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As the New Year begins, people begin to wonder what lies ahead. From an astrological viewpoint, the options and opportunities are myriad. It’s up to each of us whether we become aware of the signs that point the way and use the energies of the planets to help us.

We have the ability, at any time of the year, to use planetary placements to our advantage. Those energies, even the challenging ones, can help us to discern when to move forward, when to wait, and even when to change course.

Becoming aware of how the planets in certain signs affect you can be a real plus in living your life with less struggle and hassle. It’s worth paying attention to the energies.

For example, right now, The Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto are all in Capricorn. This is a planet that is practical and duty-minded. If you are a Capricorn or if you have some of your other planets in Capricorn, this could be the time for you take a practical approach to your life, dealing with the necessities of life, while being patient and persistent in your endeavors.

If, however, Capricorn anything has always had an adverse affect on you, then this may your time to deal with overcoming obstacles and keeping yourself from becoming pessimistic. It may be that you need to learn the lesson of biding your time until a situation is ripe for your desire and ambition.

Saturn is the stern, but fair, teacher. Often the answer to lessons dealing with Capricorn energy involve some form of discipline – becoming a disciple of something, learning how to use that thing to your advantage.

Whatever the planetary energies have to offer this year, I hope you find a way to use them to your best advantage.

Full Moon in Cancer

Let’s begin with the Full Moon that’s happening on Friday, January 10th at 2:21 p.m. EST. The Moon will be in Cancer with the Sun, of course, in Capricorn. There will also be a lunar eclipse that will be seen primarily in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, but can be felt everywhere.

The Moon is in its home sign (the sign it rules) with its placement in Cancer for this Full Moon. This can make people feel very vulnerable. There will be a tendency to withdraw. Although the energies are passive, they are also emotion-filled. There can be a need to nurture or be nurtured. There can also be a great deal of sentimentality with walks down “Memory Lane” being common.

With the Sun in Capricorn, the combined energy can be used for financial planning so that money is used efficiently and with prudence. It also brings out more of the sensitivity that Cancer provides on its own. Shielding during this Full Moon is a very good idea for those who are affected by Cancer or Capricorn energies.

That eclipse? If you want to curtail the effects the emotions of others have on you, this is the time. If you want to stop the control any emotion of your own seems to have over you, here’s where you begin. It’s also good for becoming aware of how much you may overeat because of your emotions.

Any way you look at it, it will be one heck of a energy-packed Full Moon!

Uranus in Taurus

Uranus, which is in Taurus, will go direct, from its retrograde motion, on Friday, January 10th, at 8:49 p.m. EST. Now we have an opportunity to be practical in unique and original ways. With some determination, there should be nothing that prevents us from reaching our goals.

Uranus in Taurus can give unusual artistic and musical talents. There is a natural intuitive ability and interest in the occult.

Freedom can be limited by ones attachment to material objects. That same attachment can also limit the expression of intuitive ideas. It is, however, excellent for new ideas concerning money and resources. So here’s your chance to do some unique creative thinking to resolve financial problems for yourself and/or others.

This is your chance to be unique, practical, and independent.

Venus in Pisces

Venus moves into Pisces on Monday, January 13th at 1:39 p.m. EST. Here, we find loving energies that are both emotional and idealistic. It is here that love encompasses dedication and self-sacrifice.
For those affected by these energies, you may find yourself intuitively knowing how to best please the ones you love. Just be sure to not be taken advantage of as others may fail to appreciate how considerate of others you truly are.

There may be a lesson here in being more particular about he kind of person you give your heart to. It takes both your intuition and your head to when making the choice of someone to love. Choosing someone who is inferior in that they are dependent upon you and sorely in need of your love can result in being lonely and disappointed when they are unable or unwilling to appreciate you and demonstrate love and affection for you as well.

This is a placement where we can learn how profound love is and what kind of relationships we tend to put ourselves into. Choose wisely.

Mercury in Aquarius 2

On Thursday, January 16th, Mercury heads into Aquarius at 1:31 p.m. EST where its energies help us to be excellent judges of human nature and true humanitarians. It can cause those who are affected by its energies to become people watchers as they strive to analyze and understand people’s characters.

This creates a mind that is open to new ideas. It’s a mind that is truthful, unbiased, and objective. Truth is of prime importance.

This is an excellent position for those who want study or practice astrology and all forms of occult study. It also gives scientific insight into the workings of material manifestations.

During this transit, if affected, you could find yourself seeking mental stimulation through friendships and entering into debates on controversial subjects as a way to exercise your wits.

Seeing things from unique and innovative perspectives is a gift of this energy. If you need fresh, new ideas, these energies may help you find them.

Aquarius 5

We end these two weeks with the Sun making its annual sojourn into Aquarius at 9:55 a.m. EST on Monday, January 20th bringing us energies of rainbows and wishes and dreams and maybe even a unicorn or two.

This is a time to be prepared for the unexpected, like Alice on her trip through Wonderland. The energies are generally tranquil and kindly, but can be shocking, unconventional, and sometimes erratic.

The best words to describe the energies of this planetary placement are original, inventive, intellectual, friendly, progressive, independent, uncongenial, and revolutionary. In other words, the Sun in Aquarius has arrived to help you shake off the cobwebs, stir the pot, and even blow your mind with a perspective you would never have thought of before.

This can also be a time to declare your independence or seek freedom for yourself from something or someone (even if the someone is you and how you’ve been doing things up to this point). Love is of a more universal nature rather than personal and intimate type. For this reason, those affected by this energy may appear cold and impersonal when actually they care a great deal, just on a grander scale than a one-on-one relationship.

Yes, this transit can be very interesting, enlightening, and refreshing…if you let it.

Lunar Eclipse 5
That’s it for now. May the stars and planets be your guide!

The Universe 2

Love & Blessed Be

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