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It was back in 1988 that I started writing a manuscript about astrology on an electric typewriter. I titled it, “So You Want to Be an Astrologer?” and my intention was to provided those interested in being an astrologer with “hands-on” instructions for casting and delineating natal astrology charts along with how to create your own astrology business.

I got as far as getting the first four chapters written and sending them off to an agent. (There was little, if any, means to self-publish back then.) The agent was ready to take me on, but the fee stopped me from going any further with it.

The years rolled by and occasionally I did work on the manuscript. Due to the advancement of technology, I began to feel I had little to offer with all the programs that began to be created where you could do a chart fairly easy. So I shelved the project again.

A few years ago, I had someone come to me and want to know what I knew about casting charts without the use of a computer or computer program. I was delighted, to say the least. I brought out the old manuscript and began to create classes I could teach people who might be interested in how to do astrology this way.

I’m very pleased at the fact that I now have a seven – class course that can be taken with a final exam and a certificate (suitable for framing), should you pass the course. That old manuscript finally came in handy!

I still hope to finish that manuscript and maybe publish it as a Kindle book someday. (As long as I’m breathing, there’s hope!) In the meantime, for anyone who might be interested, there’s a course that teaches people how to do astrology without a computer. Being a believer in the preservation of the “old” ways of doing things, it makes me very happy that I have done my part to do just that with astrology.

Speaking of astrology, these next two weeks are fairly quiet as far as planets moving into other signs is concerned. Here’s a couple of things that might be of interest:

Full Moon in Scorpio

On Sunday, April 29th, at 8:58 p.m. EDT, there’s a Full Moon taking place in the sign of Scorpio. Realizing that the Sun is in Taurus, you can expect emotions to be strong – even stronger than is normal for a Full Moon.

That combination of Taurus/Scorpio, both being fixed signs, is what turns up the volume on the intensity. Anger, pride, and jealousy are all emotions to watch out for in yourself and others.

Other problems that can occur with these signs on a Full Moon is an overindulgence in food and drink. There’s also a good deal of secretiveness. Forewarned is forearmed and, knowing this, gives people an opportunity to curb them before they get out of hand.

Anytime the Moon is in Scorpio, it inclines to an interest in the occult or the mysterious in nature. Charging crystals, smudging or other forms of cleansing negativity, and just any magical/spiritual work is heightened in intensity now.

It also increases determination, self-reliance, and self-esteem. This can be a very potent time for anyone tapping into these energies!

Mercury in Taurus

Mercury will move into Taurus on Sunday, May 13th, at 8:40 a.m. EDT bringing with it a very patient and practical energy.

People may find themselves or others sticking to their opinions very stubbornly. Once a course of action is chosen, it’s almost impossible to change their minds.

Keywords to describe this energy are slowly, steadily, surely. More is learned from actual experiences than books or schooling. Once the experience teaches them, people influenced by this energy will go on to build solid structures (actually and metaphorically) in which they are not distracted by side issues until the goal is reached.

A couple areas that are highlighted with this placement are financial management – with almost a natural grasp of money and banking – and collecting art objects and other beautiful items – which could create a career in and of itself.

There’s a lot being offered to us with the patience and practicality of this transit.

Moon Lit Path

May the Full Moon light you way and the other planets be your guide in the next two weeks!

Astrology 6

Love & Blessed Be

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