The Journey Continues – A Matter of Perspective


I imagine you’ve heard about police officers who take statements from witness to accidents or crimes and sometimes getting as many versions of the event as there were witnesses. The explanation is fairly simple. Each of us has different “filters” created by our very individualistic life experiences and programming that cause us to see people, things, and situations from our own personal perspectives.

It took me many, many years to realize this. In my youth, I thought everyone saw Life the same way I did and felt the same about things that I did. It was shocking to me when I discovered such was not the case. Even after making the discovery, I was confused as to why we saw things differently.

If you’ve ever heard, “Walk a mile in my shoes.” you might have come to the same conclusion that I did. I wanted and needed to understand what other people were seeing and feeling. I’ve spent decades making that attempt. Sometimes it’s been successful. Others…not so much.

With our world and our country in such turmoil, I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to understand the perspectives of those who view life so radically different than I do. I pass no judgment. We’ve each come here to walk a very personal path that has some very individualized lessons for us each to learn. I just want to understand.

In order to understand others, or at least make the attempt to achieve some kind of understanding, one has to spend even more time understanding oneself. I can honestly say I have been, and continue to, dig deeply into my own programming, my own perspectives, my own “who is the real Samantha?” Without doing that, how can I possibly have any basis for understanding why others might see things sometimes in complete opposition to how I see them? If you can’t or won’t ask yourself the tough questions like why you see a situation, event, person or group of persons in a particular light, how can you even begin to see why someone else would or could see things differently? That brings me to why I feel so confused and unable to wrap my mind around some of the perspectives being held by different people and groups of people at this time.

Most of the world’s religions teach love and compassion and, yet, here we are in 2019 with so much anger, so much hate, so much fear, so much distrust filling people’s hearts and minds. If it isn’t any of these, then you find doubt, depression, irresponsibility, and/or hopelessness. All of these are the antithesis of the love and compassion that should be filling us and our world. What has happened to us?

Instead of rejoicing in and learning from our differences, intolerance seems to have grown to record proportions to the point where there are some who appear to feel that anyone who is not the same as them should be ejected, if not exterminated from close proximity. How can this be? If everything and everyone was created by the Creator of All-that-Is, does that makes us all children of that Creator? How can we treat each other this way? I can’t seem to wrap my head around that perspective. Maybe I’m not supposed to, but I would like to understand.

It’s horrendous that some of us treat others in this manner, but I find it just as confusing in my attempts to understand the treatment of our planet and the other creatures and living beings that occupy it with us. As I write this, the Amazon has been on fire for about 3 weeks. This fire appears to not be a coincidence. After an Amazon tribe winning a court case against oil companies and oligarchs in July, it is now believed the fires were set on purpose. Not only is this devastating fire destroying what is called the “lungs of the Earth” but animals have been literally roasted alive. Why would you do this to these people, these animals, and the Earth itself? Another, “I can’t wrap my mind around this one.”

There are those humans who fail to recognize that the Earth is a living being and that we are merely residing on it. If the Earth becomes uninhabitable, we humans cease to exist. Why would you commit a slow suicide through the destruction of the planet that sustains you? Truth be told, the Earth would recover quite quickly if we humans weren’t here any longer. There have been those who have referred to us as a vermin infesting the planet. I can’t say they’re wrong after seeing what’s being done to Planet Earth. We need Nature and the planet, even if Nature and the planet doesn’t need us. Why do we keep destroying it? It boggles my mind.

To be honest, I do recognize that there are two major motivations behind most of what’s going on right now. In the first instance, it has to do with fear. Fear of the unknown and fear of anything that is different in anyway from oneself. It breeds anger, hate, intolerance, and sometimes violence against those who are different. A sad truth that shows how we have forgotten the teaching of love and compassion from the spiritual paths we walk. Even sadder is the fact that there’s a refusal to realize that we have lost our way, spiritually, and perhaps our souls as well.

The second big motivator is greed. The almighty dollar (or Euro, ruble, etc.) has come to denote power and there is nothing that some will not do to acquire both wealth and power. It’s caused the rape of the Earth in many forms – deforestation, pollution of air and water, climate change, etc. The quest for the almighty “dollar” seems to have become a mania with no bounds as if the Earth has endless resources and endless tolerance for being abused. It doesn’t stop there though because that quest for wealth and power has even added to humans treating other humans badly with human trafficking, slavery, prostitution escalating, and even including the abuse of children. It’s all very insane.

I guess what I’m really searching for is the motivation. If I could just understand what is really behind all this. Yes, there is fear and greed, but deeper…what lies deeper that has created humans who do what they do? As horrifying as those actions may be, I do want to understand. It’s their journey and their consequences, just like with my journey and my choices with their consequences. I try not to judge, no matter what, and I do realize it’s all a matter of perspective.

Love One Another

Love & Blessed Be

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