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Solar Flare 3

Most of the time, we astrologers only talk about planetary placements and aspects when speaking of energies that have an influence on us. The truth is, since everything is energy – including us, there are other things in the cosmos that can have an affect on us here on planet Earth.

Solar flares, passing asteroids and comets, and even the aurora borealis can cause us to feel different. Granted these are usually felt on a physical level, but, let’s face it, once you start aching your mood starts to shift. So paying attention to these kind of things, as much as to where a certain planet is placed, can help you to navigate through life a little more aware, prepared, and perhaps even easier.

Full Moon in Aquarius 2
Speaking of which, we have a Full Moon happening on Thursday, August 15th at 8:29 a.m. EDT.

Aquarius is an eccentric energy. This is an energy that can be very imaginative because of its ability to look at things from unusual perspectives. When creatively channeled, it can bring some very positive achievements, especially in the arts.

This is an energy that creates broad-mindedness, a love of freedom and independence, and impersonal but genuine love of humanity as a whole. This is an energy that creates innovations in social life and the welfare of others.

Unusual relationships are formed and unusual interests are studied under its influence. This is a time for the study and practice of metaphysics and occult subjects.

If you are one who uses the Full Moon to begin to weed things out of your life, then this one is prime for anything that has created stagnancy in your life. Get rid of it! Don’t let it hold you back. It’s also a time to look at your life and decide what it is that really isn’t you. Aquarius is about expressing and being are own unique selves. Use this Full Moon to find who you really are and begin expressing it.

Mars in Virgo

On Sunday, August 18th, Mars will enter Virgo at 1:19 a.m. EDT. creating an energy that can cause those affected by it to be too critical of others, interfering more than is good for the situation or those involved. The person means well and merely has very definite ideas about what’s good or bad for people in general.

Although there isn’t a great deal of enthusiasm tied to this placement, it does tend to make people physically active, especially if there’s a practical purpose for it. People can also be meticulous in their work, whether at a job or at home.

This may give some the feeling that they are at a crossroads, in some way, and that they are just about to becoming aware of what life is all about. This provides the option of retreating in fear or embracing the unknown so you can move forward. Don’t let any feeling of inferiority hold you back from realizing your full potential.

This placement’s biggest offering is an opportunity to acquire knowledge and put it into practical use.

Venus in Virgo 2

Venus follows Mars into Virgo on Wednesday, August 21st at 5:07 a.m. EDT. where there will not be a tendency to overanalyze emotions and be too critical of those we love. This can make others feel self-conscious and thus cut off the spontaneous flow of affection.

It can make people extremely picky about manners, personal appearance, and hygiene – whether their own or someone else’s. Sometimes this is a cover-up for shyness and feelings of social inferiority. The appearance of being emotionally cold can stand in the way of the development of romantic relationships resulting in feeling of frustrations and loneliness.

Strangely, this is a great position for writers, actors, lawyers, and public speakers as they have the ability to emulate emotions that they understand on an intellectual level, even though they may not feel them.

Virgo 3

Next up, entering Virgo, is the Sun on Friday, August 23rd at 6:02 a.m. EDT. Virgo energy is meticulous, analytical, critical, discriminating, modest, orderly, but adaptable. They are communicators but primarily for practical purposes.

Is there a down-side to this placement? Yes. Because it can cause people to analyze everything, it can also create worry. It can cause people to be overly meticulous as they seek “perfection.” It can cause the critical faculty to become so intense that it becomes more destructive than helpful.

Virgo is the natural ruler of the 6th house of health and service. While some affected by this placement will need to take care of their health, especially their digestion, others will find a desperate need to feel useful and be of service.

Keeping yourself in balance with this energy can provide some good tools for achieving whatever your goals may be.

Mercury in Virgo
Finally, on August 29th, Mercury will also enter Virgo at 3:48 a.m. EDT. This is a strong intellectual position for any who are affected by its energy or choose to tap into it.

There is a detachment from emotional considerations that can make one’s approach one of pure reason or logic. This makes for better abstract problem-solving than those which involve real people. People who benefit from this energy are scientists, doctors, nurses, and dieticians.

The practical, down-to-earth quality of Virgo can be of assistance to farmers and other agriculturists as well secretaries where it is necessary to be well organized. That attention to detail will also assist lawyers.

The energy of a fine mind can benefit those who write and even those who are critics, as long as they don’t become too critical. It can cause a lack of tolerance with slower minded people.

If you are in a place where you need the ability to analyze, look closely at the details of any situation, then this transit of Mercury will be of help to you.

Afterthought: Four planets will be in Virgo by the end of the month of August. They won’t form an alignment (be all in a row behind each other), but they will be in close proximity. It would behoove each of us to be aware of the strength of the qualities, both positive and negative, of Virgo and be sure we focus on the positive at this time. It could benefit us all.

See ya in two weeks with more planetary information for your consideration. Have a good one!

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Love & Blessed Be

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