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Planets in Motion 2

Well, here we are at the end of Winter in the northern hemisphere. There hasn’t been a whole lot happening, planetary-wise, but that’s about to change.

It all starts on the 20th. I don’t usually talk about the Moon going Void, but with the other things that will be happening that day, it makes a difference in how we may receive or be susceptible to those energies.

A Void Moon occurs when the Moon makes its last major aspect to another planet until it moves into the next sign of the zodiac. What this can mean for us humans is feeling unconnected and/or without direction. It can cause our judgment to be faulty and we can also feel confused, making decisions unrealistic or there may be hassles and delays.

This period of the Moon being Void can last a few minutes or for a day or more. It’s a time period when staying grounded and centered is a valuable tool to avoiding frustrations, errors, delays, and keeping yourself somewhat clear and focused. This particular Void Moon will last ten hours and six minutes.

I mention this because during this period of being Void, the Sun enters Aries and the Vernal Equinox occurs, ushering in the beginning of Spring. That, in and of itself, is usually a big shift in energy. How will we feel this energy with the Moon being Void? If you keep yourself grounded and centered, you may feel the impact of the energy of this shift. Otherwise, you could experience any number of events, depending on who you are and what your own personal astrology is.

The 20th is also the day of the last Super Full Moon of the year. That Full Moon happens 15 minutes after the Moon comes out of its Void state. Still, for most of the day, while it’s building towards Full, that Super Moon will be Void. Take what I have said about a Void Moon and how it can affect you and multiply it many times over as we are talking about a Super Moon still climbing to a state of being Full, in a state of Void. Yes, do yourself a favor and ground and center…often!

March 20th will be a very interesting day. Remember that Mercury in Pisces is still retrograde. Amongst all of the energies of the Void, the Sun entering Aries, and the Super Full Moon, you still have the energies of a retrograde Mercury to deal with. Even more reason to keep yourself grounded and centered throughout the day to keep communications clear and travel unimpeded.

Aries 4

So let’s begin with the Sun entering Aries, the Vernal Equinox occurring, and the beginning of Spring. This happens on Wednesday, March 20th, at 5:59 p.m. EDT.

Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries represents birth. It is an energy of beginnings, seed sprouting, a powerful force of emergence. For us humans, it provides an energy that is adventurous, courageous, blunt and direct in manner.

It can cause some to blindly charge forward without thinking things through. It can also cause restrictions to be unbearable. Impatience and flares of temper can be the result of feeling they are being held back from moving forward as they feel they should.

Interestingly enough, even though those affected by these energies want to be moving forward to new projects, they will seldom finish the old projects before wanting to move forward to new ones. This is all part of rushing forward without thinking things through.

The good news? It is a great time for those new beginnings. Done with forethought and the enthusiastic energies of Aries, you can move yourself forward in almost any area of your life.

Full Moon in Libra

The last Super Full Moon of the year occurs at 9:43 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, March 20th in the sign of Libra.

Moon in Libra, even when not full, is about balance, harmony, partnerships of all kinds, being social, and love of beauty and the arts. Just crank up the dial on intensity with it being not just a Full Moon, but a Super Moon.

There will be a strong attraction and sensitivity to others. Teamwork is accentuated here as the search for balance and harmony occurs. Social situations provide for an exchange of ideas and conversation in general, which Libra thoroughly enjoys.

Music and the arts in general are enjoyed. Whether you are an artist or just someone who appreciates the works of others, this Full Moon in Libra calls to you to take some to enjoy these avenues of Venusian pleasure.

With the Sun in Aries, this adds to ones sociable nature also making people more observant, alert, sociable, and disliking living or working alone.

The fact that the Vernal Equinox is a time of equilibrium combines with this Full Moon in Libra to make that search for balance and harmony even more intense. It may now become a quest that must be fulfilled. Definitely some intense energies that offer some infinite possibilities!

Venus in Pisces

As we move forward to Tuesday, March 26th, Venus moves into Pisces at 3:43 p.m. EDT. This is an energy that is soft and tender in love and has an unequaled capacity for dedication and self-sacrifice. There is consideration for others and an intuitive knowing of how best to please people.

This is a placement that causes people to love so wholeheartedly that they ask little for themselves in return. This can cause others to not value those who are doing the giving.

This is a great transit for artists. There can be dramatic expression in writing, acting, and even ones artwork. It inspires creativity in all fields of endeavor.

For some, it is possible to suffer adverse effects from this placement. It can cause excessive sentimentality, a lack of discrimination in choosing a partner, laziness, hypersensitivity, and even an over-dependence on others. Grounding and other forms of bringing oneself emotionally/energetically into balance will help to avoid experiencing these pitfalls.

Focusing instead on the positive qualities that Venus in Pisces has to offer can bring much pleasure and joy into ones life.

Mercury Direct

Mercury, which is in Pisces right now, turns direct from its retrograde motion on Thursday, March 28th at 9:59 a.m. EDT clearing up confusion in the conscious mind. It may now be easier to tell the difference between mental energies and intuition.

Now the ability to concentrate becomes unsurpassed and the memory is excellent. Top that off with experiencing amazing psychic flashes. You will know what you know, not knowing how you know it, but you do know it!

It is now possible to tune into the thoughts and moods of those around you, even if unconsciously. You can become extremely sensitive to your environment and those within it. That can cause you to not want to talk, if you feel uncomfortable.

It is possible now to learn more now by osmosis than through disciplined study. Take care not to get trapped in memories to the point where it distorts the present reality.

If you avoid being swept into the downfalls of this energy, it has a lot of good things to offer you.

Mars in Gemini 3
Finally, Mars will move into Gemini on Sunday, March 31st, at 2:12 a.m. EDT causing a desire for change that involves traveling. On the other hand, it might manifest as constantly reading or taking courses.

This is a call to find a focal point in ones life so that ones energies are channeled constructively. Learning helps with this. Once something is learned, adapting takes place and this is what Gemini is about – adapting.

This is a mental energy that also offers a vivid imagination and a desire for conversation. Physical energy is erratic under this placement. This can account for the restlessness that can occur causing changes in job or residence. Someone affected by these energies may even work more than one job to quell the restlessness.

Motivation is stronger when pursuing ideas or things other people find odd. Travel can bring lucky breaks. Opportunity can arise from jobs or careers that involve writing, public speaking, or mechanical pursuits.

Mars in Gemini offers us to look closely at the variety of choices in our lives, focus on one of them, and move forward to success and fulfillment.

Planets 2

Well, things are definitely getting busier in the heavens and the energies are getting more intense. Look at this as an opportunity to shake the cobwebs of Winter away and make a fresh start for the new “growing” season!

Seed Planting

Love and Blessed Be

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