The Journey Continues – Heat, Humidity, & Writer’s Block

Heat & Humidity

There are times when a writer sits down and she’s staring at a blank slate. Ideas cross her mind but none seem to bear fruition. None seem to have merit. This week has been one of those weeks for me.

I love Summer. The green of the trees, the birds singing, the animals that are out and about, flowers, butterflies….I could go on. However, just like I’m not a cold weather person, there also gets to be a time when the temperature gets a little much for even me. We’ve reached that point, folks. Even with A/C. my mind can tell the heat’s out there and it brought it’s friend, humidity, with it.

The purpose of this site, besides keeping me writing, has always been to be informative or at least thought-provoking. This week, that’s kinda gone out the proverbial window.

Conversations with friends, family, and clients often give me food-for-thought that then grow into articles that I present to you. Although I’ve had several of those conversations this week, none of them seems worth writing about right now. I’m not truly sure why that is.

At this point, it may just be the weather or perhaps it’s because I want to write about positive, encouraging things and none of the topics that have reached me this week fit that description. There’s a lot going on in the world and in the USA – troubling things. How does one write from a positive perspective when there is so much fear, anger, and even hatred happening? My mind just won’t bend that direction this week.

I am a true believer in the statement, “You get what you focus on.” You know, “Energy flows where your attention goes“. I don’t feel I want to be part of drawing people’s attentions back to the negative stuff. No, I’m no Pollyanna and I don’t wear rose-colored glasses. I just believe we should be focusing on solutions to the problems rather than the problems themselves. Hashing and re-hashing all the horrible, inhumane, unjust actions that are taking place only invokes more of the same. The solution, that’s where the positive energy lies. That’s where we all raise our vibrations and the vibrations of the planet. How do we each go about making the world we live in a better place?

I would say it all begins with switching our focus, not only where national and world problems are concerned but in our personal lives as well. Let’s talk, even if only to ourselves, about all the things we have to be grateful for each day. Then let’s take the time to be kind, loving, and helpful to others, especially those in need. Finally, if we can manage to look for those solutions, and place our focus there, then we may see things begin to change for the better, first, for ourselves and then watch it ripple out farther and farther as more and more of us switch our focus.

See? I switched my focus to being able to say something positive and I did! Well, on that note, I will end this little meandering of my sweaty synapses.

Wherever you are, I hope life is pleasurable. That it’s not too hot, not too cold, but just right. May you find many things to be grateful for this week. See you soon.

Imagination 6

Love & Blessed Be

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