The Journey Continues – New Beginnings

When I think of Spring, I think of new beginnings.  It could be because it’s a time of planting seeds to grow new flowers, fruits, vegetables, and more.  It could just be the longer days with more warmth from the Sun.  It just seems like a time of hope and possible growth.

Eve if you’re talking about the return of “old growth,” like fruit trees, flowering bushes, perennial flowers, the promise of that growth can make a person smile.  For me, although I smile and feel warmed by all the above, it has to do with the spiritual side of my life.  Let me explain.

As many of you may already know, from my previous ramblings, I’ve been walking my particular path for 47 years. I’ve been running a Coven for 44 if those years.  In the beliefs of my path, a High Priestess is supposed to know when it’s time to willingly relinquish her role to another, younger, Priestess.  I’ve been ready to do that for several decades, but, for whatever reason, that hasn’t happened.  As a matter of fact, as the years have passed, traditional Wiccan hasn’t attracted as many seekers as it did back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

I’ve always known, from the teaching of the path, that it’s a path that is not for everyone. (But then what spiritual path is?)  It takes a certain kind of dedication, not only to the teachings and training of the path, but to the willingness to really get to know who you truly are, underneath all the programming that we’ve received from those outside of us.  As I have watched the younger generations, this appears to be something that few of them are willing to do.  Still, I’ve held out hope that there would be some earnest seekers who would eventually find us.

Years have gone by and even with actually “advertising” that we had openings for anyone interested in training in Traditional Wicca, few have inquired and even fewer have actually applied.  Of those who applied, still fewer made the cut for consideration.  I started to wonder what was going to happen to our particular tradition.  When I could no longer perform the duties of a High Priestess, would the Temple close and cease to exist?

I believe in signs and omens.  I also believe in signs and omens.  I also believe in “prayer” or, as I refer to it, petitioning the Gods.  There began to be many petitions (or Boons -another word we use) to the Goddess of our faith.  I just wanted to know if this was the end of our Temple/Coven or if there would be at least on person who would come to learn what we knew and would be willing to carry on our tradition.  Give me a sign either way.  Because I am still so very human and sometimes am not paying attention when the Universe/God/Goddess is trying to tell me something, I said, “Send them with a sign around their necks that says, “The Goddess sent me.”  Seriously, I said that!

That was last year, about this time.  There had been a couple of inquiries before that, but they went nowhere. Almost immediately after I began my petitions, we were all quarantined because of the virus.  I almost thought that that itself was a sign of the ending of our Coven.  Then came several inquiries, which again when nowhere.  The one student we did have left as his life fell apart and he felt the need to focus on the mundane aspects of it.  It was just my High Priest and myself.  A former student came back after 30 years to finish training, but soon stop coming because of the restrictions placed upon us by the virus.  The message was looking more like we should prepare for the closing of the Temple.  That made me sad.

I have to say here that sometimes we humans forget that things happen when they’re supposed to, not when we think they should.  Because of that we tend to lose hope.  We feel we’ve been deserted by whatever gods we worship, also feeling all alone, not knowing what to do.  Patience is truly a virtue.  I guess that’s why so many of us have none or very little.  A lesson I’m still working on.

Summer passed.  I have to admit that dealing with the side effects of life in a Covid world took some doing, even though I normally don’t leave my house that much anyway.  As we headed into Fall, things began to change, at least from a spiritual perspective.

I had an astrology client that ended up being very interested and my High Priest/husband had a client/friend who became interested.  These women applied, came to some rituals, read a few beginning books, and continued to be interested.

Remember me mentioning Spring being filled with new beginnings?  Well on the night the Vernal Equinox took place, both of these women took their dedications into our tradition of Wicca!  Hope does “spring” eternal!  You have to wait for it and believe in it.

No matter what part of your life needs improving – whether it’s spiritual, financial, health-related, relationships, or something else – never lose hope.  Believe that the powers-that-be are working on it and that it will arrive exactly when conditions are right.  Even though it’s difficult, be patient.  Miracles and new beginnings do happen and not just to other people.  They can be yours as well, as long as you are open to them happening in whatever manner they can.

It’s Spring!  Hope and new growth are everywhere…


Love & Blessed Be

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