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Are you an energy worker who works with clients or a counselor – spiritual or otherwise? Do you used astrology to aid you in your endeavors to help people heal their bodies and their minds? Or have you never considered the possible uses that astrology could provide?

I know there are many people, both private and professional, who still don’t see or understand what astrology has to offer in terms of being a tool for understanding how to aid others or even ourselves in the daily journey that each of us takes through this life. In actuality, it can be very revealing and very helpful in the understanding of our susceptibilities to various illnesses and other forms of negativity that we may encounter each day.

While we may understand, to some greater or lesser degree, how certain drugs can affect us psychologically and physically, we haven’t made the connection that it’s due to the change they make in our energy fields. Yes, a change in our energy. That means we need to understand the energy that makes up each of us. What better way to learn and get an understanding of our individual energy fields than through astrology?

The map of the solar system at the moment of our birth into this lifetime describes the energy fields that we were each born into. To understand that is to understand the starting point for each of us astrologically. That then opens the door to understanding why each of us responds to Life the way we do.

Before anyone protests and says, “What about genetics or the circumstances of our lives growing up?” know that astrology does take these into consideration, but also often explains, or at least helps to understand, those things as well.

There is a myriad of bits of information contained in a person’s natal chart alone. To have this information at the tips of your fingers to give assistance in your efforts to re-empower people through healing of body, mind, and spirit is as valuable a tool as any crystal, essential oil, energy method, or even pharmaceutical drug. (My opinion.)

Does that mean every healer, of whatever modality, should also become an astrologer? While that, to me, is a wonderful concept, it’s not practical on many levels. What is practical, and valuable, is to have a good astrologer’s phone number, email, and/or web site and make use of it to get to know your clients even better than you could otherwise.  I’d say that’s something to think about.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

Something else to think about is the Full Moon in Sagittarius that will be happening on Monday, June17th, at 4:31 a.m. EDT.

With the Sun in Gemini, this combination produces restlessness and activity that can result in nervousness and a lack of continuity.

There is considerable mental capacity of both an intellectual and intuitive nature. Take care though because there can also be a considerable waste of mental energy.

There can be much enthusiasm with a love of traveling. Traveling, even a short trip, may help scratch that restless itch and a desire for change and movement.

The energies are humane, generous, benevolent, genial, companionable. If these are energies that you have been looking to attract more of, this Full Moon is that time to really open yourself up to them.

You might also find yourself with an inclination toward philosophy or religion/spirituality. Perhaps it’s time to seek out like-minded people for a discussion since communication and adventure are other aspects of the combination of the Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon.

If you are looking to bring anything to completion during this Full Moon, perhaps it might be any situation or relationship that no longer provides good communication or any sense of adventure or even anything or anyone that seems to be falling behind as you spiritually advance in your life. After all, the Centaur that represents Sagittarius is aiming high, with his bow and arrow, and is not about to let anyone stop him.

Neptune Retrograde 3

Neptune, which is in its home sign of Pisces, will be going retrograde come Friday, June 21st, at 10:36 a.m. EDT. As the energies turn back toward us, it affords us the opportunity to take a close look at any disillusionment we have experienced or are experiencing and how we are allowing that to affect our current lives.

It may be that we have become accustomed to acting only in ways that are easy or provide means of escapism. The challenge here may be to learn discrimination and to rise above possible forms of dysfunction.

The possibility of having experienced victimization in past lives, or even in this life, can cause a reluctance or even fear of surrendering and flowing with Life, being suspicious about people and things, and a total lack of realism and boundaries.

This can be a time to reassess your relationship with the Divine. No faith as well as blind faith can no longer be sustained. Neptune in Pisces, when retrograde, is a time to learn the deeper meanings of spirituality and to cease using it as hope for salvation. Instead, it should come to be a means to merge with the Truth.

No matter what, retrograde Neptune is pointing to a need to look at self-doubt, to analyze, and to redefine who you are.

Summer Solstice 8
The Summer Solstice arrives on Friday, June 21st, at 11:54 a.m. EDT as the Sun enters Cancer. This is the longest day and the shortest night. It also heralds the beginning of the waning of the Sun as we move toward the Winter Solstice where it will be reborn again.

This is a very emotional and intuitive time, albeit somewhat unstable with things happening below the surface, unseen by many. People can be easily hurt as this is also a time when many are really sensitive. They can also be evasive, side-stepping issues rather than confronting them head-on.

I would mention that when the Sun does enter Cancer this year, the Moon will be Void in the sign of Aquarius. What this means is that grounding and centering yourself will be a necessity as judgment can already be impaired when the energies of Cancer arrive adding over-sensitivity to the mix.

The touchy emotionalism of this sign can almost invoke the feelings of confusion and disconnection, along with having delays, detours, and other frustrations occur. Yes, ground and center yourself often as the Sun enters Cancer. Then you will be able to celebrate the Summer Solstice in a more jovial frame of mind.

Mercury in Leo

On Wednesday, June 26th, Mercury will enter Leo at 8:20 p.m. EDT. Mercury rules the mind while Leo rules the heart, an excellent placement giving us that ability to make decisions with both a human touch and a sound, impressive intellect.

This is an excellent positioning for tackling and solving problems with the mental self-confidence given here. It also provides continuity of planning and purpose which gives executive ability. There’s also an ability to teach and work with the mental development of children.

This is the energy of the born leader especially in the affairs of the world. Be aware of the anger that can occur when you don’t get your way. For the most part, people will be loyal and will respect someone with this placement.

This is a good energy and time for people who sing, do public speaking, act or write. Even if you are a planner or director of entertainment, this energy can make you successful.

Mars in Leo

On Monday, July 1st, Mars will enter Leo at 7:20 p.m. EDT. providing an energy that can be inspirational and considerably self-confident. The willpower will also be strong. This might cause some to be a bit pushy or even domineering.

There can be incidents of quick temper but it’s easily appeased. This may arise from the need to be the center of attention. The desire to achieve something special in this life can cause people to not take kindly to having their goals interfered with.

Those affected by this placement may find their energy levels high and their productivity generally good. This is a time to make the most positive use of your potentials.

Lucky breaks tend to come when you slip off to do your own thing rather than when you follow the crowd. The time may have arrived for you to gain more experience in some area that you’ve felt drawn to for a while.

Milky Way 4

I hope this Full Moon provides you with some adventure and that Summer brings new sights, people, and experiences to you! See you soon…


Love & Blessed Be

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