The Journey Continues – Ouija Boards, Seances, and Mediums

For those who have been reading my articles from the beginning, you know that my experience with “spirits” dates back to a very early time in my childhood. My fascination with the invisible realms has led to some very interesting experiences – some were enlightening, while others were frightening.

We are in that time of the year when the veil between the worlds is exceptionally thin. For those who share the same, or similar, beliefs as mine, this is a time of the year when we celebrate those who have gone before us. Some call them “The Ancestors”. We openly invite them to return and be with us briefly, knowing they can’t, and shouldn’t, stay, but just briefly giving us the chance to commune with them again.

The emptiness we feel at the loss of someone we love is not so much a grief for their loss of physical life as it is of our loss of their familiar presence. It saddens us to know that we will never hug them again or hear their voice or their laughter. This sadness, this grief, causes many to seek out mediums (or “channels” as they are called in modern times) in hopes of being reconnected or, at the very least, receiving a message from them. When a medium isn’t available or is too costly, we sometimes turn to séances, crystal balls and Ouija boards to accomplish that much needed connection to the dearly departed.

I’ve used a Ouija board and I’ve been a medium. I can tell you that neither is a game and, although Parker Brothers makes Ouija boards (in Salem, MA no less!), it is not a toy. The spirit world is populated, much as our physical reality is, with both the good and the bad. Just as you take precautions when traveling in our reality to avoid becoming a victim to those with less than honorable intentions, similar precautions should be taken when venturing into the spirit realms as well.

I remember my first experience with a Ouija board. I was in junior high school (called middle school now) and I got one as a birthday gift. Oooh, I was so thrilled and excited at the possibility of contacting spirits! I found a courageous friend and we sat down in the basement of our home with the board between us on the table and started asking questions. The planchette moved! Both excited and scared, we continued asking questions. I remember I wanted to test it to see if the spirits really knew anything, so I asked what my maternal grandmother’s name was. She had died before I was born and I never heard my mother mention her name. “Mary,” it said. Up the stairs I went to ask mom what her mother’s name was. “Mary,” she said! I was ecstatic! Mom said I had probably heard her mention it before. Nope, I was sure I hadn’t.

The novelty did wear off, after a while, but I never forgot that experience. When my father died, I remembered that he had said if there was a way, he would contact us. I can’t remember if this was before or after having a “dream” of my friend’s mother bringing him to me to talk, but I know I was always testing the ability to contact the spirits and I missed him. There was no one to do the Ouija with so I put it on my desk and decided to see if I could make the planchette move by myself. It did and pretty easily, I might add. This began my experiences as a medium.

Besides being able to use the Ouija alone, I tried automatic writing and was successful there. Then there was actual trance and being used by the spirits to voice their messages. I have to tell you that I was pretty lucky in these experiences. As I continued to use them and research them, I discovered that both obsession and possession had happened to a number of people who, through the use of séances and/or Ouija boards, had opened doors, that should never been opened, and allowed some not-so-nice spirits (masquerading as friendly or family spirits) to haunt and/or possess them! I repeat…this is no game!

I was young, adventurous and somewhat foolhardy as I look back on it. What I can tell you is that discovering the pitfalls to connecting with the spirit realms led me to learn many safeguards. It also eventually led to a small group of us becoming exorcists…ghost-busters, if you will. We recognized that there were events going on in people’s homes and lives that needed to be addressed. You can read more about these adventures in my earlier articles.

My point, I guess, is that there is no “dabbling” or “just for fun” with the things that I’ve mentioned. I was lucky and then became learned. Many are not that fortunate. Yes, there is the possibility you can conduct a séance and only contact friendly spirits or use a Ouija board with the same outcome. There’s also the possibility that, just like leaving the door to your home unlocked, someone who means you harm may walk in. Why would you intentionally allow that to happen when you can safeguard against it?

Those we have known who are now departed from this Earth plane should not be feared. After all, they are still who they were in the flesh. So unless you had a reason to fear them when they were mortal, there’s no reason to fear them as spirits. Unless you are absolutely positive you know that the spirit coming through is that person, you need to keep yourself safe if you intentionally seek to contact them.

There are any number of ways to do this and a little research on your part may reveal them. Burning certain types of incense, wearing certain stones or amulets (or placing them in the room) during your time of contacting them, and/or surrounding yourself with brilliant, white light that is filled with the vibration of unconditional love will help keep you safe.

One last thing. The deceased have left because their time here was done (no matter how long or short that may have been). Pulling them back to the Earth plane just because you miss them inhibits their progress on the other side. Just as we should respect the living, we should respect the departed as well. If you want to contact them, do so with respect, leaving it up to them if they want to return to speak. Stay aware that there are those who aren’t your loved one who and will use your remorse to acquire an avenue back to this world by playing the part of the one you seek. Ask very specific questions, that you know the answers to (and even better that only you and the loved one know the answer to), in order to be sure it’s them.

There are psychics and mediums that can help you or you can try it yourself. Whatever you do, do it with respect and safety.

Until next time….

Spirits  Love & Blessed Be

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