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Astrology & the Body

The current health conditions in the world right now caused me to think, as I usually do, about how astrology might be used to help. That made me stop and think about how each sign of the zodiac rules one or more parts of the body. While there are actually people who practice medical astrology, for the rest of us to just be aware of some of the basics could be useful. Allow me to give you a short list of what the different signs represent.

Aries is considered the first sign of the zodiac, so would only seem natural that, if you start at the top of your body, it would represent the head and face.

Taurus is pretty well known for representing the throat, both in a positive way with a beautiful voice and in a not-so-positive way with all kinds of illnesses involving the throat. Did you also know that it represents the ears? Yeah, that one kinda caught me off guard too.

Gemini represents a pretty long list – shoulders, arms, hands, lungs, collar bone, and nervous system. Please take note that the first four area of the body are “doubles” just like the twins that symbolize Gemini.

Cancer represents the breast, stomach and digestive organs. If you consider that Cancer’s planet is the Moon and the Moon is often viewed as the “Mother,” then this begins to make sense.

Leo, whose planet is the Sun, rules the heart, sides and the upper half of the back. The Sun is the “heart” of our solar system so, to me, there’s the logic to that one.

Virgo, as you continue to move down the body, represents the solar plexus and the bowels. It might be of interest that it’s also said to represent hygiene and the assimilation of food, both of which can affect the bowels.

Libra represents the reins, kidneys, ovaries, and the lower half of the back.

Scorpio represents the muscular system, bladder and sex organs.

Sagittarius represents the liver and the thighs.

Capricorn represents the knees.

Aquarius represents the ankles and is also said to represent the fluids of the body, perhaps because it’s symbolized by the “Water-bearer.”

And, finally, Pisces, being the final sign of the zodiac, brings us to the feet, the final part of the body.

While a medical astrologer would probably elaborate on what I have listed, to even become aware of this much could be helpful. This becomes especially true if you take into consideration that the two astronomical bodies that have the greatest influence on us are the Sun and the Moon.

Combine knowledge of what each sign rules with where the Sun and/or Moon was on the day you were born and you could discover what illnesses you may be prone to. For example, I’m a Taurus with a Cancer Moon. I have had so many problems with my throat, especially in my youth, it’s almost unbelievable. And, yes, that Cancer Moon could be responsible for problems with my stomach (I had gastritis in my 20s) and digestive organs (I had a hernia strangling my intestines this past year and had my gallbladder removed as well.) If you add the fact I have Aquarius as my rising sign, you may have the explanation for the weak ankles I’ve had all my life and the problem with water retention. It really can help you understand and do some preventive medicine for yourself.

Finally, if you keep yourself aware of where the Sun and Moon are, on any given day, it can help you realize when you might be exceptionally vulnerable to disease and/or injury to parts of your body.

Once again, astrology can help you live a more informed and healthier life!

Full Moon in Virgo 2

While you’re processing all that, let me tell you about the Full Moon that will be happening in the sign of Virgo on Monday, March 9th, at 1:48 p.m. EDT.

With the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo, the intuition will be active and the energy of inspiration will be around to tap into, if you need it. This is also a time for common sense and steadiness as well as doing things in a quiet way.

This is an excellent time for getting fit, as long as you don’t become obsessed or go overboard in your efforts. In proper balance, it can help you stay healthy. Whatever you decide to do, remember this is your journey. Don’t insist others take it with you.

Being healthy includes the mind, especially when the Moon is in Virgo. That makes intellectual pursuits important. Broadening your interests can be very invigorating for the mind and body.

Virgo is also about cleaning and organizing so if your diet and health routine could use some revamping, this is an excellent time to get rid of what no longer serves you and creating new ways that do.

Mercury Direct

Mercury, which is in Aquarius right now, will be turning direct from its retrograde motion on that same Monday, March 9th, at 11:49 p.m. EDT. Now that the energies of Mercury will be moving forward again, opening ones mind to new experiences can be very enlightening.

Aquarius, while representing a true humanitarian nature, also is impersonal in its association with the rest of the world. That impersonal nature can allow one to see “truth” through the qualities of being unbiased and objective.

It is here that the highest intuitive faculties can manifest through communication with the Universal Mind, transcending the individual ego. The ability to experience Life now extends beyond the five physical senses. That can make it a very interesting time for discoveries on many levels.

This is also a time when becoming involved with group and organizational work can be very rewarding. The company of intellectual and elderly people can provide both mental stimulation and delight.

Mercury in Pisces 3

One week later, on Monday, March 16th, Mercury will move forward into the sign of Pisces at 3:42 a.m. EDT. This shifts the energies to those that can be amazingly psychic. As I said when Mercury entered Pisces in February:

“This is a time when you can amaze yourself with your intuitional/psychic abilities. It as thought you have access to a fund of mystical information. You will say things that you have no apparent source of proof for, but more often that not, you’ll be correct. You won’t know how you knew…you just did.

“This placement also increases the creative imagination so whether you’re a musician, painter, sculptor, or writer this can be very helpful in your endeavors. Even when your mind seems at a standstill, the most creative things can come to you.

“The one drawback is that you may find yourself extremely sensitive to your surroundings and the people in them. You may find yourself sympathetic to other people’s situations, but may also feel uncomfortable. This can make you silent, shy, and wishing for seclusion.

“There can be other situations and circumstances that make you say too much. This is a time of finding the balance – when to remain silent, when to speak, and, when you do speak, how much to say.

“This can be a very interesting transit for those interested in self-observation.”

And with that, I will end this for now. I hope the next two weeks bring you much insight and good health!

Healing Energy 2

Love & Blessed Be

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