The Journey Continues – And Ye Harm None


I’ve pretty much turned away from the news. I know that there are others out there who are doing the same thing. It’s not that I don’t care. It’s probably not that they don’t care. It’s that it’s tiring to hearing how horribly we’re treating each other. Anger, violence, bullying…the list goes on. It solves nothing and, in most cases, makes things worse.

The spiritual path that I’ve walked for 46 years doesn’t have a “bible” but it does have one law: “And ye harm none, do what thou will.” Seems simple, right? Not when you realize what it’s really saying to each of us.

The first thing many people think is that it has to do with the laws and morals of the society one lives in. It’s more than that. To begin with, that “And ye harm none,” well that includes yourself as well as others. In other words, the law applies to everyone, without exception. The next thing is that it’s talking about intention. What’s the intention behind your words and actions? Not what someone else interprets them as being, but what you were intending when you spoke or acted. Did you mean it to be hurtful or did someone just take it that way? The only person who can truly answer that is the person who spoke the words or took the action. Whether we want to admit it or not, we know what our intentions were. In fact, we probably were consciously aware of our intentions before we spoke or acted.

In a country, where many of its citizens want to declare it a Christian country, why is there so much hate and violence toward others? Do they only pay lip service to “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”? What’s the purpose of the Ten Commandments, that so many want displayed all over for the rest of us to see, if they aren’t taken to heart and practiced consciously every day? Please don’t jump to the conclusion I’m anti-Christian. I’m not. I just fail to understand how a person can belong to a spiritual path and not follow its teachings and practice. There’s no brotherly love, as taught by Jesus, and definitely no turning the other cheek. By the way, I’m also not saying there aren’t those of other spiritual paths who aren’t doing the same things because we are all very human.

So now, we have fear, hate, and anger boiling over into violence against other human beings because they look different, practice a different faith, love differently, have different political views or just believe differently about the treatment of the Earth, animals, and other humans, etc. How did we get to this point?

Most faiths teach love, compassion, understanding, and helping our fellow human beings. How did we stray from these positive principles? And even better question is, how do we get back to practicing these positive principles and quit hurting ourselves, others, and the Earth?

“And ye harm none, do as thou will.” is part of a “poem” that expands the meaning of this one law:

“Bide the Wiccan Rede ye must,
In perfect love and perfect trust,
Eight words of Wiccan Rede fulfill,
And ye harm none, do what thou will.

“Lest in thy self-defense it be,
Ever mind the Rule of Three.
Follow this with mind and heart,
We merry meet and merry part.”

If you’re wondering what the “Rule of Three” is, it’s similar to what some Christians believe in that what you do comes back to you. For Christians, it’s tenfold. For Wiccans, it’s threefold. For others, they might interpret is as referring to karma, where every action – positive or negative – has consequences.

The bottom line is, if most spiritual paths have some belief in retribution for ones actions, why are treating each other in such terrible ways? Most Wiccans have a belief that we came in to work through and resolve negative karma and create more positive karma for ourselves. Although we are not pacifist, to aggressively attack another living being – human or otherwise – with words or actions for any reason other than self-defense is inconceivable to us.

To follow the positive dictates of whatever spiritual path one belongs to should create an atmosphere where we do “merry meet and merry part.” It shouldn’t matter what causes us to view Life differently or travel our personal journeys through this Life in our own unique ways. We should be able to recognize that, even when we are at our worst, we are doing the best we know how and thus have compassion and understanding for each other. When one of us stumbles or falls, there should be no question that another of us is there to help pick them up and get them on their feet so the journey can continue for us both. How we each do that shouldn’t matter, as long as there is no intentional harm involved.

Thoughts are things; words have power; and actions have consequences. Each of us, without exception, have the ability to change the destructive course we’re on. Instead of creating a world that resembles the Christian hell, we have the power and ability to create something that resembles heaven. We have the ability to put an end to cruelty, hate, and more. Instead, Life can be filled with love, compassion and understanding. Each and every day, we have a choice which energies we are going to be part of then and in the future. Why would you choose anything other than that which brings you peace, love, joy and prosperity?

“And ye harm none, do what thou will.” Think about it.


Love & Blessed Be

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