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I’ve often talked about the importance of having your natal astrology chart done. I’ve mentioned how it can help you to see the energies you came in to work with, work through, and awaken within you. It truly is a “book” about you.

I’ve had clients and potential clients ask me, “After I’ve read it, what do I do with it?” A reasonable question. After all, this is more than reading your daily horoscope in the paper and it’s definitely not a definitive “tell all” about you. So what do you do with it once you’ve read through it once?

It’s really quite simple. You have to think of it as a reference book about you or a travel guide for your journey through this lifetime. It may even be a little bit of both. In either case, or both, it’s an important resource to help you to continue to understand yourself and your responses to Life.

I have one client. whose chart I did probably 30 years ago, who tells me that she still refers to it periodically, especially when Life becomes troublesome or confusing. She’s told me that there have been times, when she knew she was standing at a crossroads in her life, that she has pulled the chart out and started reading through it to help her understand why she was there and what might be the best course of action. That’s what you do with your natal astrology chart.

So, you can see that it’s not a one-time thing. It’s an ongoing reference and guide to gain enlightenment about yourself and help you make those tough choices as you travel through this lifetime.

If you’re interested in having your chart done, check the information under the “Marketplace” tab, then click on “Services”. You can contact me at or message me on Facebook for more information or to discuss having your chart done.

Full Moon in Libra

There’s a Full Moon in Libra happening on Friday, April 19th @ 7:12 a.m. EDT. With the Sun in Aries, this can make those affected by its energies very sensitive to people and surroundings, but also very receptive to music.

This combination of energies can cause people to be more observant, more alert and even more sociable. Some may discover they don’t like living and/or working alone.

Moon in Libra, by itself, is a charming energy that can cause people to be more charming. This is a time of seeking balance and harmony. Some of this may be achieved by teamwork. Perhaps that’s because Libra rules the house of partnerships and that means partnerships of all kinds.

This Full Moon in Libra can bring an awareness of the needs of others. It also aids in understanding situations from the other person’s point of view. All this allows for a better chance of achieving that balance and harmony.

For this Full Moon, be willing to look at people, places, and things that keep you from reaching a place of balance and harmony. Also, be open to new partnerships that could help you find a path to just those very things.

Taurus 12

My favorite time of the year is about to begin as the Sun makes it yearly transit into the sign of Taurus on Saturday, April 20th at 4:55 a.m. EDT.

Taurus is practical and is concerned with stability and security, particularly of the financial kind. Well, that makes sense since Taurus rules the second house of money in the astrology chart.

This is a sign that has been accused of being “bull-headed” and lazy. Yes, they can be strongly rooted in their opinions and don’t like to be contradicted, but they can change, albeit slowly.

Taurus. being practical, doesn’t like to waste energy and, therefore, to some, appears lazy. It’s more about being patient and figuring out the best way to do something without wasting any energy.

Being a fixed earth sign makes this energy one of endurance and reliability. This is an energy that can help you push through just about anything that you need to do.

If you are looking to build a business on a solid, practical foundation, this may be the sign you’ve been waiting for to begin.

Being ruled by Venus, this can also be a good sign for beginning a relationship as it gives that practicality and down-to-earth sense to it. Just don’t allow any feelings of insecurity create a possessiveness that could ruin the whole thing.

Sun in Taurus can provide you with many good energies for whatever your journey requires of you at this time.

Venus in Aries 2

When Venus enters Aries on Saturday, April 20th at 12:11 p.m. EDT, the energies of love become brilliant and exciting. How someone looks can become very important as can the mental qualities of a potential loved one.

People can become emotionally impulsive causing them to pursue the object of affection with single-mindedness. However, there can appear to be a certain kind of fickleness as they are passionate and aggressive one minute and then cold and disinterested the next.

For someone seeking to achieve, this placement provides a lack of distraction that is usually caused by Venus’ more typical pleasures, comforts, and social leanings. It’s that single-mindedness again.

When any planet is in Aries, it’s always better to look before you leap. Venus, in particular, can benefit from this adage when you’re talking about love. It may be best to slow down that impulsiveness and take the time to get to know someone before moving “full steam ahead” into a relationship.

Pluto Retrograde

Pluto in Capricorn will begin its retrograde motion on Wednesday, April 24th at 2:45 p.m. EDT.

This is a time when some of us will experience this energy coming back towards us to that we may begin to or continue to learn how to integrate our own philosophies and identities within the framework of the society or culture we live in.

Pluto is one of the “generational” or “transpersonal” planets that affects us more on a group or global scale than an individual one so this is a time to learn how to operate within society through lesson in discipline, self-determination, and being socially responsible.

This is definitely a time to ask ourselves if the ends justify the means when we seek to advance ourselves. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn – a karmic planet that brings us lessons, is about duty and responsibility. Its energies include being practical, patient, persistent, and efficient. Things we should all keep in mind while this retrograde is happening.

Two potential problems that could be revealed to us are being overly identified with our career, position, or status; and, manipulating and using others for our own ends. These are lessons of retrograde Pluto that can help us to better understand ourselves and interact with those around us in a more responsible manner.

Self-determination, in this instance, means identifying ones goals, abilities, capacities, and desires. Actualizing them then requires discipline and commitment to a sustained effort of our own making.

There’s a lot we can learn during the retrograde motion of Pluto in Capricorn, if we choose to do so.

Saturn Retrograde

At 8:55 p.m. EDT, on Monday, April 29th, Saturn, which is also in Capricorn – the sign it rules – will also begin a retrograde motion.

Simply put, this is about living through a mission of accomplishment. The truth of it is that it’s more about the inner meaning achievement brings to you than any outer meaning it may have. It karmically can bring to completion an area of life you have been working on for lifetimes. If you’ve had your chart done, look at which house or houses Saturn will be passing through in its retrograde motion and take note that this may be indicating areas in which some form of accomplishment is being called to happen.

Being “the teacher”, Saturn retrograde indicates areas where similar lessons have been experienced before this life. It also indicates where there was a neglect of responsibilities in past lives. This means you have to be more honest with yourself due to the avoidance of true self-awareness and self-honesty previously.

It’s totally possible that the goals you have now are the same you had in a past life, but because of the avoidance of responsibilities, they were not fulfilled. Possibly clothed in different circumstances or situations, they have returned for you to fulfill this time.

So, instead of dreading this retrograde of Saturn, look to it to possibly point you in the direction of unfinished work and/or uncompleted goals so that you may find success this time around!

Energy of the Planets
There’s a lot of energies at our disposal this time. Which gives us a lot of opportunities for enlightenment and success on our journey. May yours be filled with both!


Love & Blessed Be

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