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Have you ever stopped and really thought about how minuscule we are in the greater scheme of things? Here we are on Planet Earth. There are almost 8 billion of us…on one planet. Eight billion…that alone can make one feel a little humble when it comes to self-importance.

If you allow your thoughts to wander a little farther out into space, it might occur to you that Earth is not even close to being one of the larger planets in our solar system. Take Jupiter, for example. All the other planets in our solar system could fit inside it. It would take 1300 Earths to make the size of Jupiter. (I’m feeling smaller still.) Oh, and our Sun…well, it would take 1.3 million Earths to equal its size. (Getting smaller.)

Our solar system is just one of as many as 100 billion solar systems existing in the Milky Way galaxy. That makes each of us like a grain of sand on the beach.

My point to all this is the influence that the planets have on us from a energetic, gravitational perspective. If our Moon, which is smaller that the Earth, can exert influence on the oceans and seas – even on the emotional and psychological state of some people – why should we doubt that there are other influences from other planets, asteroids, etc. that can be felt by we tiny human beings on this planet? After all, we are but grains of sand on the cosmic beach of the Universe.

Think about it.

New Moon in Gemini

Contemplation is always a good course of action with a New Moon. The one this month is occurring on Wednesday, June 13th at 3:43 p.m. EDT. Both the Sun and the Moon will be in Gemini.

Moon in Gemini, by itself, stimulates the imagination. On one hand, this can be very good for manifesting highly creative work. On the other hand, it can produce a person who enjoys telling lies, totally forgetting about the truth.

When you keep the mind active and focused on such things as education, good things can happen. It is difficult to keep to one thing at a time though with this lunar placement and this can cause projects being left uncompleted.

Who would expect less than a lot of communication with both the Sun and Moon in Gemini? Some people will talk incessantly to the point of annoying others. Other things to watch for is rationalizing your emotions and a sense of restlessness that just won’t be satisfied without out at least some short journeys.

Since the New Moon is about new beginnings, you may find yourself thinking about a change of residence or a change of job. Some of this may be due to that restless feeling but it could also stem from a desire for new experiences.

The best advice is to carefully think through any major changes, looking for the practicality in it before moving ahead.

Venus in Leo 2

Later that day on June 13th, at 5:54 p.m. EDT, Venus will move into Leo. The energies of this transit can make some people very popular. That happens because the energies here are kind, heartfelt, and genial. Those affected by them can’t help but be drawn to others who are feeling these same energies.

This is about being a lover of life. Our close relationships with family and others bring out our generosity and loyalty. Those affected by these energies will find themselves demonstrative of those feelings.

There are some who may find themselves being a bit theatrical in their behavior and can even be prima donnas. They want to be noticed and want to be the center of attention. It may annoy some, but it does provide an ability to be a good actor or actress.

Mostly this transit provides energies that are outgoing, sunny, and affectionate.

Neptune Retrograde 3

When we reach Monday, June 18th, we find that Neptune in Pisces will turn retrograde at 7:27 p.m. EDT.

This is not the first time, since it entered its home sign of Pisces, that Neptune has gone retrograde. For most of the last half of 2017, Neptune was retrograde. What I said then still applies:

“This retrograde gives us the ability to more easily see what is real and what is illusion.
Highly intuitive, right now, answers that may have eluded you for quite some time can be found. The retrograde motion of Neptune in its home sign will allow you to clearly see and sense fraud and deceit, especially any that you may have been perpetrating on yourself.

“This is a time of extreme sensitivity that requires you turn inward and gain a real understanding of who you are on a more spiritual level.

“That sensitivity also warns that you should take care in your use or drugs (prescription or recreational), alcohol and any other stimulant
while Neptune is retrograde.”

Neptune will stay retrograde through the end of this year, at least. Retrogrades offer us such opportunity to learn and grow. We just have to be willing to feel any fears we have and take a leap of faith.

Cancer Constellation

When the Sun is at it’s highest peak, Summer Solstice occurs. This is a time of the longest days and shortest nights. It’s also when the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer. This will all be happening on Thursday, June 21st, at 6:07 a.m. EDT.

The Sun in Cancer can be a very emotional time for some, especially those born under its influence. The problem is that often, even those all these emotions are being felt, they are being repressed – a tendency of Cancer.

Another tendency is being evasive, not wanting to confront anything or anyone too directly. The influence of this energy can make a person go 100 miles around a person or situation rather than facing them/it directly and be faced with possible confrontation. It’s much easier to hide in their proverbial shells.

That, however, makes it difficult to get to know these kind, sensitive, shrewd, resourceful, sympathetic, abundantly imaginative people. Yes, their touchy, secretive, emotionalism can be trying sometimes, but they really are well worth getting to know!

To all those born under the sign of the Crab…

Happy Birthday Cancer 4


Mars in Aquarius

Last, but hardly least, we have Mars in Aquarius going retrograde on Tuesday, June 26th, at 5:05 p.m. EDT.

While Mars represents action, Aquarius is a sign of intellect but also of the unique, the innovative, and the individual.

When you combine the two, these energies can cause people to want to fight and change counter-productive and stagnant traditions.

For individuals, this can be an uncomfortable combination. With Mars needing a physical outlet and Aquarius being intellectual, if that outlet isn’t found, it can create inner conflicts and nervous tension.

There’s another interesting energy that can come into play here – past life energies, especially that have to do with unfinished business. Some may discover they have come to do a great amount of work in a short period of time due to some threatening situation that involves either themselves or those close to them. Another possibility is that they may be here to influence or help, in some way, friends from past lives. The action that needs to be taken could even stem from some past life worry.

With it actually going retrograde, Mars in Aquarius speaks to wanting to put no limitations on the freedom we want to experience. That sense of liberation can be something we’ve entered into this incarnation with from one or more of our past lives.

The boundaries placed on us can cause those affected by these energies to rebel against current societal standards, seeking out new rules and standards which transcend those that already exist. These are the energies of the non-conformist.

This truly is an astrological combination that has the ability to really shake things up.

Solar System 3

Well, the planets are out there dancing and the invitation exists for us to join them. The choice is always ours. Don’t be a wallflower. Come join in the dance!

Cosmic Dancer

Love & Blessed Be

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