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Any good astrologer will tell you that they never stop learning. Whether you are fairly new to astrology or have been practicing for decades, if you really want to have the best information to help your clients and others, you take every opportunity to learn more.

One of these ways of increasing your knowledge about astrology is to take things that happen in your life, especially if they’re a major event, and look at your own natal chart to see what energies might have indicated that that event was likely to happen.

When I had my hysterectomy done 25 years ago, I remember one of the first things I did was come home and look in a book I have on medical astrology for possible indicators in my chart that pointed to what I had just been through. They were there. I just had never looked for them before. If I had, who knows, I might have been able to avoid that particular event or at least made it less traumatic for myself.

So, here I am again, having just had major surgery for an umbilical hernia and having my gallbladder removed. What planetary placements might be behind that happening? In this case, it would seem that a bad aspect between my Moon in Cancer and my Jupiter in Sagittarius (both are in the signs they rule) would have pointed out the possibility of gallbladder and other digestive problems while a look at my sixth house (the house of health), would have shown that there was a chance of some kind of inflammation connected to the same issue.

I’m not a medical astrologer and, unfortunately, I have yet to meet one, but to be able to look at ones natal chart and see what you may be vulnerable to seems to be very valuable information when it comes to keeping oneself healthy. Perhaps it’s time for me to pro-actively check these things out instead of waiting to look them up after-the-fact. Heaven knows, it could save me some pain and suffering.

For you, if you’ve had your natal chart done, take a look, or have your astrologer take a look, and see what indicators might be there for you to know the vulnerabilities of your body so you might do some preventive care and avoid becoming ill.

New Moon in Leo

On Wednesday, July 31st, we have the second New Moon of the month occurring at 11:12 p.m. EDT. This second New Moon is known as a Black Moon and seems to carry a little extra energy (like the Blue Full Moon) for getting things done.

The Moon will be in Leo, as will the Sun, giving us a great amount of solar energy for creating that new beginning that many of us use the New Moon for. It will be loaded with imagination, independence, vitality, and resourcefulness. Any or all of which are great for beginning anew.

Leo rules the heart so people can be very loving and lovable. It also creates a great deal of idealism. That makes it important to choose ones friends and lovers with discrimination, otherwise, sadness and even bitterness can be the end result.

There is a down-side to both the Sun and Moon being in Leo. Some who are affected by this energy can be rather self-centered and proud. They may need to be in the “spotlight” – having everyone’s attention. They can become overly dramatic if they don’t get the attention they feel they need and deserve.

Overall, this energy and New Moon can provide nice energies for attaining what you most desire – whether that be a lover, children, the perfect job, etc If you are willing to do the work, take responsibility for what you invoke, there’s enough energy here to take you anywhere you want to go!

Mercury Direct

That same day, July 31st, Mercury, which is now in Cancer, will turn direct from being retrograde at 11:58 p.m. EDT.

Being in Cancer, this opens a door to an unbeatable sixth sense. This will be a time that you just know something without knowing how you know. Trust your gut!

It can also make you very sensitive to your surroundings and the people in them. There may definitely be a need to shield yourself from outside energies, remembering to block only the negative ones and allow the positive to still reach you.

Cancer is a sign that tends to retreat or turn inward. Because of this, you may find unconscious emotional and thought patterns coming to the surface to be dealt with after, perhaps, a long time of going unnoticed. Now is the time to clear away those patterns that no longer serve you well.

Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter, which has been retrograde in Sagittarius since April 10th, will now turn direct on Sunday, August 11th, at 9:38 a.m. EDT. With Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius, it can tend to manifest both the best and the worst of its tendencies, depending on each of our individual characters.

There can be a double emphases on both physical and mental restlessness. This can come from a need to search for meaning and significance to Life or even in the contemplation of ones life purpose. It is through faith, philosophy, and high-minded principles that an individual may feel these can be found. It can become an ardent search for the Truth.

However, there is also the other side of this coin. The one in which the person believes they already have the Truth or, to put it another way, being right is turned into a god and this turns into self-justification, arrogance, and an intolerance for other perspectives and values.

Jupiter, in forward motion, can signal us that there are problems having to do with faith, morals, beliefs, and the search for the Truth and that this may be due to over-emphasis on rights rather than responsibilities, on being right rather than discovering the truth, and on the under-development of personal values due to too much focus on society’s values.

Jupiter in Sagittarius wants us to know that only when individuals live according to the highest good within ourselves will humankind, as a whole, be able to live in peace and harmony and prosper.

Uranus Retrograde
I know almost everyone groans when a planet grows retrograde and, after all, we just had two of them go direct, but the truth is Uranus in Taurus will be going retrograde on Sunday August 11th, at 10:26 p.m. EDT. So what should we expect?

This is an energy that won’t probably affect everyone. Karmically, this is an energy for those souls who are trying to break up crystallized thought patterns from previous life times. It specifically targets financial and emotional security.

For those affected by it, you may find these two areas of your life become shaky. In addition you may find yourself sexually attracted to anyone who seems exciting or different. In past lives, primary importance may have been placed on the physical side of life. With the energy of Uranus retrograde, a person will be lifted from the lower self through becoming aware that the sense of safety and well-being one has is built on a false foundation.

It becomes a struggle between being free and feeling safe and secure. The old “have my cake and eat it too” syndrome. For example, wanting the security of marriage but wanting to believe yourself still to be free or having a steady job, for financial security, but convincing yourself that you’re not bound by it.

It’s a strange struggle for those who are affected by these energies, but one in which the individual, should they take on the challenge, will find themselves truly lifted to a higher level of understanding and new awareness of security.

Summer Sun Banner

Well, that’s it for this time. I’m glad to be back and to have learned a few things in the process. May you the stars continue to be your guide!


Love & Blessed Be

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