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There was a time, before computers, when astrologers made their calculations by hand. No pun intended, but only Heaven knows what they had to go through to get the exact positions of planets, what sign they were in, and their angles to other planets.

Even in the early 1970s, when I first learned natal astrology, all the math that’s necessary to cast a chart was done by hand. Besides regular math to cast the chart, if an astrologer was exceptionally picky and wanted to be spot-on in the degree of a planet’s position, they had to learn to use logarithms. There really is no simple way to explain this other than to say a logarithm is the power to which a number must be raised in order to get some other number. Confused? Yeah, so was I. Suffice it to say, it was/is a lot of by-hand math.

What that does explain is the reason, with or without a computer, the exact date, time, and place of birth are needed when having a natal astrological chart done. In fact, the exact date, time and place of not only people, but of events such as weddings, home or land purchases, the opening of a business, etc. are needed if you want to know the energies that surround that event and its continued existence.

There’s even a form of astrology known as horary astrology where the exact date, time and place of the asking of a question is needed in order to help discern the answer to that question via the casting of a chart.

What happens then when the time is unknown? This is especially important when talking about natal astrology. The first place one would look, if there isn’t a parent who remembers, is the birth certificate. Sadly, in many cases, the time isn’t found there. Over the course of recording births, sometimes it’s been placed on the birth certificate and other times, it hasn’t. This can differ not only by decades but from one state to another. What then?

There are two other places a person can search for their time of birth. One is the courthouse in the county they were born in. The other is the health department of the city or county they were born. Often, one of these two places will have the information on the time of birth.

If a person does all that and still comes up with nothing, a good astrologer can cast a rectified astrology chart. In this process, the chart is cast for the exact date and place of birth, using 12 noon as the time of birth. Once this is done, the astrologer will then ask the person some questions pertaining to important events in their lives, such as major illnesses, marriage, birth of children, etc., and can adjust (rectify) the chart accordingly. This will hopefully place the chart in the correct position with the appropriate Ascendant for the missing time of birth.

In my 45+ years of doing charts, I’ve only ever done two rectified charts. I’m rather proud of the fact that the clients said the end product seemed to match many things in their lives and gave them some needed additional information to help them on their life journey. So, even if you can’t find your time of birth, a chart can be done, if an astrologer knows how to do a rectified chart.

While there are now a number of computer programs for astrologers to use, I still prefer to do the math myself and I have taught a few others to do the same. You never know when the power may be off or the internet may be down just when someone needs a chart done.

New Moon in Leo

There’s a New Moon in Leo happening on Tuesday, August 18th, at 10:42 p.m. EDT. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so with both the Moon and the Sun in Leo, this really can spell success for any new beginning you chose to start now.

The combination of both the Sun and Moon being in Leo can create a very independent nature. While it can cause those affected by its energies to often be rather self-centered ad proud, they can also be kind-hearted and generous.

This gives much intuition, vitality, energy, and resourcefulness. It gives the ability to hold ones own under great difficulties, but there can be a tendency to take extreme measures.

The Moon in Leo alone gives enjoyment in entering into any relationship where there is potential for growth either through understanding, appreciation, or affection.

In business relationships, it makes a person capable of asserting authority and shouldering large amounts of responsibility. Leo, after all, has natural leadership abilities.

The desire to love and be love is strong here. The Moon does rule the emotions and Leo rules the heart. This can make for a sunny disposition and positive expression.

So, here you are, wanting to begin something new with the New Moon. Realize that, Leo being ruled by the Sun equals success. What better time to begin something new – no matter what it is. Feel that energy and move fearlessly forward to your heart’s desire!

Mercury in Virgo

On Wednesday, August 19th, Mercury moves into Virgo (one of the two signs it rules) at 9:30 p.m. EDT. Primarily intellectual, this is a strong position for Mercury.

People who are affected by these energies will have an approach that is pure reason. This is so true that they often forget to take human failings into consideration. That makes solving problems that involves real people more difficult than solving abstract problems.

While some may understand emotions, it’s on an intellectual level, not an emotional one. This makes the way they interact with other people practical but impersonal.

Learning is easy, under the influence of these energies. Be sure to take written notes though. It will also be easy to forget what you learned quickly.

While this gives great analytical ability, it can also cause people to be very critical and intolerant of others who they judge as being “slow-witted.”

Virgo 6

Lastly, the Sun will begin its annual sojourn through Virgo on Saturday, August 22nd at 11:45 a.m. EDT. Classified as a mutable sign, being a sign at the end of a season when transition is beginning, its energies provide adaptability and the desire for change.

This energy is meticulous, analytical, critical, discriminating, and orderly. This is an energy that allows us to take a very close look at people and situations in our lives, noticing the important details. It’s also helpful in creating order out of any chaos in our lives through the use of the organization ability it bestows.

There’s always a downside to the energy of any zodiac sign. In this case, it can cause those affected by its energies to be worriers, be overly fastidious, finicky, too critical, and/or too critical. With self-awareness these can be brought into balance before they become destructive.

Virgo is the natural ruler of the sixth house, the house of service and health. During this transit of the Sun through Virgo, you may find you desperately need to feel useful, to be of service to others. That may come through a job or just friends or family who could use some extra help in their lives at this time. Be sure to pay close attention to your own health and well-being. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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Wishing you all a very wonderful two weeks! See you soon…

Peace and Serenity

Love & Blessed Be

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