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Karmic Energy

Last time, I spoke about all the planets that are & would be retrograde in the month of June. The month began with Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto being retrograde. Then on June 18th Mercury went retrograde, making five planets retrograde. On the 23rd, Neptune goes retrograde, making it six planets retrograde, but that only lasts for two days because Venus goes direct on the 25th. So, we’re back to five planets retrograde.

As I said then, it’s not rare and usually does happen in the Summer months. While there will be those who go, “Holy cow!“ this is an opportunity to learn from the energies of these retrogrades as they bring energies rushing back at us. You could call it a “wake up!” call from the Universe.

Whether the opportunity we’re being offered is to deal with lessons from this lifetime that need to be dealt with and learned from or karma from another lifetime that we came here to work through in this lifetime, it’s a chance for healing and enlightenment. That healing and enlightenment can have the side effect of opening doors and pathways to a better way of life for us, if we allow it.

We’re living in some very turbulent times, made even more so by the energies of these many planets that are in retrograde motion, trying to help us clear away the debris of those things that no longer serve us so that we may grow on many levels of our lives. The energies that are rushing back at us are both for us as individuals and for us as a whole – the inhabitants of planet Earth. Here are a few brief words on the lessons of each of these retrogrades:

Mercury: The lesson here is not only how we communicate with others, but the motives behind how we conduct ourselves. It’s about the unresolved karma in relationships. It’s about keeping our consciousness in the “here and now.”

Venus: This brings lessons about misunderstandings about love. It also brings to our attention abuse, misuse, or neglect, in past lifetimes. The energies of this retrograde want us to see that we may be repeating the same mistakes we made before where feelings, actions, pleasures, inclinations, and possibly marriage are concerned.

Jupiter: This represents where we should work through the expansion of the self. It draws our attention to the question of whether we are achieving any change or self-development in this life. That takes introspection and the use of the higher mind.

Saturn: This is a definite indicator of karma that hasn’t been completed from a past life. The sign it’s in and the house it occupies in an individual chart will give more clues as to what it is. Generally, it indicates you have the same goals you had in another lifetime. It also indicates the neglect of responsibilities in the past and the need to be more honest with oneself, as well as being more self-aware.

Neptune: This is about spiritual development. It indicates that it didn’t happen in the past or there was neglect, misuse, or even being too passive toward it. It also represents sensitivity and understanding – pointing to instances of fraud or deceit.

Pluto: This retrograde indicates the need to fulfill individual growth. Without it, one can regress and that holds back the progress of the planetary lifestream. Spiritual growth here is only limited by an individual’s conscious mind.

None of this sounds scary to me. Nothing to fear here, unless you fear growing and evolving. With these energies coming, en mass, to the planet and to us, we have one heck of an opportunity on a planetary scale for growth and enlightenment. That’s pretty awesome and hopeful, I would say.

New Moon - Solar Eclipse
It all begins with a New Moon in Cancer on Sunday, June 21st, at 2:41 a.m. EDT. With the Sun having entered Cancer on the 20th, the combination of both Sun and Moon in Cancer creates a strong imagination and a liability of going to extremes. Beware of inertia, it will produce laziness. Lots of opportunity for change is indicated.

The Moon in Cancer, by itself, is at home, literally, as the Moon rules Cancer. Perhaps that explains why this gives enjoyment in domestic life.

This is an emotional placement that can produce high plateaus of excitement and/or going down to the depths of depression. Neither mood lasts long as change is another attribute of this placement. Relationships can become strained because of the tendency those affected by these energies to produce excessive guilt in the very people they love the most. Tears, rather than temper, are an emotional weapon of Moon in Cancer. Being aware of these traits and tendencies in yourself or others can help to keep harmony and balance in interactions with others.

This is no usual New Moon as there will be a solar eclipse. Granted we in the Western hemisphere won’t see it, but the energies are still there and will be felt by some. This is an excellent time to “cut off” the flow of energy from any person or situation that no longer serves your best interests. Some may call it “cutting the cord.” It amounts to stopping the connection to energies that have become more of an obstacle than an aid to your journey.

This being a New Moon, a time of new beginnings, I would say if you are tired of the way your life feels emotionally, this is the perfect time to choose a different path that can bring different experiences and people into your life. At the very least, maybe you need a different emotional approach to the people and situations you are currently in.

Neptune Retrograde 3

On Tuesday, June 23rd, Neptune in Pisces goes retrograde at 0:31 a.m. EDT, making our 6th retrograde planet for the month of June. Neptune in Pisces, even in forward motion, wants us to confront our illusions about spirituality, values, God/Goddess/Universe, the arts, Nature, and things mysterious, magickal and make-believe.

When it goes retrograde, it implies that we have already experienced disillusionment and possible victimization in past live. It indicates that there is an urgent challenge to eliminate any mode of action that relies on ease and escapism. We are being intensely challenged to learn lessons of discrimination and control so that we may rise above potential dysfunctions.

It can manifest as a reluctance to blindly surrender and flow with life. There can also be a tendency to be more suspicious about things. It can cause people to reject spirituality in all its aspects. Learning the deeper meanings of spirituality and use it as a means to merge with the truth. This is a time to take an honest look at oneself, from a higher perspective, analyze the “what and why” of it, and redefine oneself in a more spiritual way.

Venus in Gemini
Two days later, on June 25th, Venus in Gemini, which has been retrograde since May 13th, turns direct at 2:48 a.m. EDT. (Taking us back to five planets retrograde.)

When moving forward, the energies of Venus aren’t at there best in Gemini. Due to its airy and rational nature, Gemini takes the emotional, earthy nature of Venus and causes there to be very little of the natural openness and warmth.

This is a time when, those affected by these energies, won’t care to be touched or fondled. Devotion may be expressed as a matter of mind and spirit rather than body. Don’t be surprised if you, or someone you are close to, feel this way.

It can also cause people to spend a lot of time traveling in pursuit of pleasure and social activity. After all, Mercury rules Gemini and that’s about travel and communication. Who doesn’t love a road trip?

Mars in Aries

Mars moves into its home sign of Aries on Saturday, June 27th at 9:45 p.m. EDT. providing a great deal of energy. The tendency to leap before you look. That can cause a person to end up with too many irons in the fire which, in turn, can cause a lack of stick-to-it-ness.

Other things to be aware of are a tendency to a hot temper along with a healthy ego and a hair-trigger sex drive. While this won’t affect everyone, there is the possibility that one or more of these tendencies can arise within either ourselves or those we know.

With the impulsive tendency to leap before looking, there can be head injuries, experiencing cuts and burns, and even running high fevers. The advice here would be to stop and look before rushing to do anything. It could prevent injury or ill health.

To make the best use of the energies from this placement, stay grounded and aware. Apply it to things you really enjoy doing for the best results.

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn was in Aquarius when it turned retrograde on May 11th. Now, still retrograde, it will enter its home sign of Capricorn on Wednesday, July 1st at 7:37 p.m. EDT bringing to us the opportunity to lock out interference and direct our lives toward a useful purpose where we can achieve so much.

This is a mission of accomplishment but what we achieve in the outside world is far less important than the amount of inner meaning these achievements bring to us. It’s telling some of us that our Souls are now ready to bring to fruition lifetimes of labor along a given path.

Regardless of where Saturn is found in a person’s chart, it always represents the neglect of responsibilities in the past. It’s time to be honest with ourselves since, in the past, there was avoidance of true self-awareness and self-honesty. Here, we are being given a second chance to improve on the relationship with our Soul.

Solar system and space objects. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Wow! After some quiet times, the heavens have erupted in energies to help us move forward on our journeys of healing and enlightenment. I hope you find the information interesting and helpful.

See you soon!


Love & Blessed Be

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