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Retrograde Planets & History

As an astrologer of 46+ years, one of the things that bothers me, in today’s world, is the passing on of incomplete information as well as total misinformation. While I don’t like to see this promoted concerning any subject, it really bothers me when it happens with astrological information.

Most people still don’t really understand astrology. It certainly doesn’t help to give them misinformation or information that isn’t complete.

In many instances, I scroll past memes on Facebook that have incorrect information, but I often can’t help myself, when I see astrological memes that need correcting. (We all have an Achilles heel. This appears to be mine.)

The above picture with its “Food for Thought” is fine as far as it goes, but fails to mention that two of these planets – Saturn and Pluto – are retrograde, adding karma and lessons where the energy of these planets in the signs they are in brings to us. It also fails to mention that this is combined with Jupiter in Capricorn and Venus in Gemini also being retrograde.

While Jupiter and Venus move more quickly through the signs than the outer planets, you have to take into consideration the retrograde energies that they bring to the table when you start speaking of revolution, riots, and other forms of radical change. Could they have been in these same signs when these mentioned events happened? I honestly don’t know but it’s possible.

My irritation doesn’t end there though. Late last night someone posted a meme talking about June having seven planets retrograde along with a lunar eclipse so we should all keep our arms and legs inside the ride until it comes to a stop.

I couldn’t help myself. I had to respond. At no time during this month of June are there seven  planets retrograde. The month starts with four planets retrograde: Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto. It isn’t until June 18th, when Mercury goes retrograde, that we then have five planets retrograde. That then becomes six on the 23rd, when Neptune goes retrograde, but that only lasts for two days because Venus goes direct on the 25th. So, we’re back to five planets retrograde.

While having five planets retrograde is nothing to take lightly, it’s not seven, it’s not rare and usually does happen in the Summer months. This is a time when we have an opportunity to learn from the energies of these retrogrades as they bring energies rushing back at us. Sometimes there are lessons from this lifetime that need to be dealt with and learned from. Other times, it can be karma from another lifetime that we came here to work through in this lifetime.

No matter what the case may be, this isn’t something to fear. It’s an opportunity to move our lives forward in a positive manner. No need to keep ones arms and legs inside the ride until it comes to a complete stop nor should you look at it as a situation where you should “fasten your seatbelt.” Keep yourself grounded and aware so any opportunities that may present themselves aren’t missed. Learning and progress are why we are here.

In an effort to present full information, I will state that there is both a Full Moon with a lunar eclipse and a New Moon with a solar eclipse this month. Like the retrogrades, there is nothing to be fearful of. These present energetic opportunities to disconnect ourselves from energies that may be holding us back in our lives.

So, my advice to any who may read this – don’t post anything astrological until you have verified that it’s correct and complete. It’s good to keep people informed, but only if the information is valid.

Lunar Eclipse 3

Now, let’s talk about that Full Moon that’s happening on Friday, June 6th, at 3:12 p.m. EDT. The Sun will be in Gemini with the Moon in Sagittarius and, yes, there is a lunar eclipse.

Unfortunately, we will not visually see this lunar eclipse because of the time it occurs. That doesn’t mean it won’t be felt by some. The energies of this combination produce much activity and restlessness. This can result in nervousness.

On the positive side, the energies are humane, generous, and benevolent as well, as genial, companionable, and providing quick and good judgment. There is also optimism.

The negative side is that it can produce narrow-mindedness, arrogance, and egotistical, holier-than-thou attitudes. There can be a lack of objectivity.

Since an eclipse allows for the opportunity to “cut ties” with certain energies, I would say if you find yourself with people or situations that fall into the negative description above, this would be the time to consciously take measures to cut ties with that energy so it no longer holds you back in any way.

Mercury Retrograde 2

On Thursday, June 18th, at 0:59 a.m. EDT, Mercury in Cancer goes retrograde affording us the opportunity to look at how we communicate to others about our emotions. It also gives us a chance to see how what others communicate to us affects our emotions.

This is a tricky one because it’s possible to discover that you need independence of thought while having emotional security at the same time. Leaning on others for security can cause a lose of independent thought. A delicate balance to achieve, to say the least.

While we should take a look at this, no one wants to analyze their emotions so much they make mountains out of mole hills. No one wants to end up with neurotic complexes when they’re actually trying to understand themselves better.

Take the time to recognize that all thought creates feeling and all feeling creates thought. From this, we make our choices and create our life. This retrograde is a time to become consciously aware of how linked and powerful both your mind and emotions are and how to take better control of them for better choices in your life.

Summer Solstice 8

Believe it or not, Summer Solstice will soon be upon us. The Sun enters Cancer on Saturday, June 20th, at 5:44 p.m. EDT. This is when the Sun is at its highest peak. It’s similar to the Moon when its Full. It has a lot of power.

This is a sign that has a flowing, emotional nature and gives an abundant fertility of imagination. Like the other water signs, it’s also a time of psychic sensitivity. So much so that some may find they are overly sensitive and easily hurt. Like the symbol for Cancer, the crab, there will be those who find the feelings of vulnerability are too much and withdraw into their shells.

The energies of Cancer are shrewd, cautious, sympathetic, kind, protective, resourceful, nurturing, but also moody. Like the other water signs, this is a time of fertility and growth in whatever way you choose to use it.

Wishing all those who have a birthday at this time, a very prosperous, happy birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Cancer 4
May the next two weeks bring you unexpected discoveries, great joy, and much to be grateful for.

Summer Sun

Love & Blessed Be

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