Journey Log – Day 13: Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign!

By now,  it’s pretty much a given that I have had a more than “normal” adventure with the mystical, magickal side of life for a very long time.   I’ve pointed out that there’s an awareness that’s required to interact with that side of life and to move beyond our ego programming.  Was I always aware?  Huh-uh.  Remember me?  I have programming too.  There have been times when I’m quite sure those who are my guides and teachers from the other side have been ready to rip their ethereal hair out of their ethereal heads over my lack of awareness.  (Perhaps that explains dropping the books at my feet in B. Daltons!)  Like others, there have been times when I could give a whole new meaning to the word “dense”.  So the question is, when you are so distracted by mundane life,  how do you realize that Spirit is trying to tell you something?

Signs and symbols.  Whether it’s your Higher Self, guides, angels or Spirit itself, they do try to guide us and protect us by sending us signs and symbols to catch our attention so that we receive the message.  These signs and symbols may not be as blatant as billboards along the highway, but as we travel our own personal road of life, they are there just the same.  Just as driving a vehicle down the road requires us to pay attention, seeing the signs and symbols sent to us from the invisible realms requires our attention as well.  It’s easy to miss that turn off on the road and it’s really easy to miss a message sent from the other side.

I was exposed to this way of thinking early when I heard my parents talking one night about the fact that in my father’s family when someone died, an owl would come and hoot three times outside the other family members’ houses to let them know someone had died.   I was lying awake in my bedroom, which was right across from the kitchen where they were talking.  According to my father, it didn’t matter if owls were normally seen where you lived or not.  If a family member died, an owl came and hooted.  Wow!  That conversation happened around the same time as my first ghostly visit, so you can see how it would have made an impression.

Did I consciously remember that and remain aware?  No.  You see, I began school shortly after that and then all the many moves that I experienced in elementary school happened.  I became so fearful and focused on life outside of myself that I almost entirely forgot about it.  If it hadn’t been for sleeping with the covers over my head to prevent any more disembodied hands on my face, I probably would have totally forgotten that side of my life.  See how easy it is, at any age, to be taken out of awareness of the spiritual realms?  Yeah, me too.

It would take many, many years for me to circle back around to an awareness of those signs being presented to me.  I can’t say there was any one particular incident that made me take an interest in it.  It was more like when my general curiosity of the occult side of life really took hold, I began exploring as many avenues of it as I could find information on.  Sign, symbols and omens just happened to be one of those areas.

The word “omen” sounds very ominous, but the truth is that it just means, “A phenomena or incident regarded as a prophetic sign.”  My personal feeling is that getting a “head’s up” about an upcoming event is something to be very grateful for receiving.

I’ve talked, in length, about the programming we receive here as children, but even as adults we are driven to be more left-brained than right.  Logic, practicality, science and math are all very highly regarded in modern day society.  On the other hand, anything that doesn’t appeal to that side of the brain is mostly disregarded – including feelings, intuition and hunches.  These are the things of, not only the right brain, but the invisible realms.  To interact with those things termed psychic and/or spiritual, you must keep your heart open and feel; pay attention to your intuitions and hunches; and listen for the quieter voice of Spirit rather than the louder – sometimes booming, whiny – voice of waking consciousness.  That’s the beginning of the awareness you need in order to see the signs and symbols sent to guide and help you.

Have you ever had someone cross your mind or their face appear in front of your eyes only to have them call or contact you almost immediately in some way?  How about being in a rush to get home and you find yourself being detoured in some manner only to find out that had you continued on, as you normally would, you could have been involved in an accident that happened about the time you would have arrived at that place?  There are many such examples that happen to us all the time and just as many that go totally unnoticed by us.

Animals, in particular, have been used to get our attention by Spirit more often than anything.  Sometimes it’s merely an animal crossing the road that gets us to slow down or stop being used by Spirit to keep us safe from something further up the road.  Different animals have been given distinct meanings relating to different areas of our lives by many cultures and these animals can appear to us to call our attention to an answer we’ve been looking for.  That’s why it’s so important to become aware of what’s going on in the outside world, especially in Nature.  There may be a sign that Spirit is trying to send to guide you and you’re living so much in your head that you miss it.  I’ve been there and done that, often.  (And the ethereal hair-pulling begins!)

Let me offer the following as an illustration of an answer to a question being given by the animals that crossed my path.  I have a habit of asking a question before I go to sleep, when I really need an answer.  Sometimes that question is answered in my dreams, but other times, like this time, the answers came another way.  That particular night I had asked about my financial future.  I went to sleep and, when I woke, I didn’t remember any dreams that would be the answer.  The day was my day to grocery shop so I went, as usual, my first stop being Wal-Mart.  The shopping went pretty normal until I was loading my groceries at checkout.  I looked down and on the side of my cart was this very large praying mantis!!!  It hadn’t been there when I took the cart and I have absolutely no idea where it came from…well, you know.  I mentioned it to the checkout clerk and pretty soon I had people coming over taking pictures of it with their cell phones!  Everyone was awed by the appearance of this wonderful creature!  I was very careful in putting my groceries back in the cart and taking them to my car so that I could get the mantis outside unharmed.  I left it there, in the parking lot, in the shade of a trash can, hoping it would be all right.  When I got in the car, I KNEW  this was my answer and now all I had to do was look it up when I got home.  But it didn’t end there.  As if to say, “Here’s the rest of your answer.”, I had a deer cross in front of me on the way home and, as I pulled into the alley where I park, two gold finches flew down the alley in front of me!!!  For those of you who might be wondering, the praying mantis was telling me to contemplate any moves I made, making sure my head and heart worked together; the deer was telling me to be sensitive to what’s going on around me and to use gentleness in my current situation; while the gold finches are about joy, high energy, and bright days ahead!

There are many good books, as well as online sources, to find the meaning to any animals or an other objects that may be sent your way.  I invite and encourage to take a look at the wonders around you.  Besides the pleasure it can bring you, there may even be some answers being sent to you that you’ve been waiting for!!!

One response to “Journey Log – Day 13: Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign!

  1. Sometimes I suddenly ‘wake up”, and look at the way my life is, at this moment, and I say to myself (who?), I aggreed to this ? I thought this? I yealded to this? I believed this? And then your life becomes sort of a looking glass. ( “Here;s Your Sign”.) If what you see in your looking glass isn’t what or where you want to be, that is a huge sign that you can change your life to achieve what you want to become. Now is the time to do that. And all of the Now’s to come…….
    Good work!!!! Thought provoking!!!

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