The Journey Continues – Too Much Talk, Not Enough Action

I try to keep politics out of my posts and articles but sometimes what I see going on in the realms of politics leads me to think about us humans in general. This is one of those times.

I’ve been somewhat following what’s been going on in the US Congress concerning two big bills that the Democrats are trying to pass to help our nation and its people recover from years of neglect to our infrastructure and personal well-being. It’s caused me to truly question whether any of those lawmakers, on either side of the aisle – House or Senate, really care about the people of this country. There just seems to be too much talk and not enough action.

Then I started to think about humans in our daily lives…

I think most, if not all of us, want to lead lives that are happy, prosperous, and filled with as little stress as possible. For some of us that seems to be a dream or wish that we have difficulty fulfilling. Do you ever wonder why that is? I especially wonder about the stress level we seem to place ourselves under. Not only does it make it difficult to get through the day, but it eventually takes a toll on our minds and bodies. There should be something we can do about it.

We may reach out to a family member, trusted friend, or even a therapist to find answers or at least talk about our lives. For some, it seems like things don’t change and we just talk and talk about them. We say how we wish this would happen or how we’d like to do that, but it never goes beyond the talking stage. Why is that?

From my perspective, and my own experiences, there seems to be several reasons why that happens. First is the fear of the change, which brings with it the unknown, and some would rather tolerate the miserable known than endure the scary unknown.

“What happens if I make the wrong choice?” is a question that many of us have probably asked ourselves at least once before making a change in our lives. That’s especially true if you’ve gathered the courage to make a change in your life – get married, get divorced, have a baby, change jobs, etc. – and found the situation ended up worse instead of better. That’s when second-guessing ourselves becomes a habit that holds us back from making another decision to take a leap-of-faith for, in reality, there are no wrong choices.

“What will people think?” is another question that can hold us back by creating the fear of the disapproval from others. I always tell people that they need to start thinking about when everyone is gone, will they be happy with their lives and themselves, then base their decisions on that. The opinions of others are temporary. Our opinion of ourselves and our life is lasting. While the cast of characters around us may change, or even disappear completely, we will always have ourselves.

That approval/disapproval of others can be part of the baggage that we carry from our past, especially our youth. For that reason, we spend a heck of a lot of time talking about how we’d like our lives to be, but take little, if any action, to find a way to manifest it. We just talk and talk about how miserable we are, never finding the courage to take even the smallest step into a more positive way of living and being. Someone might disapprove.

There is another reason many of us do more talking than acting. Some of us have agendas that involve the sympathy and attention from others. Even if it’s on an unconscious level, if we fear losing attention, or something else we value, we’ll fear moving out of the current situation to something that might be better in the long run. We may even sabotage ourselves to prevent ourselves from changing our circumstances just to hold onto that sympathy, attention, or whatever it is we fear losing.

You might be asking yourself, “What the heck has this got to do with the current Congressional events?” So many of them talk and talk and talk about how people need help but, in public, many of them express reasons why this thing or that thing can’t be done. Some of the ones who, in public, make statements that are cruel and heartless will, behind the scenes say they believe that we should be helping those who are less fortunate, but because they have an agenda and fear the loss of those who support them financially, they would vote against that very help. In our own way, don’t we do the same thing when we find excuse after excuse to take no action and instead resort to just talking and talking and talking about how we need our lives to change? When do we cast our vote for us? When do we take the action that is necessary to bring about the changes we want in our lives? When do we make that better life a priority, no matter what?

It’s to stop talking and take action. We can hardly complain about how slow things move in Congress and how unfair things are, if we are still in “talk” mode, and have been for some time, and have yet to take action that will bring about change for the better into our own lives. All it takes is becoming aware of how long you’ve been doing that talking (and it’s always about the same things) and then check yourself for the reasons why you’re still talking instead of acting. You might be surprised at what you find and how easy it might be to take even the smallest steps in the direction of what you say you want.

                                            Love & Blessed Be

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