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Although there are many individuals who are aware of their Sun sign, and a few who know their Ascendant, Moon sign and more, there are even more who are unaware that, truth be told, we contain all the signs within in us.

What? Huh? From the fact that we are stardust, made manifest for a journey through life in this reality, to the fact that every part of our physical body is governed by one of the signs of the zodiac, we are the microcosm (little universe) of the macrocosm (the Universe itself). Mind-boggling, huh?

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about her astrology chart. I can’t really remember how the subject came up, but I said, “You do realize that you sometimes pull energy and traits of your opposite sign to you and use them?” That blew her away! She happens to be an Aquarius and the thought of having anything to do with her opposite sign, Leo, shocked her. I knew that she’s always disliked most Leos, finding them too egotistical. I then reminded her that everyone is a mirror for us, as we are for them. That really caused her to pause and think about it.

That’s the truth of it, especially where our Sun signs are concerned. (It’s also true for the signs our other planets are in, but to a lesser degree.) I’m a Taurus, but I can be as secretive as any Scorpio (my opposite sign). I can also be as vengeful and spiteful, at times, as some Scorpios are. Then there’s the interest in the mysterious, the regenerative ability, and a few more Scorpio traits that I’ve manifested over the years, at times. We all do it. It’s just that most are unaware of doing it.

I’ve had Scorpios around me most of my life. My Mother was a double-Scorpio; I had a best friend in most of junior high and high school who was also a double-Scorpio; my husband of 28 years is a Scorpio. So, I’ve always been pretty aware of the traits and have recognized when they manifest in me. For other people, if you haven’t had this amount of exposure to your sign, I’d say learn about it. If you find you have an adverse reaction to people of the opposite sign, ask yourself, “What is this person mirroring back to me?” You may be surprised at the answer. It could be a real learning experience that helps you gain insight into yourself.

Full Moon in Aquarius 2

Meanwhile, we have a Full Moon in Aquarius happening on Monday, August 3rd, at 11:59 a.m. EDT.

The Moon in Aquarius, by itself, is a very imaginative placement, only heightened by the fact the Moon is Full. It brings positive achievements in the arts and gives the chance to extend ones lifestyle into a variety of interesting situations.

The combination of the Sun being in Leo while the Moon’s in Aquarius, gives intuition and the ability to judge human nature quickly. There are marked occult tendencies along with much determination and willpower.

This Full Moon can give the desire to seek out unusual relationships, particularly if the involve the magickal, mystical side of Life. Romantic relationships will be based on mutual interests. Whether in romance or business, a stable partner is needed to bring out the best of ones creative imagination but also serves as a brake when ideas are impractical.

Use this Full Moon to clear a path, removing obstacles and restrictions, to what speaks to your uniqueness, independence, and freedom in all areas of your life.

Mercury in Leo 3

Mercury will be moving into Leo, for about 2 weeks, beginning on Tuesday, August 4th, at 11:32 p.m. EDT.

With both Mercury and the Sun in Leo, this is an excellent time for planning and purpose. It aids self-confidence, especially in tackling and solving problems.

Just Mercury in Leo alone is an excellent position since Mercury rules the mind and Leo rules the heart. This makes for a sound, impressive intellect. The love of people can open the door to being in a leadership role.

Avoid the pitfall attributes of being overly proud and/or boastful. Refrain from getting angry when you don’t get your own way. Compassion, forgiveness, and empathy go along way to making a good leader.

Remember, this placement of Mercury in Leo only lasts for 15 days. Make the most of these energies to succeed in whatever area of your life you need it.

Venus in Cancer

Venus moves into a more compatible sign when it enters Cancer on Friday, August 7th, at 11:21 a.m. EDT. Here, love becomes the prime requirement for those affected by its energies.

Having an emotional outlet for ones health and general well-being becomes more obvious with this placement. While many affected by these energies will be passive in matters of affection, preferring to wait until love comes to them rather than pursuing it, there will be others who may be very demonstrative in their quest for love and affection.

There can be intense sentimentality now sometimes coupled with family ties. Food can be involved in this so be cautious how much and what you put in your stomach (ruled by Cancer) at this time.

Domestic and financial security are areas that may arise during this transit of Venus. Emotionally, you may need both to feel safe and secure. This is a good time to employ the good sense of humor bestowed and focus on being grateful for the comforts and conveniences you do have.

Uranus Retrograde 2

Uranus has been in Taurus since March of 2019 and only went direct from being retrograde in early January of this year. Now, Uranus will go retrograde once more.

Uranus being direct in Taurus could spell major reforms in business and the economy with people desiring the application of humanitarian principles. It could really shake up established ways of thinking and doing as a multitude of people begin to think outside the proverbial box. Hell, they’ll probably throw the damn box away!

On one side you may have those who very much want to be practical but in a unique and original way while, on the other side, there will be those who will be unyielding in their stubbornness. Both will be determined and both will have fixity of purpose – one to keep the status quo and the other to radically change things.

There is a huge amount of energy attached to this transit and also monumental will to do. The trick will be make changes, but not too quickly.”

Now it turns retrograde, like the tides, washing all that energy back upon us to learn and grow from.

For some, financial and emotional security can become shaky. This is only to offer you a chance to become more determined to establish yourself. This could come about by the discovery of fixed conflicts in your value system which are holding you back and must now be broken so that you can progress.

This retrograde’s energies are offering to lift you from you lower self by putting you through circumstances that make you aware that much of your sense of safety and well-being may be built on false foundations.

It also causes wanting to “have your cake and eat it too.” For example, you can be married but at the same time want to be free or want and need to work a steady job and yet convince yourself you are not bound by it.

Then there’s even the desire and liking to follow one religion while thinking that you truly have no obligation to it. What’s funny is that when offered the opportunity to be truly free of whichever of these fits you, you may quickly jump back into the womb of safety that this energy causes you to seek.

From a karmic standpoint, the energy of this retrograde transit is trying to assist you in breaking up these fixed thought patterns, especially those from past incarnations in an effort to detach from the primary importance put on the physical side of life.

This is a really important opportunity for those who are consciously working on their own enlightenment and spiritual growth.

This retrograde motion of Uranus is an annual event, each year, at about this time. What should be recognized is that Uranus is a revolutionary energy and this placement in Taurus coupled with the retrograde motion clearly explains of a lot of what’s going at this time in our country and around the world.

Astrological Writing

Lots to think about this time. Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity in the coming days and weeks!

Peace Sign 2

Love & Blessed Be

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