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Venus-Jupiter Conjunction

All the talk right now seems to be this “rare” conjunction (alignment) between Jupiter and Venus. Obviously, because of the difference in size and orbits, it doesn’t happen every year, but it did just happen in November of 2017, so I guess it depends on your definition of the word “rare.”

So what does it mean astrologically when Jupiter and Venus are conjunct? Well, for one, it gives a generous and optimistic disposition to those affected by it. The general energies will cause people to be cheerful and friendly toward their fellow beings along with being open-handed to those who are in need of help.

Because of Jupiter’s connotation toward the spiritual/religious, some will be inclined to make donations for religious causes. Even the artistic ability implied by Venus will often be related to religious expression. It can also cause people to talented as peacemakers.

On the negative side, it can lead to too much ease and comfort for ones own benefit and may create a tendency toward indolence.

With both planets in Sagittarius right now, the opportunity to expand our learning in any area represented by either Venus or Jupiter exists as Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. This is a very lucky conjunction filled with lots of opportunity for those who choose to use it.

New Moon in Sagittarius
Speaking of Sagittarius, we have a New Moon happening at 10:06 a.m. EST on Tuesday, November 26th. New Moon means both the Sun and Moon are in Sagittarius and that could lead to an adventure or a stroke of luck.

This is a combination that’s filled with independence and a great love of freedom. For some, that can induce a tendency to become rebellious.

While it can quicken the mental and physical powers, it can also cause occasional indecision of mind as well as changes in occupation or residence. There is a love of science, philosophy, and/or religion.

The Moon in Sagittarius itself, this is an energy of optimism – sometimes to the point of carelessness. The advice here is to not overestimate your own talents or those of others.

If you use the New Moon for new beginnings, this one is good for intellectual affairs. Whether that means going back to school, taking an online course, aspiring to self-improvement, or promoting your ideas through publishing, lecturing, etc., this is the time to do it.

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune in Pisces, which has been retrograde since June 21st, will now go direct on Wednesday, November 27th at 7:33 a.m. EST. It was in the retrograde motion that we had an opportunity to look closely at our illusions, whether their origins were from a past life or this life. It was here that we had an opportunity to eliminate those actions we may tend to take that are motivated by ease and escapism.

It was also a time to reassess our relationship with the Divine. That means learning the deeper meanings of spirituality and to cease using it as a hope for salvation, but rather as a means to merge with the Truth.

Now Neptune turns direct. With that direct motion, we must now decide how we will apply whatever we may have learned to our lives in order to move forward in our lives towards our goals.

It does also intensify the mediumistic and psychic faculties. There may be a desire to investigate mysticism or the occult in general.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter enters Capricorn at 1:20 p.m. on Monday, December 2nd. While Jupiter represents expansion, optimism, and inquisitiveness, Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) is cautious, reserved, and often pessimistic. Combine them and something has to give!

There is a clash between the Jupiter tendency to invest faith and the Capricorn tendency to not believe in anything unless it can be eaten, put in the bank or slept on. This can cause some to rush off into their futures, filled with exuberance, only half-prepared. That can lead to self-recrimination and guilt.

The best lesson to be learned from this combination is that too much focus on materialistic goals create difficulties just as too much skepticism and fear of expansion or too much demand for proof will do the same. There is a balance to be achieved here between practicality and far-sighted optimism; expansiveness and conservation; exuberance and caution. For each of us, the answer is different. The energies are here to help us just the same.

Mercury in Sagittarius 3

Lastly, we have Mercury entering Sagittarius on Monday, December 9th at 4:42 a.m. EST. This places Mercury in its detriment and that manifests as a primary concern with attitudes rather than facts. It does give insight into social motivation, however, one can lose sight of the truth if a person doesn’t pay enough attention to detailed factual information.

This is an energy that causes those affected by it to be very honest. They wouldn’t intentionally mislead anyone. People will be direct and forthright because they like to tell the truth. So much so that people can say exactly what comes into their minds without pausing to think it over or to consider how it might affect others.

Communications under this placement are short. Letters tend to look more like telegrams. Those who write would do better writing short stories than novels. Emails, chats, and even phone conversations will tend to be brief and to the point.

That’s it for now. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it, and a wonderful two weeks. May the stars guide you well.

Astrologer 2

Love & Blessed Be

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