The Journey Continues – Focus!

Focus 3

Have you ever taken a photo and it turned out blurry? It could have been the focus on the camera or that you didn’t realize how the lighting – or lack of it – would affect the end result. No matter the cause, you ended up with something that was less than you desired. Now, you probably will have to do it over again.

Life is very much like that. Most people have either heard the sayings or seen the memes – “Energy flows where your attention goes.” or “What you focus on is what you get.” They’re both quite true. Remembering that everything is energy, including us and our thoughts, the “Universe” answers us by matching our vibrations. Perhaps that’s the reason Prof. Dumbledore told Harry Potter, “Focus on the solution, not the problem.”

Why is it then that we humans do just the opposite? We constantly focus our attention – and energies – on whatever problem or problems we’re facing and talk about it, over and over and over again. Several decades ago, some of us used to joke (black humor) that someone was beating that “dead horse” into dog food because they were hashing and re-hashing the subject so much. Why do we not see that this is just keeping the energy of that problem in our auras and magnetizing more of the same to us?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not judging anyone here. After all, I’m quite human and have done this myself over the years. As I’ve gotten older and studied the energetic effects of holding certain emotions within ourselves, and therefore our auras, I’ve come to realize that we are truly our own worst enemies at times. How can you possibly get a clue as to what the solution may be, if you are so extremely focused on the problem?

In the Law of Attraction, it’s made quite clear that we don’t need to know the “how” to manifesting what we want in our lives. That’s the Universe’s job. We do, however, have to be open and aware enough to catch the messages, signs, omens, etc. that may be placed in our minds or in front of us in the outside world. If we are so immersed in the energy of the problem that it overwhelms our thoughts, we can be oblivious to possible solutions that are being presented to us. We just don’t hear or see them because the focus we’ve placed on the problem drowns out everything else.

What can be even worse is the addiction the energy of the problem can create within us. It can be like getting tangled up in flypaper to the point where you need help letting go of it. It can get as bad as other addictions like alcohol or nicotine. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to let it go. In other words, you’ve become obsessed with it.

Over the course of my years of spiritual counseling, I’ve had a number of people come to me with just such problems that they don’t want in their lives, but can’t seem to stop talking about. For some, it had even gotten to the point where they no longer realized how much time and energy they were putting into constantly talking about it. In those cases, the first step was calling attention to how often they directed the conversation to this same problem after we had already talked about methods to resolve the issue and let go of it.

Currently, in this country, we are going through some very dire problems – pandemic, economic recession, an upcoming Presidential election, to name just a few major ones. And where is our attention focused? On the problems. How will we ever find solutions if we are all so busy talking about the problem? The truth is, we won’t. We’re feeding those “monsters” energy by giving them our constant attention and the result is, we get more of the same.

So, I can hear you now, “But I don’t have the answer.” or “I have no control over how this is solved.” The truth is…you do. Whether the problem is national or personal, you have a choice.  That choice is to re-focus your attention to what you would like to see manifest. Feel what it will be like to have that happen. Hold that feeling and use it as a “touchstone” every time the problem tries to direct your attention back to the problem. (By the way, a touchstone can be an emotionally pleasant memory or current desire that you use to raise your emotional vibration when needed.) Yes, the problem is still there, for now, but you choose to use your touchstone with its image of what you want to happen couple with how it makes you feel to re-focus your thoughts and energies so that you move away from the problem and are open to receiving the “how” from the Universe to make it happen. There’s a saying/meme for that as well, “Whatever the mind can conceive, and you are willing to believe, you can achieve.” It’s the truth.

Humanity, as well as this country, is at a very crucial turning point. More than ever, we are being shown it’s time to wake up to the realization of our own power; that it is we who truly choose what our world and our personal lives will look like and be. If your life is not what you want it to be; if this country is not what you believe it should be for everyone living here, then re-focus your attention. See and feel what you want to manifest, as if it has already taken place. Instead of talking about the problem, talk about the positive possibilities. Do this whether you’re posting on social media, talking to friends and/or family, or even just lost in your own thoughts and mental dialogue. You may be surprised at how things begin to change and solutions appear by just doing that much.

Focus and see with clarity the picture you’ve always wanted to see!

Eye with Universe

Love & Blessed Be

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