The Journey Continues – An Uncertain Future


There’s no doubt that things have changed. So many of us, on our little hamster wheels, thought each day would continue to be like the next. That’s just the way it was – emphasis on the word was.” What we once considered to be “normal” seems to have disappeared for many. What’s even more disconcerting, for some, is that the normal they once knew may be gone forever.

Things have changed and many don’t deal well with change. It presents a picture that is filled with unknowns. That can be very scary and cause a lot of fear for some. Feelings of having the rug pulled out from under them, of not knowing what tomorrow may hold, and of having no control over the course of their lives can be traumatic. Doubt, fear , uncertainty are all part of what we see, as we wait to see how things are going to unfold.

But, you know what? We humans are adaptable. We may not like it. We may even resist it. Ultimately, we accept it, adapt and move on with our lives. Sometimes we even discover that change isn’t such a bad thing after all. Let’s face it, can you honestly say that there aren’t some things, whether they’re personal, national, or global, that you would like to see change or feel need to change?

Here’s another little piece of enlightenment – what our personal future looks like is pretty much up to us. What??? Yeah, even if you decide to take the attitude of “Whatever.”, that’s a choice you make. If you decide to live in fear, that’s another choice you make. On the other hand, if you decide that you’re going to hope for the best, keep your options open, and view the whole thing as an adventure, that’s a choice you make as well. No matter how things ultimately turn out, we each have the ability to live the best life possible, we only have to decide we’re going to be open to it and be willing to adapt in whatever ways it may take.

There’s always been a “rebel” living inside of me. I don’t like being told to do something without being offered an option or choice in the matter. I guess that’s why, in a way, I understand those who are protesting the quarantine, the wearing of masks, the possibility of having to be vaccinated, etc. I’m not saying I agree with them. I’m saying I somewhat understand.

Some of what they must be feeling is fear. Fear of their rights being taken away. Fear of the unknown that this whole situation places everyone in. So, they push back. They want a choice in how they live their lives. They don’t want things to change – especially if those changes take them radically out of their comfort zones of familiarity.

Heaven knows I’m not a fan of change (there’s been way too many changes in this old girl’s life over the course of my 72 years), but sometimes it’s necessary for our own sakes, the sake of other people, and/or the planet. That’s why, after the fear of the unknown and the uneasiness of the new and strange passes with some time, we often discover that the change or changes are exactly what we needed as a way for a breath of “fresh air” to be breathed into our lives.

What’s happening around the world, heightened by the pandemic, is a huge wave of consciousness-changing energy. It’s happening the only way the Universe/God/Goddess knew to make aware of how we are destroying ourselves and our planet. By having to quarantine, due to the virus, we are seeing such things as the air pollution lift over cities in China, in our own Los Angeles, as well as seeing dolphins and swans return to the canals of Venice, sea turtles lay eggs on deserted beaches where they have been unable to do so for years due to us humans. It should start to become obvious that when we humans aren’t left to our own devices, the Earth immediately begins to heal. That says something about us and we should be listening. If we continue, as we did before the pandemic, we will destroy the planet and, ultimately, ourselves.

This is about a big change in our awareness and how we live on this planet – the only one we have. We MUST start taking care of ourselves, each other, this planet and all the creatures on it. Why? Because it’s becoming quite clear that although we may need the planet, the planet doesn’t need us! Once quarantined, the Earth heals from the destruction that we irresponsibly create on a day-to-day, minute by minute basis.

We were placed here to be stewards of the Earth, not its destroyers. Yet, arrogantly, there are many who believe that, for the sake of convenience and/or profit, it’s all right to treat the Earth with disregard, literally raping it, in some cases. We have now been shown that this can change and must change. The question is, will we choose differently?

That’s what really makes the future uncertain. If we choose to go back to the old “normal,” how long will we live before we have destroyed so much of the Earth that we can no longer survive? In my opinion, it’s pretty obvious, that for our own continued existence, there has to be a new normal. One in which we recognize that we are connected to each other and to the Earth, where we respect each other and the Earth, and where we end the destruction of the Earth and ourselves.

It’s a decision that each of us must make. It does involve change. Will we each choose wisely? Only time will tell.
Native American Proverb

Love & Blessed Be

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