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Astrology 2

This has been quite a year thus far. Who would have ever thought when the New Year began that we would going through what each of us is going through now. When astrological energies, planetary energies, and human energies combine you can never be quite sure what the end result might be.

I realize that many are heavily focused on this virus and all that it brings with it, but I’d like to shift your focus for just a little while. We are dealing with the energies of four retrograde planets right now: Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius, Venus in Gemini, and Jupiter in Capricorn. They’ve all gone retrograde in the last 4 weeks with 3 of them going retrograde two weeks ago. That’s a lot of back wash energy to deal with.

If you’ve found yourself being faced with one challenge after another, then you may want to read the information I gave on each one in the last two Astrological Musings articles. Why? It’s pretty obvious you’re being challenged to learn with the help of these energies and make changes in the way you do things, see things, and respond to things in your life. You could say these energies are shaking things up to clear a path through the “old” to make room for or a way to get to the “new.”

I believe this is all part of the need for a new “normal.” You’ve probably heard people, when discussing what’s happened because of the virus, speak about things never being able to totally go back to what we are used to being “normal.” I believe the planets are telling us the same thing.

Each of us are being tasked with learning to look at and respond to people, places, and situations in a different manner than we used to look and respond to them. It’s pretty obvious, on more than one level, that changes are taking place. We have a choice and it’s an individual one. That’s why it’s important for each of us to realize what the lessons and opportunities are that are being presented to each of us right now.

We need to also be shifting our focus and, instead of immersing ourselves in “everything about the virus,” we need to be deciding what we want to manifest in our personal lives and see manifest in the world in general. The energy of all the planets are there to assist us, even the ones that are retrograde. In fact, in some of our cases, those retrogrades can really present us with challenges that open up opportunities – if we choose to take them.

So my message for you, this time, is continue to be aware of the circumstances surrounding the virus, but also be aware of the planetary energies and begin to shift your focus to what you would like to manifest, instead of the virus, in your life and the lives of others.

New Moon in Gemini
That all can begin with the New Moon that’s happening on Friday, May 22nd, at 1:39 p.m. EDT. Both the Sun and Moon will be in Gemini and that can provide energies for new beginnings that require communication, in any form; travel, or just movement or change in general.

The energy of both the Sun and Moon being in Gemini can create restlessness and nervousness while causing some to be superficial and inconsistent. On the “up” side, it creates adaptability, versatility, self-esteem, and independence.

Things are perceived more from an intellectual standpoint. Feelings are less active. It also provides dexterity to do things manually. The imagination is stimulated by these energies and this makes it a good time for creative work, whether it’s writing, painting, acting, or anything of this nature.

Because Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, you can expect to be faced with decisions involving two of something – people, places, or things. Do make a choice of one or the other otherwise you may spread yourself too thin. In the excitement of the moment, you may later find yourself unable to follow through with all you’ve committed yourself to doing or being. Take a step back and look at things from both sides using logic. That can help you make a choice you can live with.

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury, which rules both Gemini and Virgo, will be entering Cancer on Thursday, May 28th, at 2:09 p.m. EDT. These energies will allow for a kind of sixth sense, making ones intuition unbeatable. It can cause instances of knowing something without exactly knowing how you know it.

This is a time when you can become very sensitive to other people and to the surroundings you find yourself in. Unfriendly people and places will cause you to want to withdraw to more pleasant surroundings and people.

While you may find yourself and/or others passive mentally, an appeal to the sense, rather than logic, will be influential. Some may find themselves overly impressionable during this time. There’s a chance that this could be caused from deep-seated emotional patterns. Unconscious desires can cause some facts to be looked at while others are ignore thus creating bias and prejudice that interferes with objective thinking.

During this time, you may find your thinking to center around home, family, and even the past. Don’t allow the past to set the precedent for a present-day circumstance when seeking an answer to a problem.

The planets didn’t move much this time but still there are plenty of energies to consider. Allow them to aid you in plotting a course to success on your journey.

New Beginning 3

Love & Blessed Be

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