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It’s been a rough energetic ride for some for at least the last month.  I’ve had friends, family, and clients contact me to ask what the heck has been going on in the Universe around us.  I’ve had others say they’ve been having huge bouts of anxiety, depression, anger, etc. as well as strange dreams and wanting to know if there’s an astrological reason behind it.

That’s an interesting question, actually.  We are all such individuals, especially where our astrological energies are concerned.  Even how solar flares affect us can depend on what sign the Sun is in when the flares occur and how that sign affects each of us.

Take this past Sunday for example.  The Moon went Void early in the morning before moving into Scorpio, which is an intense emotional energy.  Then, later, Jupiter, which is in Pisces, went retrograde.  Instead of that energy radiating our, it now comes rushing at us.  Once again, Pisces is a water sign, like Scorpio, so more emotion.  I have a friend who has Jupiter in Pisces retrograde in her natal chart.  She didn’t sleep well the night before.  Somewhere, in her being, she may have felt the energies shifting.  For me, it was also a night of little sleep as the sign of Pisces is in my first house (the house personally about us) and I felt Jupiter slowing as it was about to reverse course. (It doesn’t actually reverse course, but appears to do so from our perspective here on Earth.)

The final piece to this Sunday puzzle of energy shifts was when the Sun left Gemini and entered Cancer (the third water sign of the zodiac) just before midnight.  You could say, “Water, water everywhere.” as we now had the Moon in a water sign; Jupiter in a water sign retrograde; and the Sun in a water sign.  That equates to a LOT of emotion.  It can also signify a lot of psychic activity with all three water signs having planets in them.

Not everyone is affected by these energy shifts.  There may be someone with no water signs in their birth charts so planets shifting into water signs may have no affect on them at all.  Meanwhile, there can be others who have planets in water signs or water signs placed in houses where work needs to be done and they very much feel those shifts happening.  It can manifest in a number of ways – restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, depression, anger, strange dreams, etc. which may or may not be expressed outwardly by that person.

So, when you experience some of these symptoms and can’t find a reasonable explanation of why they’re happening, take a look at what’s happening in the heavens.  The answer may lie there.  Knowing why something is happening can at least allow you to handle it better and even find a way to compensate for it, until the energies change.

Full Moon in Capricorn

Right now, you need to prepare yourself for the Full Moon that will be taking place on Thursday, June 24th, at 2:40 p.m. EDT.  The Moon will be in Capricorn since the Sun is in Cancer.

Here the energies promote a more practical approach coupled with increased ambition.  Although there may be obstacles, that ambition combined with a desire to succeed can overcome them.

Those affected by these energies may find it difficult to express internal feelings now.  It has a tendency to weigh a person down emotionally, even during a Full Moon.  People can also have a tendency to look at the dark side of things for this reason.

There is a strong sense of duty and responsibility.  Once shouldn’t, however, allow this to create a circumstance where they can’t find time for the things that make them smile and bring joy to their hearts.

This would be the time to look for things that will create financial security and rid oneself of those things that prevent one from achieving that security.  It’s time to apply oneself diligently to the tasks that help one reach one’s goals.  Live in the now.

Neptune Retrograde 3

The very next day, Friday, June 25th, Neptune in Pisces turns retrograde until December 1st.  This long duration of this retrograde isn’t really unusual.  Neptune goes retrograde for around five or six months every year.

When retrograde, it helps a person look squarely at the illusions/delusions they may be holding concerning Life in general as well as their personal lives.  You could say they energies of a retrograde Neptune, especially in its home sign of Pisces, helps clear away confusion and can create a “wake-up” call for those affected by it.

The retrograde motion can also bring revealing dreams and cause ones intuition and psychic abilities to be stronger.  The trick is to become more aware of the messages that dreams, signs, “gut” feelings may sending you at this time.

No matter what sign it’s in, any time Neptune is retrograde, it can imply that an individual has experienced disillusionment and possible victimization in a past life or lives.  Here the lesson for this life may be to learn discrimination and control to rise above potential dysfunction.  It points to a need to analyze, redefine, and look at ones self-doubt.

Venus in Leo

Lastly, Venus enters Leo on Sunday, June 27th, at 0:27 a.m. EDT.  It’s a placement that can bring popularity to a person.

Those who have this placement in their natal chart, or find themselves affected by it, may find that others are attracted to them because of their kindliness and heartfelt friendliness.

After all, Leo is ruled by the Sun which brings warmth to the Earth.  That means there’s a natural warmth and demonstrativeness to the show of love for others.

Where intimate love is concerned, a partner must appear to the deeper emotions.  Those affected by these energies like to dominate those they love.  Part of the personal magnetism stems from a strong will power.

It can result in dramatic behavior, even to the point of being a prima donna or a drama queen, but there is also a love of life.  These energies are out-going, warm-hearted, sunny, and affectionate.  Use them to create beautiful things in your life.

Stream of Stars

That’s all for now.  I wish you a wonderful two weeks!

Summer Sun

Love & Blessed Be

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