The Journey Continues – Entering the World of Dreams

Dreaming 5

Do you remember your dreams? It’s said that, even if you don’t, we all dream. It’s one of the ways our minds sort through the days events, trying to make some sense of them. There are times they seem so real, we wake up wondering where we are and/or where we’ve been. Other times, they make no sense at all, almost like someone dropped us into a cartoon. There are dreams that delight and dreams that frighten (some of which are nightmares). It seems that dreams come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors.

The truth of it is that dreams are not the simplistic subject we would like them to be. Did you know that not everyone dreams in color? I didn’t for the longest time. I thought everyone dreams in color like I do. I also never realized dreams could be prophetic until I had one. That can’t be just our minds sorting out the day’s events, can it? In fact, some of those events that take place, while our physical body and conscious mind sleeps, aren’t dreams at all. So, how do you tell what it is that you’ve just experienced, if you remember it at all?

First, let me talk a little about what is thought to happen when we sleep. You’ve probably heard the saying, “We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.” Well, there’s more truth to that than we realize. When we sleep, there’s another part of us, call it spirit or, as esoterists call it, the astral body, that separates itself from the physical body and hovers a few inches above it. Why? It’s said that it does this so that the physical has a chance to regenerate itself. There are times when this astral body part of us will move farther away from the physical body. It may “travel” to other places on Earth or even return to its natural home, the astral planes (think heaven). It’s said that it can even travel through time – to the past or future. All of this is called “astral projection.” Some of you may be going, “Yeah, right!”, but hear me out and keep this in mind as I proceed.

I learned a couple of guidelines for telling if I was truly dreaming or if it was an astral projection. First, the mind often speaks to us in symbols and this is the reason why those dreams sometimes feel like they make no sense at all. A door may not be a door as we think of it in our waking world. It could mean luck and prosperity or a new chapter in your life, if you choose to open it. It could also mean something you are hiding from yourself that you need to face. Or take “mud,” it’s not just that messy, wet dirt that gets on things. In a dream, it could mean good fortune or that you will live a long life. The point is, those dreams are trying to tell you something and it’s doing it the only way it knows how – with symbols. So whether the dream makes sense or not, you should write it down and look up the symbols in an attempt to discern what it’s trying to tell you.

Besides not necessarily making sense because of the strange symbols that may occur, dreams also don’t follow a linear time pattern. They have a tendency to jump around. That only adds to the feeling of not being real and feeling cartoon-ish. This can be compounded by the actually sight of what’s happening appearing “cloudy”, a lack of clarity in focus.

Now, let’s shift gears for a moment. Have you ever had a “dream” of flying or falling? Then more than likely you were astrally projecting farther away than hovering just above your body. Have you ever woke up with a start? Yep, another sign of astral projection.

Then there’s the fact that most things in a projection seem as clear as life in the waking world. It follows a linear time pattern like the waking world as well. Even though it’s possible to travel with the speed of thought, it will still happen in a linear sequence. Here, a door is a door and if you find yourself talking to your dead grandmother, then you were and you should pay attention to what she’s saying.

Another difference between a dream and a projection is that, in a dream, you can see yourself acting out the dream. Even if it doesn’t look like you, you’ll know it’s you, but you are a spectator to what’s happening. While this doesn’t always happen, it can. In a projection, you are moving through whatever is happening just as you do in your regular daily life. There is a chance you might see yourself sleeping in your bed as you return from wherever you’ve been (this has also happened to people having surgery), just before you wake up. This also doesn’t always happen, but can.

There is one other thing I want to mention. It’s called “lucid dreaming.” Lucid dreaming is said to be a moment in your dream when you realize you’re dreaming and decide to take control of the dream. This is a hard one for me because I know when I’m dreaming and when I’m projecting (most of the time), so I have always wondered if you are really dreaming or are you projecting and just suddenly become aware that that’s what you’re doing? Many books have been written on the subject of lucid dreaming so I will leave that conclusion for you to draw, dear reader.

I’ve had prophetic dreams before. I think the one I really remember is one in which I saw a couple coworkers traveling in a car and attempting to pass a semi only to realize, as they began to pass it, that another truck was coming the other direction. It didn’t reveal to me whether they ended up in an accident, but I felt this was an important dream. I wasn’t close to either of these people but felt I needed to tell them what I had dreamed, even if they thought I was crazy. I think they did think I was slightly crazy when I told them the next day, but the following day both of them thanked me profusely. They told me that the very scenario I had dreamed had almost happened. They were going to pass this semi, on the way home from work, but remembered the dream and waited only to see a truck immediately pass them coming from the other direction. Was it truly a dream? Or did I project into the future that night and see what might happen to them? I can’t say for sure, but what I do know is that, from then on, whenever I had a “dream” about someone I don’t normally dream about, I tell them. Hey, if they think I’m crazy, it’s okay. Better safe than sorry.

Whether it’s dreams or projections, it’s a time when we enter another realm truly different than the one that occupies our waking state. It’s a place where anything can happen and it can be filled with adventure and enlightenment. I wish you many sweet dreams and adventurous projections!

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Love & Blessed Be

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