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All too often we hear about the planets and what sign they’re in and what that might mean to us personally. Seldom do we hear about what it means when a planet (let’s say the Sun) is in a particular sign (let’s say Virgo) and is transiting (passing through) your first house or your second, third, fourth, etc.

Because many people have yet to even bother with having their natal astrology chart done, the have little, if any, knowledge about the houses of their charts and how the current planetary positions and movements may be affecting their lives.

One of the reasons my clients get such lengthy charts is because I want them to understand every important piece of energy that was at work on the day they were born. One of those important pieces is the houses – what each means and what sign(s) occupied each one as well as which planets were placed their on that day of their birth.

Each house has specific pieces of ones life that they represent. I found two illustrations that give this information as good, if not better than, as I could sit here and type it.

Houses 4

This one gives you a general idea of the representations of each house along with the key phrases for each. Click to enlarge the image so you may read it better.
Houses 3

This one is much more detailed in its definition of each house and contains very useful information.

One other point is that houses 1 through 6 represents your inner world, in general, while houses 7 through 12 represent your other world.

As an example, right now the Sun is in Virgo and, in my chart, the whole sign of Virgo resides in my 7th house of partnerships. What that tells me is that there may be some attention to details that needs to happen in my relationships and/or there may be some criticism that could happen. Now if that criticism is constructive, it could be helpful. On the other hand, if the criticism is negative or ego-based, if could be destructive to the relationship. Also, it could either be given or received by me. Hmmm….

My point is, by knowing what the houses mean, what signs are in your natal chart houses, and even what planets were there, you have that much more information to help guide you on your journey through this life.

Full Moon in Pisces 2
Speaking of the Sun being in Virgo, there’s a Full Moon happening in Virgo’s opposite sign, Pisces, on Sunday, August 26th at 7:56 a.m. EDT.

A Virgo Sun with a Pisces Moon can be a very restless time, especially when it’s a Full Moon. This combination can cause some of us to experience irritability and dissatisfaction. The answer may be a change of pace, location, job, etc. or doing something totally novel.

The Moon in Pisces, by itself, strengthens the imagination and the intuition. It is a spiritual sign that asks us to recognize the illusions in our lives and look at things from a higher perspective.

It can be an emotional time with the possibility of vague memories from past lives, or long-forgotten from this life, rising to the surface of our consciousness bringing insights that could be of help to us now.

If you use the Full Moon to banish or decrease things in your life, I would suggest clearing away any illusions you have so that you may see your path before you more clearly.

Mars in Capricorn 2
Mars, one of the five remaining retrograde planets, turns direct in Capricorn on Monday, August 27th at 10:05 a.m. EDT.

Mars in Capricorn energies are ambitious. People with this placement like to be in charge, but often lack warmth and charisma.

It causes a desire for advancement and recognition. The person affected by these energies will be willing to work hard to get where they want to go and they do it with integrity and perseverance. There is high motivation to be successful.

The downside is anger and a possible tendency to use people for the sake of status and material gain. This is a placement and an energy of someone who is here on business this time around. Like any energy though, it’s how you use it. Use it in a positive manner and it will take you far.

Mercury in Virgo
Virgo is one of the planets ruled by Mercury. On Wednesday, September 5th, Mercury will enter Virgo at 10:39 p.m. EDT. This is a strong position for Mercury albeit an intellectual one.

During this transit, you may find yourself forgetting about human frailty and failings. After all, you will be coming from a place of pure reason. The best way to handle things is in a practical but impersonal manner.

A detachment from emotional considerations can be a great placement for scientists, doctors, nurses, thus making them thorough, efficient, and careful in all that they do. Sympathy may be sorely lacking though.

Learning will be easier under this placement. However, forgetting what you learned as quickly as you learned it can also happen. Since this is an excellent placement for writers, writing things down so you don’t forget will be a really good idea.

Saturn in Capricorn
Last, but certainly not least, we have Saturn in its home sign of Capricorn that has been retrograde since about the middle of April. A karmic planet in its karmic sign, retrograde, bringing the energies back at us to learn from and become enlightened by.

Now it turns direct on Thursday, August 6th, at 7:10 a.m. EDT bringing with it the desire to achieve in one or more areas of your life. The energies can cause you to become extremely serious and this can be good, if you use it to focus on your goals. Don’t, however, allow it to drag you down emotionally or cause you to look at things from a constant negative perspective.

This is a practical, dutiful energy. This an energy that causes those affected by it to be willing to contribute their share of the work to achieve their goals. Once those goals have been achieved, they seek to help others help themselves.

Honesty and integrity is part of the energies of this placement. However, not all will chose to use them this way and may be unscrupulous in their efforts to achieve wealth and power. It can also bring about reversals of fortune to those who chose not to have honesty and integrity in their dealings.

It’s not a time to be rigid in your attitudes and beliefs. Be willing to listen and consider other perspectives.

With Saturn turning direct, we will have only three planets still retrograde – Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. These are what I call “generational” planets and affect groups of people as a whole primarily more than individuals. A little breathing room is being acquired from all the “lesson” energies of six retrograde planets. Take a deep breath everyone!

See you in two weeks!

Astrological Quote 3

Love & Blessed Be

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