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Blue Moon

Once again, although there aren’t a lot of things happening this time, but the things that are happening are important.

There’s an old saying that goes, “Once in a blue moon.” This is to indicate how rare something is. Usually Blue Moons themselves are rare, but this year we’ve been blessed with two of them and they were fairly close together. The first was January 31st and was considered a super Moon and included a lunar eclipse. Now we have a second one, only two months from the first one. It will be happening on March 31st.

Although it’s no super Moon and there won’t be any eclipses attached to it, that doesn’t take away the specialness of it. So, if there’s something you really want to accomplish, beginning it under the light of this Full Moon will add energy to it.

Jupiter Retrograde

But there’s more. I know I’ve talked about retrograde planets before but it’s come to my attention that some people are still in fear of them, especially if it happens to be Mercury that’s retrograde.

Planets being retrograde are opportunities to become more aware of what’s going on around us and inside of us. They are chances to address problems that we’ve been carrying for too long or lessons we have yet to learn. They’re gateways to growth and wisdom.

So, with Mercury remaining retrograde until April 15th, you are being offered the opportunity to work on communication, in all its forms, with others and with yourself. Have a problem speaking up? Mercury is offering you the opportunity to use your voice, even if it’s shaky, and speak your truth. Or maybe you have problems with a form of travel, like your car or carpool. Once again, Mercury is signaling you don’t have to suffer in silence, that you do have a choice to change whatever is wrong.

It really is time for all of us to learn to use these energies to our advantage instead of being fearful of them. In other words, it’s time to stop being a victim and recognize how powerful we really are.

That means with Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio, the opportunity is being offered, through the energies of this retrograde motion, to expand our search for the Truth – the truth of who we really are, why we are really here, and the power that we truly have. Without knowing these things about ourselves, we are hard pressed to find emotional satisfaction with any partner.

Jupiter in Scorpio speaks about what is contained in our subconscious and, being retrograde, bringing that forward so that we can discover the truth of what we personally believe – our personal perceptions and opinions, rather than what we have been told to be, do, and believe.

Retrograde planets are powerful energies that we should welcome and use rather than fear and hide from.

Venus in Taurus

Just before that Full/Blue Moon happens, Venus will move into Taurus (a sign it rules) at 0:54 a.m. EDT on Saturday, March 31st.

Emotional security and stability in love can become very important to those affected by these energies. If that is threatened, it can cause some to become possessive and jealous.

Beyond its influence on relationships, it also gives a love of comfort, good food, and beautiful surroundings. People will now spend their money to make these things possible.

Venus in Taurus is also an excellent time for any kind of artistic work. It’s inspiring and creative. This is true for painters and sculptors but also for singers. It adds beauty and a rich, melodiousness to the voice.

It can also affect a person’s treatment of their own beauty. The urge may be to try new things, buy new clothes, etc.

All in all, it’s a wonderful time to enjoy the beauty around us and in us!

Blue Moon 3

Not too long after that, the Full Moon happens at 8:37 a.m. EDT on Saturday, March 31st. The Moon will be in Libra with the Sun in Aries.

This combination of energies causes a keenly sensitive nature that’s receptive to music and art, for those affected by it.

The energies are observant, alert, sociable, companionable, considerate, and amorous. People will dislike being alone and will seek out others at this time.

The Moon in Libra is an energy that seeks harmony and balance. Since we are talking about the Moon here, we’re talking about our emotional natures. This is the sign (when coupled with Sun in Aries) of good counselors and advisers. If you are not one yourself, but are seeking one, this may be the time when you will easily find them.

Moon in Libra is an energy that promotes trying to understand the other person’s point of view. This comes from a desire to be considerate of other people.

With it being a Full Moon, and a Blue Moon at that, this is an excellent time to diminish the power that any habit, person, or situation has over us so that we have a chance of achieving that harmony and balance in our lives.

Until next time, I wish you joy, peace, and good fortune.

Peace and Serenity

Love & Blessed Be


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