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Transformation 3

Some would say we are quite fortunate right now to only have three planets that are in retrograde motion. On the other hand, I look at every planet that goes retrograde as an opportunity for growth and enlightenment. The more retrogrades, the more opportunities for change.

People often come to me and say they don’t know what their purpose in this life is. The truth is, we’ve all come here to learn and grow; to evolve and transform; to become more than we were upon entering this lifetime. Part of that process is to learn to look at Life, and all it contains, as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

When a planet goes retrograde, causing its energies to wash back on us, it offers us the opportunity for growth, enlightenment, and transformation. It often challenges us to move out of our comfort zones, to look at things from a different perspective, and to feel our fears but move forward anyway.

For some of us, these energies will ignite our karmic lessons and bring them to stand right in front of us, staring us right in the eye. I’ve come to think of the “R,” that stands for retrograde, to actually stand for the energies of reincarnation, a wake-up call to the plans we made before entering this lifetime for accomplishment and spiritual evolution. It places the power to change our lives for the better firmly in our hands. Whether we choose to do anything with that power is entirely up to each one of us. Still, it is there and we could find more peace, more happiness, more of everything we think and feel we want in this lifetime simply by taking up the challenge of each retrograde planet’s energies.

How does one do this? First, by making yourself familiar with the planet and the sign it’s in when it goes retrograde. What does that planet represent? What does it mean when it’s in this or that particular sign? How long will it be retrograde? Does it change signs while retrograde?

Second, if you have your natal chart done, where is that taking place in your chart? How might it affect you and how might you use these energies to move through any difficulties you’re experiencing at this time? Even if you don’t have your natal chart, take a look at what the planet represents and how those energies might be useful to you now in your current situation.

Just being aware of the energies of the retrograde planets and how they may be useful to you will change the way you view them and the power you have to make changes in your life. The awareness and understanding of what retrograde planetary energy can do for you, rather than what it could do to you, can totally change your energy field, thus inviting opportunities to present themselves to you. Sounds like an opportunity to magick happen in your life!

New Moon in Gemini
For now, be aware there will be a New Moon happening in Gemini on Monday, June 3rd, at 6:02 a.m. EDT. With the Sun also in Gemini, it make the energies of this New Moon extremely intellectual. Feelings, on the other hand, are not so active.

It does, however, stimulate the imagination and can make this a very creative time, especially in working with the hands. Be aware that there is considerable restlessness and this can have an impact on carrying projects through to their completion.

People can talk incessantly, with this energy, sometimes to the point of annoyance. It can also cause some to forget everything about truth as they enjoy telling “tales.” That doesn’t mean it holds true for everyone. For some, it provides energies that create good communication and opportunities for relaying information that has needed relaying for some time.

This is a great placement for learning. It can happen rapidly, but care must be taken to not half-learn so many things that you give yourself mental indigestion. Don’t spread yourself too thin by momentarily being excited by too many ideas and not being able to follow through on them.

As for new beginnings, this would be a great time for writers who aren’t writing to start that story or book you’ve always wanted to write. Have you been wanting to teach a class or give a talk? This is the time to move forward with those projects. The same holds true for the artist, as well as the musician. Ones ear for music becomes very acute under this Moon’s influence. Focus will be your key to success.

A very active lunar energy that can help us create, create, create!

Mercury in Cancer 2

You may find your intuition becomes unbeatable once Mercury moves into Cancer on Tuesday, June 4th, at 4:05 p.m. EDT. You may find you know what you know, but aren’t sure how you know it!

This is a very kind and very sympathetic energy, but it will have a tendency to make some people super-sensitive to their surroundings and the people in them. Unpleasant, disagreeable people will be intolerable. You may find yourself needing to withdraw to bring yourself back into harmony and balance.

This particular energy has a tendency to cause us to refer to the past and look to the past for answers to present-day difficulties. Deep-seated emotional patterns and unconscious desires can cause a person to look at some facts and ignore others causing bias, prejudice, and a lack of objective thinking. Perhaps the opportunity here is to take ourselves in to our past and see where these patterns originate, asking ourselves if change is needed.

Venus in Gemini 3
Venus enters Gemini at 9:37 p.m. EDT on Saturday, June 8th. Where Venus is emotional, Gemini is rational and combined its not the best of placements for those things that Venus represents.

For example, those affected by this energy may display traits of not wanting to be touched or fondled. Love to them, may be more of the spirit and mind then of the body. There can be a short attention span where love is concerned and, those affected by it, may not want a concrete attachment.

This is a placement that can cause people to spend a lot of time traveling in quest of pleasure and social activity. It can also cause admirers to come in pairs or more. This can create even more inability to decide what a person really wants. It could be that they should just enjoy the popularity and attention!

It’s a great energy if you’re a scientist, as it frees you of distractions to your intellectual pursuits. I think this would hold true for the writer of scientific or mathematical content as well. You still create, but from a place of logic and reason rather than emotion.

It’s an interesting energy and being aware of it can help you with your own mind and heart while affording you the ability to understand other people’s reactions as well.

May the next two weeks see you grow and flourish in all the area of your life where you desire change and growth.

Transformation 2

Love & Blessed Be

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