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I was 22 when I had my own chart done by the man who would later teach me astrology. One of the things I appreciated was that he explained things in everyday terms. If he did use a term I was unfamiliar with, either because of the confusion he saw on my face or because I actually questioned what he meant, he would take the time to translate it so I could understand.

Some 48 years have passed since then and, during those years, I came to realize that, if you’re going to work with the public, you need to speak in a language they can understand.

I periodically give workshops on what I call “basic astrology.” The purpose is to introduce people to what an astrology chart is, what astrology can represent in your everyday life, and that through use of this knowledge you have the chance to plot a course to success to whatever you want to do in your life.

Speaking in astrological terms that only another astrologer would understand impresses no one and becomes a turn-off to the average person who has no idea what you’re talking about and how it could possible mean anything to them.

I’ve found out, from those who have attended my workshops, that they really appreciate the simple terms and clear explanations. It brings them to a better understanding of astrology and sometimes causes them to realize it could be an important tool in living their lives in a more positive manner.

There’s only a few days left to take advantage of my astrology special. It’s the lowest price these charts will be offered for this year.

Astrology Chart Special 2



Mercury Drect

Our two week astrological journey is quite busy this time. It begins with retrograde Mercury in Aries turning direct on Sunday, April 15th at 5:21 a.m. EDT.

I’m always amused at the panic that goes on every time a planet goes retrograde, especially Mercury. The truth is we should be grateful for these opportunities to work on our energies. A retrograde often calls our attention to stuck energies or energies that we’ve just refused to let go of.

In the case of Mercury in Aries, we have had the opportunity to look at our impatience and possible poor judgment done through impulsive thinking. It also gave us a chance to take a look at any doubt we have about not being good enough in the eyes of others.

Now that Mercury is turning direct, moving forward again, we can take advantage of the mental strength and brilliance offered by the energies of this placement.

Perhaps the time has come to take advantage of new ideas and to open ourselves to some original thinking.

Still, we need to be aware of any impatience that might cause us to have impaired judgment. Take a breath and be willing to listen to and consider that thoughts and opinions of others. Who knows? We might learn something valuable!

New Moon In Aries 3

There’s a New Moon happening later that same day at 9:57 p.m. EDT. With the Moon and Sun both in the sign of Aries, there’s going to be a lot of ambitious energy to propel forward any new beginnings a person may desire to make.

This triples down on that energy to take a new look at life and looking forward to the future with lots of hope. The horns of the ram symbol of Aries metaphysically represent a fork in the road of life. Freedom lies in decision making. How will you choose?

Don’t waste a lot of energy just talking about your ideas. This is the time to act on them! Temper that action with knowledge so that your ideas and actions don’t fall apart on you.

Neither anger or depression can last long in all this fire energy. Use your imagination and enthusiasm to be creative in crafting a new beginning for yourself. Allow yourself t become excited at the prospects. Be original. Be independent and self-reliant. The energies are there to support you. Go for it!!!

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn, which has been in Capricorn since December 20th, will be turning retrograde on Tuesday, April 17th at 9:47 p.m. EDT providing us with another opportunity to work with our energies.

Saturn is considered a karmic planet even when moving forward and here it is in Capricorn, the sign it rules and now it will be retrograde, bringing those energies back at us.

This retrograde is asking us to take at our practicality and our accomplishments. What’s interesting is what we achieve in the outer world is far less important than what we accomplish inside and what our outer achievements mean to us internally.

If you are aware of where this retrograde will happen in your chart, it will tell you a great deal about the area of your life where you finish any karma that may exist there.

Honesty and integrity with yourself and others will be very important during this retrograde.

Taurus 10

On Thursday, April 19th, at 11:13 p.m. EDT, the Sun will enter Taurus. Practical, lovers of beauty, stubborn, yet affectionate are all descriptions of these energies and those born under its influence.

Taurus is the natural ruler of the second house of money in an astrology chart. This explains why this is a great time for business in all forms. Being a fixed sign, any contracts signed, businesses started, or even plans made during this transit have an excellent chance of coming to fruition.

This is also an excellent sign for any kind of gardening, landscaping, or work with Nature since it is an Earth sign. Even if you’re not into any of that, it’s a wonderful time to get out and just enjoy Nature!

The down-side to Taurus is the stubbornness, laziness, and temper that can sometimes occur. Forewarned is forearmed! Now that you know, you can be on the lookout for the possibility of falling into these traps and, hopefully, avoid them.

To all those born under this sign…

Happy Birthday Taurus 2

Pluto Retrograde

There seems to be a big hint from the Universe that we really need to be working on karmic stuff as we see Pluto in Capricorn go retrograde on Sunday, April 22nd, at 11:23 a.m. EDT.

Pluto is the planet of rebirth, regeneration, and transformation. Still, we need to remember that in order for those things to happen there often has to be decay, destruction, and elimination to clear a path for the new to happen.

Pluto in Capricorn is about learning how to establish ones individuality and authority within a culture or society. It’s about learning how to integrate ones own philosophy and identity within the framework of the society or culture in which one is living.

Pluto retrograde is pointing out that it is far less important what we do that what we think about what we do. This is a time to sift through the multitude of thoughts, feelings, and experiences that reside within us.

This can be a time of spiritual growth and enlightenment that is only limited by our conscious minds. It’s a time to live the parable, “being in this world but not of it.”

Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn is showing us the need to fulfill personal growth. Without this growth, it is possible to hold back the progress of the planetary lifestream.

Earth Day

EARTH DAY!!! April 22, 2018. Get out and enjoy Nature. Do something nice for the planet!

Venus in Gemini

And, lastly, Venus will be moving into Gemini on Tuesday, April 24th at 12:40 p.m. EDT.

This is certainly not the best placement for Venus. It causes people affected by these energies to dislike being touched or fondled. Love and devotion may be expressed through the mind rather than the heart.

It can cause some to be shallow and superficial in their emotions and expression of them. Others can have very short attention spans when it comes to a relationship.

Still others can spend too much time and energy traveling in the pursuit of pleasure and social activity. People can be frivolous now.

It does favor literature, especially about love, and jokes along with forms of word play. It’s a very intellectual approach to love.

Solar System 5

Well, as you can see, just like the Earth in the northern hemisphere, it appears the planets have awakened and are being to stir the energies for growth in the coming year! I hope you have a wonderful two weeks!!!

Spring in Bloom

Love & Blessed Be

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