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Friday the 13th - 2

Yep…it’s that day. Some see it as lucky while others see it as unlucky. This year, luck might be a little more on our side as there’s a Full Moon happening on Friday, for some, and on Saturday for others. This hasn’t happened since October 13, 2000 and won’t happen again until August 13, 2049. There’s got to be some good luck and magick in that!

Full Moon in Pisces

Speaking of that Full Moon, it will actually be occurring at 0:33 a.m. EDT. It will be happening in the sign of Pisces, since the Sun is in the opposite sign of Virgo.

That combination of Virgo Sun and Pisces Moon can cause some people to feel restless which can result in a love of change. The downside to this combination is that it can create dissatisfaction, some irritability, and possibly a lack of self-reliance.

The Moon in Pisces itself has an energy that encourages us to follow our intuitions. There are strong psychic qualities to be had here. All this is dependent on how much we allow fear and doubt to push aside that quiet voice of intuition. Fear and doubt can create illusions and fantasies. This is part of the Piscean energy.

For some who are affected by these energies, apathy can be a problem. It may take a strong partner or friend to help guide you toward positive thinking during this lunar placement and cycle. Combine positive thought with intuition and you have awesome power to meet any challenge.

This is a very spiritual placement and this only enhances the intuition and psychic abilities. It also encourages us to look at things from a higher perspective. It is from that point of view that answers may be found.

So perhaps this Full Moon in Pisces falling on or close to Friday the 13th is telling us, if we want to change our luck, we should brush away our illusions and listen to that quite voice of intuition so we can move ahead in a more positive manner on our journey.

Mercury in Libra 2

Saturday morning, at 3:15 a.m. EDT, Mercury moves into Libra. It is here that the mind can become primarily concerned with human relations and psychology. It can create a curiosity about the thinking and behavior patterns of others.

Good communication and happiness in relationships are essential now. That interest in what others think can make communication easier. Connecting with others on a mental level can be very satisfying now.

For those affected by these energies, you may find yourself considering all sides of an issue before making a decision. Be careful though. Too much deliberation can lead to indecision and thus lead to an opportunity being lost.

Some communications could end up being debates, not because there is a need to be right but rather a need to see things from another perspective and share ones own perspective with someone in conversation. Libra seeks harmony and balance and, being in Libra, that means communication.

Venus in Libra

Saturday is a busy day for the planets as Venus enters Libra on that day at 9:43 a.m. EDT. This is one of the two signs Venus rules so it’s no wonder that love becomes sacred with this placement.

Love and courtship are a very important ritual here. However, love cannot be such that it is chained but must be absolutely free otherwise love becomes misery.

Harmonious surroundings are needed for good health. Anything discordant could eventually make a person ill under this planetary influence.

There is an innate ability to understand the feelings of others for those affected by these energies. There is an enjoyment of companionship especially where a harmonious and close person bond is formed. Situations of conflict should be avoided now.

This is a great time for projects involving art, music, literature, and any other form of creating beauty. This is due to aesthetic perceptions being heightened under the influence of Venus in Libra.

Saturn in Capricorn
Saturn in Capricorn, which has been retrograde since the last day of April, will be turning direct on Wednesday, September 18th, at 4:47 a.m. EDT.

What I said at the time was, “Simply put, this is about living through a mission of accomplishment. The truth of it is that it’s more about the inner meaning achievement brings to you than any outer meaning it may have. It karmically, can bring to completion an area of life you have been working on for lifetimes. If you’ve had your chart done, look at which house or houses Saturn will be passing through in its retrograde motion and take note that this may be indicating areas in which some form of accomplishment is being called to happen.

“Being “the teacher”, Saturn retrograde indicates areas where similar lessons have been experienced before this life. It also indicates where there was a neglect of responsibilities in past lives. This means you have to be more honest with yourself due to the avoidance of true self-awareness and self-honesty previously.

“It’s totally possible that the goals you have now are the same you had in a past life, but because of the avoidance of responsibilities, they were not fulfilled. Possibly clothed in different circumstances or situations, they have returned for you to fulfill this time.”

Now Saturn turns direct and that means those energies, and any work we did during the retrograde, will move us forward. That forward movement could create opportunities for attaining security and self-sufficiency. This can come through self-awareness and responsibility to oneself and others. Accomplishing anything brings a feeling of satisfaction and self-worth.

Libra 2
Last, but certainly not least, we finish up these two weeks with the Sun making its yearly move into Libra. It is here that you can find what it takes to bring balance and harmony to yourself and your life.

Libra loves being social but dislikes large crowds. Perhaps that comes from the dislike for disharmony. These energies encourage diplomacy and peace-making.

Libra is the natural ruler of the seventh house of partnerships. This is partnerships of all kinds not just intimate ones. That makes this a good time for forming partnerships or working on ones that already exist.

Libra is an air sign and therefore one of intellect. As stated above under Mercury in Libra, they like to look at situations from all angles. This has given them the appearance of being lazy or indecisive. In most instances, this isn’t the case. They’re just trying to be just and fair in their deciding.

Ruled by Venus, also mentioned earlier, this is a time of art and music. Whether creating or just enjoying, the energies here are all about beauty and the enjoyment of it, in any form.

If we allow it, the Sun in Libra can show us how to create and enjoy beauty and friendship. It can help us find a means to achieve balance and harmony in our lives. It can also help us to see things from more than one perspective. Enjoy these pleasant, helpful energies!

Astrological Quote 3

Love & Blessed Be

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  1. Well said! ‘if we want to change our luck, we should brush away our illusions and listen to that quite voice of intuition so we can move ahead in a more positive manner on our journey.’

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