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Change 3

It is said that “The only thing constant is change.” Without change people become stagnant, unproductive. We no longer move forward in our lives, taking no risks, no longer looking for opportunities for growth and enlightenment. I’ve found this to be true.

Even the heavens, where things can move much slower than they do on Earth for us humans, do move and change on a daily basis. That movement creates new energies, not just from a planetary body moving into a new sign, but in its interaction with other heavenly bodies where it creates challenging or beneficial energies. There energies can assist us in our quests for learning, advancement, and enlightenment.

Whether you’re talking about the almost daily movement of the Moon or the much, much slower movement of planets like Pluto, the energies created by their movement and interaction with each other can be valuable tools for navigating our way through each of our lives with the most benefit and the least resistance.

Does this mean that everyone should become an astrologer? No. For one thing, that would put those of us who are astrologers out of business. What it does mean is that it would be worth your while to learn some of the common things about astrology – what Sun and Moon signs mean for you, how the phases of the Moon can have an affect on you and how you can use them to the betterment of your life, and maybe even how certain planets interacting with each other can help or hinder your journey.

If that’s not something you really want to get into, then find a good astrologer to follow online or get to know personally who can keep you updated on the celestial happenings. You might really be surprised what that information can do to change your journey on a daily basis.

Full Moon in Scorpio
There’s not much happening in the heavens this time, but it does all begin with a Full Moon on Saturday, May 18th, at 5:11 p.m. EDT. Here the Sun will be in Taurus with the Moon in Scorpio – opposites, as is always the case with any Full Moon.

You may hear some people talk about this being a “Blue Moon” and I’d like to address that. The traditional definition of a Blue Moon is a second Full Moon occurring in a single calendar month. This has been the definition for since 1937 (although the actual term has been around for over 400 years) when it began to be used to refer to the calendar in regards to Full Moon occurrences.

In the last few years, a new meaning for a Blue Moon has risen. Now, according to those promoting the term, you can have a Blue Moon when there is more than 3 Full Moons in a season. Confusing, to say the least. I think I’ll stick to the traditional meaning because of its magickal connotations and energies.

But I digress. This Full Moon in Scorpio will be intense both emotionally and psychically. Scorpio is known for its intensity and this can cause people to be super-sensitive to perceived offenses. People can become impatient, aggressive, critical, and moody. Knowing this can help avoid social complications.

Scorpio is also known for its secrets and that can cause suspicion. It can also create jealousy because of the strong passions that are felt by those affected by its energies. This is the time to remember to “forgive and forget.”

There is good to come out of this Full Moon though. Scorpio energies encourage us to experience Life with depth and intensity. That makes it a great time to deeply merge with another person on an emotional level or even merge deeply with yourself for a better understanding of who you are and what you truly feel.

This combination of a Taurus Sun and Scorpio Moon brings an energy that can be used for success in Life through determination and self-reliance. It can also help to provide a strong sense of purpose. These are healing energies as well with Scorpio’s regenerative ability.

There’s a great deal in these energies that can assist you in changing your life by simply being aware of how they can assist you and how they can challenge you as well.

Gemini 6

The Sun begins its annual transit through Gemini beginning on Tuesday, May 21st, at 3:59 a.m. EDT. This is an air sign ruled by Mercury so it’s all about how we think, communicate, learn, and even make choices.

Represented by the symbol of the Twins, it allows us to see both sides of any situation. That means we can actually put ourselves in another person’s position and consider how Life looks from their perspective. This can be a great aid in dealing with people on both a personal and a professional level.

The energies of Gemini are versatile, adaptable, logical, inquisitive, spontaneous and talkative, but also can be restless, superficial, and inconsistent. Here, as always, we have a choice in how we use and respond to the energies of this solar placement.

Communications in all forms are emphasized so it’s a good time for writers, speakers, teachers, etc. It’s also a good sign for traveling. Any decisions, especially between two things or courses of action, will be made with the head rather than the heart and, because both sides can be seen, it may take a while to make those decisions.

No matter what you may face during this transit, remember to stop and think it through, looking at both sides, and you will do fine.

Mercury in Gemini

Mercury will follow the Sun into Gemini later that same day – Tuesday, the 21st, a few hours later at 6:52 a.m. That puts it in the sign that it rules providing pure, logical reasoning at its highest expression.

This is a time to be more concerned with facts than attitudes and personal preferences. Being versatile, unbiased, and impersonal can give you the ability to perceive the truth of any situation.

If you find yourself affected by these energies, you may also find yourself highly sensitive to external stimuli – all speech and activity in your environment register with intensity and vividness in your awareness. This can frazzle your nerves causing you confusion, fatigue, and even irritability. Take a step back and find some solitude so you can refocus you mind and bring yourself back into balance.

There can be an increase in ones curiosity and this may cause the exploration of a variety of interests. Well, after all, one of Mercury in Gemini’s traits is learning. You may find your mind flitting from one subject to another.

This increases that ability to see things from many points of view and, therefore, can cause decision-making to become more difficult or may cause you to change your mind, confusing others.

Any way you look at it, this could be a very interesting time for anyone who chooses to make use of these energies.

Wishing you all a wonderful two weeks…

Full Moon 14

Love & Blessed Be

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