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Astrologer 2

The last few weeks have been interesting for me. There’s some major construction going on in my home and that means there have been a lot of strangers here. It’s given me the opportunity to observe both myself and them as the planets have moved and the Moon has gone from Full to New. It’s been interesting to say the least.

Sometimes I think, even if you try to stay aware of the astrological energies that vary from day to day, you can get caught up in both what has become commonplace and that which may be bringing a little chaos into your life.

Today, as I write this, the Moon is Void all day which means confusion, delays, frustrations, delays, detours, and errors, to mention a few things. I should be very aware of this and be prepared for what might happen. I found myself not staying grounded and allowing the vibrations of these strangers to overcome me. I took myself outside and played in the dirt for a while, planting strawberry plants, to ground myself.

It’s even more interesting to observe those who are unaware of these energies and what it can do to them. One of the workers came in with something bothering him. From there, he bumped his head, broke a window, and had some other things happen. It made me wonder how things might have been different if he had been aware of the energies and had chosen to not let them affect him so badly.

The overall construction was supposed to be done today, but due to some problems (such as the Moon being Void) will now not be finished until next week. I saw that one coming.

It really does make a difference knowing the energies that are afloat in the atmosphere on a daily basis, even if it’s just the Moon, so that you can have some choice and some control as to how your day turns out. Yes, like me, you can get caught up in things and forget. When you do stop and realize what’s happening, take the time to do something for yourself to bring yourself back in balance to that you are no longer allowing yourself to become the victim of those energies. You do have a choice. I hope you choose to make Life easier.

New Moon In Taurus
There is a very solid and practical energy coming with the New Moon that happens on Saturday, May 4th at 6:46 p.m. EDT. With both the Sun and Moon in Taurus, people can become very determined and not be easily thwarted. Perhaps that’s because these energies are fearless, persistent, and hopeful.

The energy of this New Moon opens the door to plenty of resources being available for whatever you want or need to do in life. It makes it possible to gather in and conserve resources and helps to stabilize matters, especially those of a financial nature.

Moon in Taurus, by itself, brings a great appreciation for art and music. If you are an artist, musician, writer, actor, or speaker, this is a great time to be creative. That means it’s a good time to begin new creative projects.

Where love and romance are concerned, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Romantic atmospheres can be quite enjoyable now. A little candlelight, soft music, and pleasing companionship could be just the thing to put a smile on your face now.

This can be the beginning of some very pleasant and prosperous times, if that’s what you’ve been wishing for. The nice thing is that it may also come with a practical, commonsense flavor to them. That, to me, seems a very “win-win” situation.

Mercury in Taurus 2

Mercury will enter Taurus on Monday, May 6th at 2:25 p.m. EDT making those affected by its energy very patient and practical mentally. Some may resist all outside influenced and accept only what, to them, is tried and true.

This positioning of Mercury can definitely make people very stubborn where their opinions are concerned. Once a course of action is decided on, it will be nearly impossible to change their minds.

This can be a time when you learn more from a “hands-on” experience that from anything you could read or learn in a classroom setting. Slowly, steadily creating or building a project of any kind will be more satisfying than rushing through or haphazardly doing something.

Venus in Taurus

Venus, the sign that rules Taurus, will enter that sign on Wednesday, May 15th at 5:46 a.m. EDT bringing energies that give constant, lasting affections. Emotional security and stability become important now.

While it provides the energies necessary for loyalty and steadfastness, it also brings the possibility for possessiveness and jealousy, especially if ones emotional security is threatened. We have free will so, like any energy, we can choose both how we use it and how we respond to it.

This is really a time to get out and enjoy Nature, however that most pleases you. Whether it’s a hike in the woods, planting flowers or other forms of gardening, or laying in the grass and looking up at the sky, take some time to connect with the Earth and bring joy to yourself.

Painter and sculptors can find great pleasure in creating under the influence of this placement. I wouldn’t limit it to just them though. Writers and musicians may find the beauty and creativity of Venus calling to them as well.

No matter how you look at it, this is a great time to enjoy the beauty around you and within you as well.

Retrograde Planets 2

Just a quick reminder, we do have three planets retrograde now. Jupiter went retrograde in its home sign of Sagittarius on April 10th and will remain so until August 11th. Pluto went retrograde in Capricorn on April 24th and will stay that way until October 3rd. Saturn went retrograde in its home sign of Capricorn on April 29th and will not turn direct until September 18th.

While I know there are those who dread retrogrades, I encourage you to look at them as opportunities for growth and enlightenment for they truly are just that.

Until next time, may the stars guide you and bring you good fortune…

View from Space

Love & Blessed Be

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