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Enter to win

My household was recently blessed with a small financial windfall. That, combined with all the wonderful astrology business I have acquired this year, has led me to want to “Pay it forward.” in some respect.

I always said that if I was lucky enough to be “set for life” financially, I would love to do my charts just for the cost of printing and shipping because I just love doing them and would do them no matter whether I needed the money or not. Helping people to understand themselves and their lives has always been #1 on my list in this lifetime.

So, I’ve given it a lot of thought over the last few months. While I haven’t won the lottery, Life has gotten better so I thought of a contest where, if you are the winner, you would receive a totally free natal astrology chart.

Then I thought about it some more and decided I wanted there to be a second and third place winners. (I love the number 3.) So, if you enter and are the second place winner, you would receive a chart for half-price – $75. If you’re the third place winner, you would receive $50 off your chart and pay only $100. Everyone else who enters would receive a chart for $125, just for entering.

So here’s how it will work:

Beginning Monday, October 1st, if you would like to win a chart for yourself or someone else, send me your name and the information for the chart you would like to win (exact birth date, birth time, and birth place) to my email address – – and put “Astrology Contest” in the subject line.

Contest entries will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. EDT on October 31, 2018. On November 1st, I draw the winning names and announce them on Twitter and Facebook, sending an email to all the winners to let them know what they have won.

Be sure to let others who might be interested know so they can enter too! I’ll announce this again as we get closer to contest time and during the contest as well. Will you be the winner? Enter to find out!

New Moon in Virgo
With the New Moon occurring in Virgo on Sunday, September 9th at 2:01 p.m. EDT, and the Sun also being in Virgo, you may find yourself thinking about a new beginning where your health and fitness are concerned.

Virgo is the natural ruler of our sixth house which deals with health. Virgo itself has to do with hygiene and digestion. Becoming more conscious of and dedicated to matters concerning our health is a good thing, right? Yes, it is as long as you don’t do another Virgo thing and become obsessed with it, insisting that everyone should be doing what you’re doing.

Virgo energies also help in business matters. The earthiness of Virgo makes for good, practical business sense, especially from an intellectual perspective. So, if you have your own business or have been thinking about starting one, now is the time to really scope out the details and make some of the decisions to bring success your way.

You may find yourself taking some short journeys or making some unexpected changes in your life with this New Moon. This could pertain to anything from health to career to the place where you live. Just be aware that it could be an option for you.

The “occult” may draw your interest, particularly in the areas of clairvoyance, psychometry, or even just your intuition. If any of these are already an interest for you, then perhaps this is the time to take up the practice of one or more of them.

An interesting New Moon indeed.

Mars in Aquarius
Now that Mars is once again moving forward, it will enter the sign of Aquarius on Monday, September 10th at 8:56 p.m. EDT. If you’ve decided on beginning some exercise for your health (Remember that New Moon in Virgo?), the energy of this transit will aid you. Mars in the sign of Aquarius needs a physical outlet.

Although it’s an intellectual sign and dislikes expending any unnecessary physical energy, when the importance of a cause is understood, it motivates the person affected by these energies into action. Without this physical outlet, the energy of Mars can get bottled up and create nervous tension and inner conflict.

Interestingly, this conflict is usually over the need for friends and the need to be an individual. Aquarius is a humanitarian, loving the world as a whole, but is also very desirous of independence, freedom, and individuality. That’s why they can seem very impersonal at times. They’re trying to do both – be a friend and be an individual.

For those who are affected by these energies, you may find yourself in situations that require you to use a great deal of courage. That’s okay. You developed it in past lives and have come to use it in this one. That moment of courage may amount to taking a stand – even in a small way – against tradition. We are in a time of great changes and you have come to aid past-life friends in some way.

Mercury in Libra 2

Mercury then moves into Libra on Friday, September 21st at 11:40 p.m. EDT. This is the mind being concerned with human relations and psychology. It could draw you to a closer examination of such fields as psychology, astrology, public relations, sociology, or the law.

It’s also about good communications. Libra likes a good discussion and likes debate even better. Happiness is brought to relationships where communication is clear and frequent.

Those affected by these energies often appear indecisive because they choose to look at a problem or situation from all sides before coming to a conclusion. However, if this process takes too long, an opportunity to take action can be lost.

This is a great positioning for counseling, arbitration, and negotiating. If you’re not looking for a career in these fields, it’s also a good time for any of these things to happen, if need be, in your life.

Sun in Libra

It’s hard to believe we will be entering Autumn as the Sun enters Libra on Saturday, September 22nd at 9:55 p.m. EDT. Day and night are once again equals as we continue to move toward the end of the year.

Balance is what this sojourn is all about – at least the quest for it anyway. This is done through communication and intellect. This placement makes it easier to see each point of view. However, seeing all those points of view, and considering them, can make a person indecisive.

Libra loves people but dislikes crowds. Perhaps that’s because of the love of harmony and the abhorrence of discord. Small, social gatherings are opportunities to talk to, debate with, and get to know others. This a time for talking and listening. You know, balance.

This is also a time to recognize that one must alternate times of action with times of complete rest to bring harmony and balance to ones body. There’s no need to rush or hurry. Things will get done.

The influence of Libra’s ruler, Venus, can cause moments of overindulgence in something. It could be eating sweets, or just eating, drinking alcohol, or too much computer or TV. Anything, done in an extreme amount, will bring about disharmony to the body.

This is an energy that is equal parts kindness, gentleness, fairness, but also argumentative, stubborn, and, yes, indecisive. Like any energy, it’s how we choose to use it. If you are on a quest for balance in your life, you may find that you need a little of all these qualities to find where that balance lies for you.

To all those celebrating a birthday during this transit…

Happy Birthday Libra 2


May this harvest season bring you many rich rewards for the seeds you have planted this year.

Harvest 2

Love & Blessed Be

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