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“Opposites attract.” You’ve probably heard that phrase at least once in your life. Have you ever wondered why that is? Until I became an astrologer and began to look at the signs of the zodiac and the ones opposing them I had no real clue why that would be true.

Case in point: I’m a Taurus and my husband of over 20 years is a Scorpio. Yep, exact opposite signs on the zodiac wheel. Truth be told, we are so opposite, some have wondered how and why we are still together. You see, he’s a day person and I’m a night person; he’s an extrovert and I’m an introvert; he’s physically oriented and I have never had any interest in expending any more energy than absolutely necessary. The list goes on, but you get the picture.

So, what ARE we doing together? Well, there are a few things we do share: a spiritual path and we are both artists, but I think what’s even more important is what we can learn from each other.

The energies of opposing sides provide an opportunity for unique perspectives that are 180 degrees from how we currently see things. That allows us to stretch and grow in our understanding of others and also it permit’s the opportunity to rethink our perspective of our life-walk from “the other side of the road”, so to speak.

This is true of all the opposing sign combinations: Aries/Libra; Taurus/Scorpio; Gemini/Sagittarius; Cancer/Capricorn; Leo/Aquarius; and Virgo/Pisces.

There is something else to take into consideration. Even as a Taurus, by myself, there are times when I pull that Scorpio energy to me. It’s quite natural to do that – a push/pull dance of energies within oneself. While I can be quite practical and steadfast, I can become a seeker of revenge when angered or secretive when circumstances call for it. These and other traits are from the Scorpio energy, just like regeneration, intensity, subtlety, jealousy, suspicion, etc. are available for my use in this energy dance with my opposite sign.

So, why do opposites attract? In my opinion and understanding of astrology, I would say to help us to learn and grow. We learn little from those who are very much like us and learn a great deal from those who are very different – if we open ourselves and allow that experience to happen.

Lunar Eclipse 3

Speaking of opposites, the Full Moon, that will be occurring on Friday, November 19th, at 3:57 a.m. EST, has the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus. We may be challenged to remain flexible and of good nature. There is definitely tendencies toward stubbornness with these two fixed signs and, when pushed too far, it can produce a state of “seeing red” from the energy of the Taurus Full Moon.

There is a positive side to all this though, there can be success with business and money matters, an increase in intuition – especially where health matters are concerned, and generally good fortune with social matters.

The most important message is to just be aware that if you find yourself being more uncompromising than is your usual or if people and situations seem to irritate you more than they normally would, you’re feeling the effects of the Full Moon in Taurus. Take a deep breath, give all the negativity to Mother Earth and find a way to enjoy the gifts and opportunities the day is presenting to you.

This isn’t just any Full Moon though. It’s a partial lunar eclipse that can be seen in the United States. You will be able to see the eclipse begin around 2 a.m. EST and, by the time it reaches it’s maximum at about 4 a.m., it will be 97% covered. This is the longest partial lunar eclipse to happen in 600 years. Add to that the fact that the Moon goes Void at exactly the time when the Moon is considered Full – 3:57 a.m. EST.

So what might that mean energy-wise for us? Much like the waning Moon, eclipses – even partial ones – can be used to eliminate or bring to a close situations that no longer serve you. That could be a bad habit, a relationship, a work or living situation, or anything else that you believe it’s time to remove from your life. To me, the ability to do that is increased by the fact the Moon goes Void. That Void Moon also will give you a chance to take a look at things from a higher, more spiritual perspective. This could prove to be an awesome time to make some positive changes in your life.

Sagittarius 6Time for the Sun to enter Sagittarius on Sunday, November 21st at 10:33 p.m. EST.

The Sun, a fire planet, enters Sagittarius, a fire planet, producing ambition and aspiration.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and is about expansion – going beyond the limits. Couple it with the Sun and you have high energy and excitement as energies for getting just about anything done.

Keywords for this combination could be described as enthusiastic, excitable, optimistic, versatile, outgoing and open-minded. Of course there is a flip-side and that can include arrogance, irresponsibility and being tactless.

If you find yourself affected by these energies you may feel a desire to travel, to be outdoors, or just have an adventure. You might also find yourself drawn to philosophy or religious/spiritual events.

If you’ve been looking for a change in your life, now’s the time to aim high and take that leap-of-faith. The energies are definitely favorable for broadening your horizons!

To all those who celebrate a birthday now…

Mercury in Sagittarius 3Mercury will enter Sagittarius on Wednesday, November 24th at 10:36 a.m. EST leading the mind into thoughts of philosophy, religion, law and higher education. The mind is quick and brilliant; the judgment much improved.

It also tends to a prophetic insight because it is more concerned with attitudes than facts and enables us to understand what information others will consider important.

This energy can make us honest and direct to the point that we say exactly what we are thinking without pausing to consider the result of those words. The intention is never to cause hurt, just to be truthful.

The memory and concentrations do suffer with this placement, but overall, it is excellent for things that deal with higher aspirations and higher thoughts.

Neptune in Pisces 2
Last, but hardly least, Neptune in Pisces (the sign it rules) will be turning direct on Wednesday, December 1st at 8:22 a.m. EST after a retrograde that lasted more than five months.

Retrograde Neptune is about illusion and many of us suffer from illusions along with large doses of denial and evading what we find too painful to face. Neptune in Pisces, especially retrograde, offers us the opportunity to break the illusions, wipe away the negative fantasies, and truly deal with the problems facing us – both as individuals and as residents of Planet Earth.

Whenever Neptune is in Pisces, and even more so when it’s retrograde, we have the opportunity to experience unprecedented inspiration in the spiritual realms and the artistic realms as well. Or, we can choose to swim with the other Piscean fish, become greatly disillusioned, experiencing pain as our beliefs are eroded and undermined. The choice is always ours.

The one great truth about Neptune in Pisces is that we do eventually realize that the answers we seek were never in the outside world. They have always been within each of us.

Stream of Stars

That’s all for now. I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving (Nov. 25th). I hope you find may reasons to be grateful!

Thanksgiving                                          Love & Blessed Be


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