***Natal Astrology Charts***
In a world filled with vibration, knowing the vibrations under which you were born can be extremely helpful in navigating and making the most of this lifetime.

Receive a 80-100 page, single-spaced, typewritten analysis, based on the exact date, time and place of your birth.  Here you will find the astrological influences surrounding you at the time of your birth. It is not computer-generated. It is a well-researched report that will serve as a road map to guide you through the rest of your life, revealing attributes and detractions that need to be worked with during the course of your lifetime.  Vulnerabilities in health, along with talents you may not know you have that could be developed, are examples of areas that may provide new information to you.

Parents, who says children don’t come with an instruction manual?  A natal astrology chart can help you to understand your child and, in turn, help them to understand themselves as they grow up.

Charts are $150.00.  This includes three one-hour counseling sessions, that can be done in person, via email, instant message, phone or snail mail – your choice, concerning any questions you have over the material in the chart.

***Comparison Charts***
Relationships are not limited to intimate/romantic ones.  There are roommates, friends, family, and business partners and associates.  The importance of understanding the similarities and differences in vibration between two people can mean the success or failure of that relationship.

Although not as detailed as a natal chart, the explanations of the good and bad aspects of the two charts can be invaluable for the insight it will provide.

The cost of a comparison is $25 for each map constructed and $25 for the comparison explanation.  For two people, that would be $75, if both maps have to be constructed.

For an exact pricing information or to place an order, contact me at for further information.


Numbers are the Universal Language and have a vibration just like everything else.  Although we have the freedom of choice, there is a certain order to the Universe.  Like attracts like.  So what’s in a name? Much more than can be imagined.  Combine this with one’s date of birth and a vast amount of knowledge into your purpose in this lifetime can be revealed.  Insight into karma can also be revealed.

The numerology and astrology of a person have been known to back each other up – reinforcing what each is saying.

A complete analysis of the Birth Name…………………………..$35.00
A complete analysis of the Birth Date……………………………$35.00
A complete analysis of Birth Name & Date………..…………….$60.00

To place an order or if you have questions, contact me at for further information.

With over 40 years of Tarot reading experience, Rev. Gary C. Herron (aka Sige), through his psychic abilities, intuition and understanding of the symbolism embedded within each card, offers complete Tarot readings for individuals – in person, by phone or through the internet.  (Internet readings come complete with a picture of the reading layout.)  Reasonable rates. 

If you want to try something a little different, have a reading done with the crystal ball.  With the use of those same psychic abilities, Sige will give you an interpretation of the signs and symbols he sees in the crystal ball.  Although best done in person, it can also be done by phone or internet.  Rates are reasonable.

For more information, you can contact him at

With a wealth of knowledge available, classes and lectures on astrology, Wicca, magick, spirituality and more can be requested.

Contact us at or at for specific requests and costs.

Over 60 years of life experience and almost 40 years as a licensed minister have provided a store of knowledge and wisdom from which to draw in aiding others to re-empower themselves through self-discovery and analysis.  I am a willing guide and facilitator on this very healing journey.

Although it is always preferred to do these types of sessions face-to-face, beginning sessions can be done by phone or email.  As we get to know each other, it will become necessary to meet and counsel face-to-face.

Initial consultation is free.  Each session after that is $20 an hour.

If you are interested in this service, contact us at either address above.

Although our chosen spiritual path is Wicca, we are available to perform non-denominational services for both weddings and funerals.  Contact us at either address above for availability and more detailed information.

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