The Journey Continues – Hidden Meanings


When “bad” things happen to us, our country, or even our world, we often wonder why this thing has come to pass. We often become so focused on the problem facing us that we fail to see any other possible meaning to it other than bad luck, heartbreak, failure, etc. I think I can safely say that that’s become human nature – our natural response to anything that suddenly happens that presents us with the possibility of being removed from our comfort zones for even a short while.

Please don’t think I’m not sympathetic to the kinds of things that happen to people. From the sudden & inconvenient flat tire on the way to work (and your spare is flat as well) to illnesses that strike unexpectedly to ourselves and those close to us, to the unplanned losses of income and more, I’ve been there, I’ve done that. I feel for you. It sucks. It hurts.

The first of our questions is usually “Why?” (Why me? Why now? etc.) We take it very personally and why shouldn’t we? After all, it’s happening to us or someone close to us. The thing is I think we get too focused on taking it personally and can miss important reasons why it is happening. Instead, we panic, become filled with fear, and/or get angry. Usually, this solves nothing and only makes finding a solution that much more difficult. It can also bring out the worst in us in dealing with others because of our fear and frustration.

Take the pandemic involving COVID-19 that we are currently experiencing. While I will not rehash symptoms of the illness or preventive measures here, I will point out our emotional response to it. Fear and panic with anger coming into play as most events are canceled, schools are closed, and bars and restaurants in many places are down to carry-out orders. The first action taken? Buying toilet paper and water in such large amounts it left none for others to buy.

In those moments of panic and fear, we seem to be forgetting our humanity. While we worry about catching the virus, we are creating an unhealthy atmosphere to live in where we care about no one but ourselves. Where’s our compassion? You know, what we seek from others when we are having a bad time of it? That part of us that stops and helps someone in trouble or offers to pay for part of a grocery order for someone who’s short on cash, etc. seems to be missing when panic and fear take over. A hidden meaning behind this crisis is to take a good look at ourselves and how we are responding to something that’s happening to all of us.

Then there’s the fear, panic, and anger themselves and what they can do to ones own immune system. We are in a time where we are learning more and more about the energy of our emotions and the affect they have on our bodies. Positive emotions help our bodies stay healthy and to heal when we are ill while negative emotions, such as the ones I just mentioned, have the affect of making us vulnerable to disease. They cause tension in different parts of the body: fear – stomach and intestines; anger – lower back; and panic – lungs or breathing difficulties. This is just one small example that shows how we open ourselves to the very thing we are feeling fear, anger, and/or panic about.

“…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself…” so said Franklin Delano Roosevelt, our 33rd President. He was right if for no other reason that you attract to you what you focus on. The Universe matches your vibration and sends you more of the same. Why, in the name of all that’s holy, would you want to receive more to fear, more to panic about, more to be angry about? That’s why it’s so important right now for all of us to find something to be grateful for each day.

Here’s something else to think about: Our energies are cumulative. Our personal energies ripple out and join with similar energies. Whether you’re talking love and compassion or fear and anger, what we are feeling goes out and combines with others who are feeling the same way and that has an affect on what will happen in our world. Would it not be better to choose love, compassion, hope, gratitude, etc., then the alternatives? Our emotional energies combined with the actions we take can bring an end to any crisis more quickly than fear, panic, and anger.

It was Benjamin Franklin who said, when signing the Declaration of Independence, “We must all hang together, or most assuredly, we will all hang separately.” Those words are so valid for the times we are in right now. Will we work together to get through this crisis, remembering we are not only one nation, but one world, or we will we take an “every man for himself” attitude and watch our lives and our world fall apart? The choice belongs to each man, woman, and child on the face of this Earth and the time for that choice is now.

One last thing, it’s usually the last thing that occurs to us, if it occurs at all, we are spiritual beings at our core. We’ve come here to this Earth school to learn and grow. We’ve come to evolve back toward the Light from where we came. That can only be done through hard lessons, like the one we are all going through right now (as well as the ones we go through on a personal level). How we react, how we respond, how we treat our fellow beings, shows us how far we have yet to go on our journey through this life. Take a look. Where would you say you are?

There is much to be learned from every experience we have – singly or as a group – whether it is positive or negative. Right now, school is open for this nation and this world. We are in attendance. What will we all learn?


Love & Blessed Be

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