the help of a very dear friend I began a four month adventure into setting up this web site/blog and for the last six months I’ve shared not only my insights into the astrological happenings that are occurring but my journey through the wild and whacky event called “My Life.”

It is my sincerest hope that amongst all my ramblings you will find something that aids you in your own journey or, at the very least, entertains you.

Thoughts are things.
Words have power.
Write on!!!

4 responses to “Journey Log – Day 14: Writers in the Sky

  1. Very good post, brings a smile to my face as I remember many good times learning from you … keep up the writing . I will be reading and learning since that is something one never ends doing .

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