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In just a few days, we leave 2020 behind and enter the new year, 2021.  After the year we’ve had, I know everyone is hoping that the new year will bring more positive things into our lives.

Numerology tells us that 2020 has actually been a “4” (2+0+2+0=4).  I have always attributed four to stability – like how stable a table is because it has four legs to hold it up.  The reality of the numerical keyword for a four is “Limitation.”

It’s spoken of as a hard path to follow because it predicts a life of hard work and effort. That certainly describes the year most of us have had.  The upside to this number is that it provides the vibration for the outstanding qualities of organization, dignity, devotion, trust, and loyalty.  These qualities aid a person who may find they have much responsibility and trust conferred on them.

On what is described as negative, it is said, that with a four ear, one must learn to stay put, become a cornerstone, and devote one’s self to duty in family, community, and country.  A danger that exists with four is to overcome unjust hatred.  These are more energies that describe this year.

However, that vibration is coming to an end and we will soon be entering 2021 – a “5.”  What will be the difference?  What opportunities might those energies offer us?

When I think of “5,” my first thought is change.  The actual keyword for five is “Freedom.”  Let’s face it, sometimes it takes changes to reach what we consider to be freedom.

On the positive side of this number, we find that Life will be filled with the energies of curiosity, adventure, unattachment, and progress.  Above all, it will be a path of constant change.

As with everything, there is a downside to five and it involves the misuse of personal freedom as well as the over-indulgence in sensuality, drink, habit-forming drugs.  Thoughtlessness must be curbed.

If you are willing to accept and even seek change, you will find success and anything else that you could ever dream of, but, if you reject change, there will be more misery that one could imagine.

This will be a year that offers the opportunity to see more, do more, and be exposed to more than others, especially those who resist the energies of five.  Five is the path of freedom and all that goes with it.  Do be careful though that in the process of living in the five energy that you don’t cause hurt or unhappiness along the way.

Five could make 2021 very promising and filled with hope.  I might add that the very first day of the year is a “7.”  (January 1, 2021: 1+1+5 =7)  Seven’s keyword is “Perfection, ” although I have always viewed it as “Learning.”  I guess to get to perfection there might be a lot we need to learn.

The first day of the new year sets the tone of the year.  This is especially about matters of the inner self.  It’s the number of the philosopher, the deep thinker, the dreamer.  Here will be found peace, spirituality, trust, faith, research, wisdom.

To reject these energies, one could experience coldness, aloofness, humiliation, craftiness – all of which need to be overcome.

In the case of both the “5” and the “7,” we are being offered not only a lot to think about bu a multitude of possibilities and opportunities.  My advice?  Make the most of it!


You might even clear a path for those new energies by using the Full Moon in Cancer, that happens on Tuesday, December 29th at 10:28 p.m. EST, to rid yourself of all that no loner serves you.  Mane it and watch it disappear with the waning of the Moon.

With the Moon in its home sign of Cancer, there is an ability to be comfortably emotional when necessary.  Neither emotional excitement nor the depths of depression lasts long here.

There is a need to watch out for possessiveness about material possessions especially, but where loved ones are concerned as well.

Those affected by these energies can both produce excessive guilt in the very people they love but receive it as well.  This can cause a lot of damage in relationships of any kind.

Moon in Cancer promotes the capability of very strategic planning.  Another reason to use this Full Moon energy to begin planning for the new year.

However you choose to use these energies, know they will be intense since it is a Full Moon.

The only other planetary movement we will be experiencing these two weeks is Mars entering Taurus on Wednesday, January 6th, at 5:27 p.m. EST.

The normal aggressiveness/assertiveness of Mars is toned down here.  Those affected by these energies will be much slower to act and much more patient.  Anger can still be present, but there will be a tendency to hold it in for too long.  When it does finally burst forth, it’s often over something trivial and totally out of proportion.

This is a very sexual and quite sensuous time that can also be quite earth.  Romantic expression will probably be quite physical, but not overwhelming.

This placement creates and energy that is prime for craftpersons and skilled artisans to produce creations done with great patience and precision.  Art, music, and working with growing things can steer a person towards success, if open to new trends.

The practicality of this placement can create things that are solid, permanent, and durable.  A very worthwhile and helpful energy.

Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year!!!

Love & Blessed Be

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