The Journey Continues – A “Pop Quiz” from the Universe

Pop Quiz

I don’t know too many who, as students, enjoyed walking into a classroom only to find out the teacher had a pop quiz for us to take. (I can still hear the, in unison, groan uttered by most of us.) We so smugly thought those kind of tests were over once we left school. Ha! The joke was, and is, on us.

Every day of our lives, here on Planet Earth, is a day in the life of learning in the classroom of this reality. We came here to learn, grow, and evolve and none of that stops with formal education. As a matter of fact, it has only just begun when we left those “hallowed” halls of education. It’s just that many of us don’t see that, at least not at first.

For those who are ‘waking up’, you’ve begun to see the lessons in everything that happens, whether great or small. The perspective switches from “Why me?” to “What should I be learning from what just happened?” Still, sometimes, it’s difficult to see why another similar incident happens when you feel you’ve worked through a particular lesson. You may closely look at the incident from as many perspectives as possible, looking for what you may feel you’re missing. In truth, the only thing you may be missing is how you responded to it.

The Universe, by any of Its many names, is that teacher that likes to present us with pop quizzes. It’s like It’s saying to us, “You think you know this one? Got it under control? Learned all there is to learn about it? Well, let’s see…” We’re not being punished. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about checking ourselves, when put in another situation of the same type, to see if we’re responding differently than we did before. For only then will we know for sure if we’ve truly learned the lesson connected to the experience.

For each of us, the lessons are different. After all, our journeys are different. Yes, there are similarities and we will sometimes have similar experiences as others have, but, for the most part, each of our journeys, with their accompanying experiences, are different. It’s good to find someone that’s had a similar experience so you can compare notes, see things from another’s perspective, and perhaps help each other on the journey through that particular type of experience. The thing we may take away from talking to someone with a similar experience is that we must work through it in our own way and in our own time.

For example, many of things I’ve experienced in this lifetime have been about the experience of rejection. It’s a tough one because we are taught, in this culture, that rejection means there’s something wrong with us. While that is one possibility, there are other possibilities and to always assume there’s something wrong with you when you experience rejection is being totally unfair to yourself.

I personally have experienced this with friendships, intimate relationships & marriages, and even with family. Once I came to the realization that it might not always be my fault, I worked very hard to understand what the underlying cause was behind each incident of rejection. Part of that involved learning to look at the situation from the other person’s perspective.

It took until the ending of my third marriage to realize, where intimate relationships & marriages were concerned, growing apart can happen. If even just one of the two persons is growing, learning, and evolving, a gap can be created and start to grow until you really don’t see things the way you did at first. You are no longer the two people who fell in love. You’re two different people and those two people may not be suited for each other any longer. So I think I’ve got that one.

I thought I’d gotten the one about friendships as well. Similar “rules” apply any time two people are involved for any length of time. I also learned that not every person you meet is going to end up a friend. Each of us is not everyone’s cup of tea, so to speak. We may have a few things in common that we can converse about, but the rest of our lives may be very different. So before you get your heart set on this new person being your friend, let things unfold and see what happens. Got it. Well, I thought I did.

I recently met someone new, close to my age, that I thought was going to be a new friend. When she was kind enough to contact me and give her reasons for deciding otherwise, I found myself going to that “old” place – “What did I do wrong?” “Did I say or do something to offend her?” Yada, yada, yada. Then I caught myself in the midst of this diatribe. What??? I thought I’d learned this one and here I was taking it so personal, assuming it must be my fault. The sad part of it was that she had been fairly clear in her reasons – none of which had anything to do with me personally. Thanks for the pop quiz, Universe!

That’s what happens when you are consciously making every effort to unlearn what’s been programmed into you and see things from a higher perspective. Without these pop quizzes, we would assume we have the lesson learned. Until we see our actual response to a similar situation happening, we have no real clue if we’ve learned anything, healed anything, or moved on to another way of living and experiencing Life.

I’ve seen it mentioned a number of times that Life is really a spiral and the lessons come back around – again and again – but at higher frequencies so we can see how we are learning, growing, and evolving. I’m very grateful for this most recent pop quiz and appreciate what I’ve learned from it. Even at my age, I still have more to work on, more to learn, more growth to accomplish. Although still not happy at those pop quizzes, I no longer groan but look with interest at what I can learn from them.

May your own personal “pop quizzes” bring revelation and enlightenment into your life!

Life is a Spiral

Love & Blessed Be


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