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The Sun just entered Libra creating the Autumn Equinox which signals a time of balance and harmony. It would seem that even the heavens themselves are trying to attain that harmony and balance as we move away from the six planets being retrograde in the Summer to a mere three. Even that will eventually dwindle to one retrograde by the end of the year.

All those energies that were coming back toward us from all those retrogrades were opportunities to move ourselves forward in our understanding of ourselves and the enlightenment of our spiritual selves. Now we are approaching the “dark” of the year. The Sun is waning, moving toward its rebirth at the Winter Solstice, when it will begin to wax again.

This time of the year is known to many spiritual paths as a time of introspection – a time to turn inward and become aware of what resides within. It is quite important to allow yourself the time to do this. The discoveries you can make can be quite surprising. It can even provide us with purpose for the coming year.

Enter to win 2

Speaking of coming to a better understanding of ourselves, I want to remind you of the contest that I’m putting on for a free natal astrology chart:

Beginning Monday, October 1st, if you would like to win a chart for yourself or someone else, send me your name and the information for the chart you would like to win (exact birth date, birth time, and birth place) to my email address – – and put “Astrology Contest” in the subject line.

1st Place Prize – One (1) Free Natal Astrology chart.
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All others who enter will get $25 off any one chart they choose to order. It’s my way of saying, “Thank you!” for taking the time to enter.

Contest entries will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. EDT on October 31, 2018. On November 1st, I draw the winning names and announce them on Twitter and Facebook, sending an email to all the winners to let them know what they have won.

For those who may not know, my natal astrology charts are 85 – 100 pages of single-spaced printed analysis. Each chart comes with three (3) 1-hour counseling sessions that can be done in person, via email, instant message, phone or snail-mail, your choice, concerning questions you may have over the material in the chart.

Please be sure to let others know, who might be interested, so they can enter too!

New Moon in Aries

For now, let’s talk about that Full Moon that will be happening in the sign of Aries on Monday, September 24th at 10:52 p.m. EDT.

With the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries the energies will cause those who are affected by them to be active, independent, and perhaps even aggressive. At heart, though, there is quietness and affection.

This can be a time of change where new ideas are appreciated and impatience for something different may occur. It can shake up relationships, if both parties are not seeing eye-to-eye on matters of change.

“Quick” is the keyword when you speak of Aries and Moon in Aries is no different. A Full Moon in Aries can make things happen even faster, especially where emotions are concerned.

Aries is a fire sign and, metaphysically, the horns of the ram that is its symbol can represent a fork in the road, a choice to be made – quickly. The problem arises when those affected by these energies leap before they look. This can cause regret later for a choice made too quickly.

Aries, ruled by Mars. tells us about temperament or. in this case, temper as the Moon in Aries can cause tempers to flare. They will usually fizzle out quickly. Being aware can avert such events.

For those who like to use the Full Moon as a starting point for ridding oneself of things that no longer serve you, this is a good one. Using that quick energy of Aries will help to send those things away swiftly and. with the help of the Libra Sun, help you bring harmony and balance in their wake.

Pluto in Capricorn
On Sunday, September 30th, at 10:01 p.m. EDT, Pluto in Capricorn will turn direct from the retrograde motion it has been in since April 22nd.

This is a pretty common situation when Pluto is in Capricorn. It goes retrograde in April and returns to direct in September on a pretty regular basis. So is there a message in this for us?

Pluto is about transformation, especially where it concerns the removal of those things that no longer serve good purpose. Capricorn is an earth sign, ruled by Saturn (who brings us lessons), and is all about the physical world and structure. This is important to remember.

Whatever part of your chart has Capricorn in it, that’s where Pluto is and that’s where this retrograde took place. The retrograde transit ferrets out those things, in that area of your life, that need transforming. To ignore or deny this necessary change can cause it to manifest in any number of unpleasant ways.

The good news is that to be open to change can produce some wonderful opportunities in your life. The key is being willing (really willing) to let go. That means being open to the “death” or destruction of things in your life so that Pluto can create the “rebirth” of something new.

So, what’s been happening in your life? Did retrograde Pluto in Capricorn bring you some interesting and challenging lessons? What did you learn?

With Pluto in Capricorn now moving forward again, you have the opportunity to use what you’ve learned to make changes for yourself and to help others, should they need it. That’s a total win-win situation!

Although Pluto went direct, it will be a mere five days later that another planet, Venus, will turn retrograde. Thus, we will still have three planets retrograde.

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio turns retrograde on Friday (the day ruled by Venus), October 5th, at 3:05 p.m. EDT.

Venus in Scorpio has an emotional intensity that can cause those affected by it to have colorful personalities. When it goes retrograde, it makes for a difficult energy where that Scorpio energy pushes individuals past their contentment. It can make them feel like what they are seeking is just around the next corner causing them to never feel fulfilled.

It can cause people to be secretive about their own love nature but keenly interested in the private feelings of others. They can have difficulty experiencing what they are looking for within themselves.

People affected by these energies don’t allow themselves to be vulnerable to others because of hurt they have experienced in the past.

The lesson here is to learn forgiveness, especially if your natal Venus is in Scorpio. Forgiveness is not for the person who hurt them, but for themselves so that they can find peace and happiness in their lives.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto is about transformation and with Venus as the planet it now occupies, that could mean a transforming of your love life – if you are open to letting it happen.


Just one more reminder that the contest for the free natal chart starts on Monday, October 1st. (Instructions and other information can be found at the beginning of this article.) Wishing you all the best of luck!!!

Good Luck3

Love & Blessed Be

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