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Dog Days of Summer

Most people have heard the term “Dog Days of Summer”, but how many actually knows what it means? Most people think, when they hear it, that we’re talking about a time when it’s so hot not even dogs move much. While this can be true, it’s not the source of the phrase.

First of all, it’s primarily a phrase related to Summer in the northern hemisphere. I’m not saying hot, sultry Summer days don’t happen in the southern hemisphere, I’m saying there’s more to it than that.

You see, it began with the Greeks and Romans and the rising of the star Sirius – know as the “dog” star. Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky so ancient astronomers took note of it around the world. For the Egyptians, its return to the night sky became a precursor to the annual flooding of the Nile. The Greeks and Romans saw the rising of Sirius to relate to heat, drought, sudden thunderstorms, lethargy, and even bad luck.

The rising of Sirius has and still can vary in its happening, but generally anywhere from July 3rd to August 15th, it can and does happen. It lasts anywhere from 30 to 61 days.

Although the ancients believed it may have been the cause of the weather during the period of its rising and visibility, the fact is Sirius is 7 light years away from planet Earth and has no effect on our weather or temperature.

It’s also interesting to note that in about 10,000 years, due to its gradual shift, relative to our Sun, Sirius will then rise in the middle of Winter. Hmmmm…the dog days of Winter? I wonder what that will mean?

Full Moon in Aquarius 2

For now, we can just concern ourselves with the Full Moon that will be happening on Friday, July 27th at 4:20 p.m. EDT in the sign of Aquarius. It will be accompanied by a total lunar eclipse that we won’t see in North America, but will be seen, either completely or in part, by most of the rest of the world.

Although we may not see it, it is totally possible that some, or even most, of us will feel the energies. After all, the Sun is in Leo and the Moon is in Aquarius.

There can be very marked occult tendencies with heighten intuition and an ability to judge human nature quickly. It can also pump up one’s determination and will-power.

The Moon alone, being in Aquarius, increases the imagination. If a person is inclined to use this in a creative capacity, it can bring some very positive achievements in art, music, writing, etc.

Without an outlet for this creative imagination, it could cause some people to start gossiping and spreading rumors and, although this won’t be intended to be malicious, it can bring some unfortunate backlashes to them.

As a New Moon is about beginnings, a Full Moon is often seen as being about endings as the Moon will now begin to decrease. Since Aquarius is very much about freedom and independence, my recommendation would be to break any bonds that stop you from being a free and independent person. This could mean another partner or another job or anything else that limits you from being who you truly are. The eclipse itself can help to sever those ties that restrain and restrict you, if you so desire.

Venus in Libra

On Monday, August 6th, Venus will move into Libra, one of the signs it rules, at 7:28 p.m. EDT. This is an energy that makes love sacred.

People will be more sincere about their feelings. Romance and courtship become important to those affected by these energies. Anything coarse or crude will be repulsive for them.

This energy also allows us to understand other people’s feelings better. There is consideration for others as well as sympathy. Harmonious relationships and close personal bonds are sought after because of the enjoyment of companionship.

This is an excellent time for the arts in any form. Whether creating them or just enjoying them, it will be a pleasure with Venus in Libra.

Uranus in Taurus 2

Uranus, which is now in Taurus, will turn retrograde on Tuesday, August 7th, at 12:49 p.m. EDT.

When Uranus entered Taurus on May 15th, I said the following:

“This could spell major reforms in business and the economy with people desiring the application of humanitarian principles. It could really shake up established ways of thinking and doing as a multitude of people begin to think outside the proverbial box. Hell, they’ll probably throw the damn box away!

“On one side you may have those who very much want to be practical but in a unique and original way while, on the other side, there will be those who will be unyielding in their stubbornness. Both will be determined and both will have fixity of purpose – one to keep the status quo and the other to radically change things.

“There is a huge amount of energy attached to this transit and also monumental will to do. The trick will be make changes, but not too quickly.”

Now it turns retrograde, like the tides, washing all that energy back upon us to learn and grow from.

For some, financial and emotional security can become shaky. This is only to offer you a chance to become more determined to establish yourself. This could come about by the discovery of fixed conflicts in your value system which are holding you back and must now be broken so that you can progress.

This retrograde’s energies are offering to lift you from you lower self by putting you through circumstances that make you aware that much of your sense of safety and well-being may be built on false foundations.

It also causes wanting to “have your cake and eat it too.” For example, you can be married but at the same time want to be free or want and need to work a steady job and yet convince yourself you are not bound by it. Then there’s even the desire and liking to follow one religion while thinking that you truly have no obligation to it. What’s funny is that when offered the opportunity to be truly free of whichever of these fits you, you may quickly jump back into the womb of safety that this energy causes you to seek.

From a karmic standpoint, the energy of this retrograde transit is trying to assist you in breaking up these fixed thought patterns, especially those from past incarnations in an effort to detach from the primary importance put on the physical side of life.

This is a really important opportunity for those who are consciously working on their own enlightenment and spiritual growth.

Planets 3

So, as I end this article, I want to point out we will have six planets retrograde until August 19th, when Mercury will turn direct again, leaving us with five planets retrograde.

I ask you to think about this, instead of panicking and looking for bad things to happen with all these planets retrograde, try a new perspective. These are huge opportunities being offered to you, by the Universe, to change your life for the better, to better understand yourself so that you can see your path more clearly before you.

There truly is nothing to fear but Fear itself. Realize that what you fear the most, you magnetize and draw in to you. There’s nothing to fear here, unless you fear your own success.

Fear 3

Love & Blessed Be

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