Astrological Musings & More

There’s a lot going on, just from an astrological standpoint.  Let’s take a look.

We begin with the fact the Sun is in Cancer, and emotional energy, and has traveled about halfway through that sign as of right now.  Then there’s more water, and more emotion, in the fact we have both Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces.  Both are retrograde right now, which often brings lessons from either earlier in this life or past lives for us to work on.  Lots of water, lots of emotions with these three planets.

But then we have both Venus and Mars in Leo.  That’s an intense energy which can translate into passion, warmth, and desire or drama, arrogance, and anger concerning the areas governed by these two planets and where they may be placed in your natal chart.

Right now, Mercury is in its home sign of Gemini, which is great for communications of any kind and intellectual pursuits.  However, it will be moving into Cancer see the information below, which adds more water and more emotions to the collective energies.

Then there’s Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, both earth signs, that will help with grounding and stabilizing you, to a degree.  However, Pluto is another planet that’s retrograde right now and brings the possibility of more lessons to work through.

Saturn is our fourth retrograde planet an it’s in Aquarius so the lessons it brings may have to do with being innovative, unique, and thinking outside the box/breaking with tradition.  That could be something a person failed to do in a past life – not having been who they truly were.

Lastly, there’s the Moon.  Although, like the Sun, this planetary body is never retrograde, its quick transit from one sign to another and one phase to another can cause many emotional ups and downs for a person who lives on default rather than with an awareness of the constantly changing energies that surround us.

Right now, there’s lots of chaos in the world and lots of emotion to go with it.  I’m hearing stories constantly of people having strange, vivid dreams; of tears being shed for no discernible reason; of unexpected, intense emotional situations happening for what, at first, appears to be for no reason.  These are all a result of planetary energies bringing each of us what we need to fulfill the plan we laid out before entering this incarnation.

That makes awareness key right now.  It also makes courage a necessity in seeing behind the emotions and events to what is truly being said to us that we need to hear.  Looking at things from a higher perspective – not just a mundane one – is required to truly understand why things are happening and what they really mean.

New Moon in Cancer 2As the New Moon occurs on Friday, July 9th, at 9:17 p.m. EDT, with the Sun and Moon both in Cancer, we are offered a new beginning, especially where our emotions are concerned.  The choice is always ours as to whether we will seize the opportunity or not, but just the same, here it is.

With both the Sun and Moon in Cancer, there is a liability to go to extremes, but there’s also independence and much changeableness.  Inertia will produce laziness, but this can be overridden with determination and motivation.

The Moon is in its home sign here and that makes emotions a little more comfortable to endure  there can also be high plateaus of excitement that can quickly become the depths of depression and vice versa.  Neither mood lasts long.

There can be a possessiveness where material things are concerned, especially if it involves items of sentimentality or family history.

People born with this sign, or who are influenced by it, are very domestic.  They don’t wish to exert themselves outside the home.  This is the sign that’s the natural ruler of the fourth house – the home, in general, and the mother.  Nurturing comes natural to them.

It’s also a sign filled with strong imagination and psychic qualities.  That makes this a great time to get in touch with and develop these talents.

New beginnings for the New Moon?  Ask yourself what you want for yourself emotionally and domestically.  In that answer may lie the direction your new beginning needs to take you.

Mercury in CancerThen a couple days later, Mercury moves from Gemini to Cancer on Sunday, July 11th, at 4;35 p.m. EDT. which produces a kind of sixth sense and the intuition becomes unbeatable.  A person under the influence of this energy can be sure of something without exactly knowing how they know what they know.

It may sound crazy, but you have to appeal to the senses, not logic, to influence a person mentally here.  Otherwise, they will be very passive mentally.

People can be very sensitive to other people and their surroundings during this transit.  This can cause a person to withdraw, or at least wanting to, if the company is uncongenial.  Otherwise, the energies cause people to be very kind, sympathetic, and very tolerant of other people’s ideas.

This placement can cause people to be overly impressionable and influenced by deep-seated emotional patterns.  Unconscious desires will cause a person to look at some facts and ignore others, creating bias and prejudice thus interfering with objective thinking.  Knowing this can help people avert these tendencies.

Leo 8Lastly, we have the Sun moving from Cancer into Leo on Thursday, July 22nd, at 10:26 a.m. EDT.  When you think of Leo, there are two images that should come to mind: Leo, the lion that rules all other animals and the Sun which rules the sign of Leo being the center of our solar system, which all the other planets orbit around.

Those two images will tell you a lot about those born under this sign or who are influenced by it.  They are leaders, rulers, want to be adored, or even worshiped.  They want, sometimes demand, to be the center of attention, to stand in the spotlight.

While the energies of Leo can cause some to be conceited, snobbish, patronizing, pompous, and even intolerant, there is a positive side to these energies that can make people creative, determined, enthusiastic, expressive and very generous.

When they allow the warmheartedness of the element of fire of this sign to shine through, they can be tremendous sources of love and encouragement for others.  Perhaps that’s why they love teaching and so many with either the Sun in Leo or Leo prominent in their charts end up as educators, politicians, or psychiatrists.

When the Sun is in Leo, it’s a great time to be bold, take the lead in something, or just enthusiastically reach for success in some area of your life.  Put your hear into something you’ve always wanted to create.

Stream of StarsThat’s it for now.  Keep cool.  Stay safe.  I’ll see you in two weeks!
Stay cool!
                                               Love & Blessed Be

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