The Journey Continues – The Tenet of Learning


“In every aspect of our learning we become conscious that as we learn, more learning is necessary, but learning is nothing unless it is used in practical everyday life. In all teachings of Witchcraft, there is a necessity to relate learning to whatever sphere of life the student occupies.”

This is a quote from The Complete Art of Witchcraft by Sybil Leek and is one of the seven tenets presented by her in this book. These same tenets have been part of the path I’ve walked for 44 years, but, more importantly, they have been part of the way I live my life.

When people think of learning, the first thought is usually an education acquired in school. First elementary school, then secondary school, sometimes then followed by further education at a college or university. Learning is so much more than that, in my opinion. Learning is something that happens to us each and every day of our lives, whether we realize it or not.

From the very first breath of our lives, we are learning. First, we learn to breathe outside the womb, then to drink and eat, then to crawl, walk, run. The learning just keeps happening! This is all before we ever enter a school building.

We came here to learn and, if you believe in reincarnation, to re-learn. We came to advance as human and spiritual beings. This is done through learning. Not all learning is positive though. Sometimes the lessons brought to us by the choices we make and the people we interact with are harsh. Still, there is always something to be gained from the experience.

No two people have exactly the same interests or the same lessons from which to learn. There are no wrong choices in any decision we may make, only easier and harder methods of learning presented to us by those choices. We learn no matter what. Wisdom is gained through experience.

I’ve heard quite often from various people over the years, “I was never taught that.” The truth is people can’t teach what they don’t know or were never taught themselves. When we are young children, we depend on our parents to show us the ropes of Life and living. We believe, since they are our parents, they must know. We don’t realize that they were once children too and had the same experience with learning about Life that we are having now. They are not all-knowing. Sometimes the answers we seek must be found elsewhere.

This, though, is true of any sphere of our education and learning. There will be times when we have to take the initiative and dig for the answers ourselves. No one parent, teacher, clergyman, or person in general will have what we’re looking for, especially if what we’re looking for is unconventional in nature.

Schools are good for basic education. Parents, for the most part, can teach you what they know about Life and living. Clergymen can enlighten you to their spiritual perspectives based on the particular path they follow. People in general may have an answer here and an answer there of what we seek. Ultimately, we must strive to acquire the information and then put the pieces of the puzzle of Life and our existence together for ourselves.

Are we ever too old to learn? I’m not a believer in the adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” I believe, from first breath to last, if we allow ourselves to remain open to new ideas and information, we can and should continue to learn. Does that mean you should continue to attend adult classes, to go to college, etc.? That one is a personal choice. What I do believe is that we have an opportunity to learn and understand ourselves better, to learn and understand the perspectives of the people around us and people in general, to acquire an understanding of this reality we were born into, and much more.

There is an opportunity each day that we live to find and put together the pieces of our personal truth for this lifetime. This includes not just the truth of our mundane existence but our spiritual one as well. Because only we alone can decide what that truth is, we should accept nothing at face value and be willing to look deeper for what rings true for us.

One last thing. All this learning…what good is it if you don’t put it to use in your life each day? In my opinion, not much. The terms “common sense” and even “street smarts” imply a practical knowledge that allows you to live your life in a better way. While it is good to be informed, a better approach to learning is “How will this help me in living my life?” Depending on what you want to accomplish in your life, the answer is as individualistic as each of us.

Yes, learning is continuous. It should be. Once you start to realize that, you see how much there is to learn and how much it can be of use in making your life better and helping others to make their lives better as well. It doesn’t take being a Witch to figure that one out.

Learning Quote 2

Love & Blessed Be

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