The Journey Continues – Out of Chaos Comes Order

I remember a time, when I was much younger, that Life was so very much less chaotic.  It was a time when the majority of people sought out peace and joy.  They looked at others and saw potential friends, not enemies.  People looked for things they agreed on and listened to others whose opinions were different than their own without feeling the need to argue or be defensive.  Debating an issue was done with honor and integrity.  Was it paradise?  No. There were still problems on many levels, but there was more of an air of civility than exists right now.

Times have changed…radically.  You have only to turn on the news or look around you to see a world in turmoil.  It’s not just differences of opinion, although there is a lot of that and it can be aggressive and even violent at times.  Take a look at the world itself.  Heat, earthquakes, floods, wildfires, rising ocean levels, pollution and more are all on the rise, happening more frequently than we have previously known.  What are known as “Hundred-year” weather events are happening every ten years, if not every year in some places.  It’s become a world gone wild.

Does the Earth feel our chaos and react?  Do we feel the Earth’s chaos and react?  Or is it that the Earth and we humans are feeding off each other in an escalating cycle that can only lead to decimation or transformation of both of us?  I guess these are questions we should all be asking ourselves right now.

If we see ourselves as the stewards of the Earth, then we have a responsibility to be acutely aware of all the pollution we dump into and on this planet.  That goes especially for the emotional and mental energies we spew in the only environment we have to live in and on.  Even if you just consider yourself an inhabitant and not a steward, it benefits each of us to be aware of the trash we deposit in the place where we reside.

It goes beyond that though.  The Universe, our solar system especially, is going through some changes.  Solar flares are increasing.  The wobble of the Moon, which was discovered in 1728, is an 18.6 cycle that either causes the tides of the Earth to increase or decrease in intensity is about to shift around 2030.  That will make flooding more frequent, especially in coastal cities.  The Earth itself shifted in 2010 due to an earthquake in Chile and again in 2011 due to an earthquake in Japan.  I’m sure here are other things, but you get the idea.

Then let’s talk astrology.  There are some planetary positions, motions, and interactions that are plainly bringing energies to give us humans a chance to deal with ourselves by making discoveries about who we truly are as opposed to who we think we are.  These energies are giving us the opportunity to look at things from not only a different perspective but from a higher, more spiritual one.  Examples of this are the four planets that are retrograde right now: Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter in Pisces, Neptune in Pisces, and Pluto in Capricorn.  There’s also Chiron, considered an asteroid when it was discovered in 1977 and now classified as a comet, in Aries that just went retrograde offering energies that will bring peace, if we are willing to open up to it.

As you look at the total picture, you can’t help but see the chaos existing everywhere, on multiple levels.  However, we need to remind ourselves that our of chaos comes order.  In accordance with prophecies that allude to a spiritual step up for humanity, when the proverbial chaos sorts itself out, there will be a new “world” or, in other words, perspective on living life amongst our fellow human beings and all other life on Earth.  Things are just very much still in the “sorting” stage.  We have yet to reach that tipping point that leads us to the next stage of our lives in this reality.

When will that “tipping point” finally happen?  I haven’t a clue.  I suspect we humans have a large hand in how soon that will take place.  Let’s face it, we can’t keep doing the same things in the same way and expect different results.  It’s going to take us coming to the realization that we have to change what we do, how we do it, and then with determination and sincerity take action before we have a chance of changing what’s happening to us and, more importantly, the one and only planet we have to live on.

So where do we begin?  Although protests and petitions may help get lawmakers to take action, I think it can begin on a much simpler, individual basis.  Begin with awareness.  Begin with your own life.  How much chaos exists in your life or, better yet, in your head?  What or who is causing it?  What will it take to bring about change to a more peaceful, joyful, loving life?  When you are able to bring that to yourself and your life, know that it ripples out and touches others.  If enough of us to that, we will see change begin to happen around us.  Chaos will start t be dialed down.  We will have take a step closer to that tipping point, that change from chaos to a vibrational change for all humanity.

If we humans are to bring healing to ourselves and this planet, choosing peace over war/violence, healing over hurting, open-mindedness over closed-mindedness, and love over hate is essential.  It’s time to reintroduce honesty, integrity, humility, and tolerance into our lives.  Learning to live from a place of unconditional love is essential.  Only through these actions and practices can we have hope of bringing order to the chaos that not threatens to tear us and our world apart.

I choose peace, joy, and love.  What do you choose?

Peace & Love 4                                                 Love & Blessed Be

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