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Planets 2

There’s a lot going on this time, so I’m just going to get right down to it.

New Moon

It all begins with a New Moon on Wednesday, November 7th @ 11:02 a.m. EST. Both the Moon and Sun will be in the sign of Scorpio so the keyword here would be “intense.”

The combination of the Sun and Moon both in Scorpio gives much independence and self-reliance. There is an ability to lead others but there is a tendency to override and domineer that should be kept in balance.

The Moon in Scorpio, by itself, gives a phenomenal memory. On one hand, this can be wonderful for remembering happy moments in childhood. On the other hand, if childhood held more unhappy moments than happy ones, perhaps this is the time to work on releasing the pain of those moments.

Obviously, this is going to be a very emotional New Moon. With that in mind, it might be a good idea to seek out friends and even family members who have optimistic points of view and have a tendency to be positive thinkers. To be able to look at situations from other perspectives allow you to be encouraged to heal and grow.

However, to do this, you have to be willing to speak your truth. Scorpio is prone to secrecy and secrecy, when speaking of our emotions, can breed hopelessness, sorrow, and worry. This, then, can attract more challenges and problems because you are hanging on to energies that you need to let go of for well being.

So, for this New Moon, use the energies of Scorpio to be persistent in your desire for a new beginning. Realize, however, that it must begin with letting go of any secrets that you keep that are holding you back from moving forward. Be willing to finally speak them out loud to those you trust and respect their opinions. Scorpio is an energy of transmutation so begin by transmuting those old, pent-up, negative energies into something positive that brings the changes you seek and desire in your life.

Jupiter 3

The next day, Thursday, November 8th, Jupiter moves into the sign it rules – Sagittarius – at 7:38 a.m. EST. It’s interesting that even Thursday is ruled by Jupiter as it makes this move into its home sign.

This is a restless placement both mentally and physically. The search for the “truth” of ones values and philosophy of Life can cause us to seek to live according to higher principles or it can cause us to succumb to self-justification, rationalization, and even arrogance. It all depends on where a person happens to be on their journey already how this can affect them.
What this energy really is about is a signal of problems we have that deal with faith, morals, beliefs, and the search for the Truth. We need to be sure we are truly seeking the truth and not just seeking to be right.

This energy is a call to live according to the highest good within ourselves so that humankind, as a whole, will be able to live in peace, harmony, and prosperity.

Mars in Pisces

Mars will move into a difficult placement when it enters Pisces on Thursday, November 15th, at 5:21 a.m. EST.

This energy allows people to be kind, forgiving, and good listeners, but it can also make them shy. These are good things. However, it can also cause people to just wander through their lives with no goals or make their emotions unpredictable with ecstatic highs and brooding depression. There’s even a chance that a fear of the unknown could lead to involvement in religion or some form of psychic phenomena to the exclusion of all else.

Here’s plus to this placement – psychology, anything creative, or anything occult can be a motivator and can help in finding answers and understanding oneself better. Being in touch with ones wants and needs is a necessity for healthy and happy living.

Pisces is a karmic sign and Mars in Pisces could be telling you that you’re here because you want to correct situations that you aren’t too proud of from a past life. It could be through an artistic outlet to develop your creativity, or you might have come to develop your sympathetic qualities or even to function as a healer who is caring and comforting.

There are many possibilities to this placement. Look at your life from a higher perspective during this transit and you may see what this energy is trying to tell you.

Venus in Libra 2

Venus in Libra, which has been retrograde since October 5th, will be turning direct on Friday, November 16th, at 5:50 a.m. EST.

It’s retrograde motion allowed us the opportunity to take a look at how we view love in all its forms. Now as it turns direct, perhaps we will see that love is sacred. It is the highest of vibrations and brings much joy.

The time has come to realize that discordant surroundings can make us physically ill. What we need is harmonious surroundings. Beauty and simplicity bring joy to our inner being. These things bring peace and joy to our spirits.

Allowing ourselves to be sincere in our own feelings, we develop an innate ability to understand the feelings of others. In the enjoyment of companionship, we will then seek out relationships where a harmonious and close personal bond can be formed.

This is a wonderful time for artists, musicians, and other creative people who express their emotions through their creations.

Mercury in Sagittarius 3

Mercury, which is now in Sagittarius, will begin one of its retrograde cycles on Friday, November 16th, at 8:33 p.m. EST.

This will have the most impact on those who feel lost. It may take the help of others to help you find yourself in the great expanse of all your mental wanderings.

External distractions make concentration difficult and cause you to question if what you were trying to think about was really worth it. This can cause you to leave problems unsolved. Seek out those who are Earth signs for they can offer the stability you need.

Superficial information will not resolve any past or present personal problems. Although you may not like others imposing their thoughts on you, it may take seeking out these same people for perspectives that can help resolve these issues.

This is a difficult transit as it requires a person to remain grounded while taking a higher perspective to find the answers they seek.

Planets & Stars

Okay… That’s a lot to take in and think about, but it offers many opportunities for growth and healing. May your journey be blessed with many new insights!


Love & Blessed Be

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