The Journey Continues – The Fall of Atlantis


For many, Atlantis is only a myth. It falls in the same category as the Gods of Olympus. There are those of us, however, that believe it once existed. There are even some of us who remember being there in at least one past life. I know that may sound crazy to some, but it’s very real to more than you know.

My reason for writing about Atlantis is not to convince you that it existed or even tell my tale of my past life remembrance of it. It’s to talk about the fall of a great society caused by greed and a lust for power. Yes, I know there have been other great empires that have fallen throughout history for the very same reasons. Why choose a “mythical” empire to talk about?

Because I do believe Atlantis existed and because I believe in reincarnation and remember snippets of being there, I have, for decades, believed that many of the people in the United States have returned here in this time to see if we could correct the mistakes made there. As with any return from a past life, we always come back to right wrongs, spiritually evolve, and, just in general, learn from the mistakes we made the last time. Both hypnosis and natal astrology have shed light on the truth of reincarnation and the work we have returned to do. Please bear with me and open your mind to infinite possibilities for a few minutes.

While there are many disagreements, not only about its very existence, but also about where it was located, who inhabited the island empire, how it sunk, and where the survivors – if there were any – went once the final sinking took place, the one thread that runs through it all is that once there was a great empire that had it all and then it was gone.

Some would like you to believe that its sinking was just a natural phenomenon that no one could stop. If we are to believe the mythology of Atlantis, they were a culture of vast knowledge and scientific advancement. If this was true, how could so many have lost their lives? How could they not know it was going to happen? Did they live in denial of the facts of the natural phenomena that was happening? (Much like those who claim there is no climate change.) Or was this made worse or even totally a result of humans? (Like the pollution occurring now in the US and the man-made earthquakes happening as a result of fracking.)

It seems a little hard to believe that a society so advanced would be totally oblivious to what was happening around them and be unable to do anything about it. Unless….like so many other cultures that have seen the fall of their own empires, the quest for wealth and power was such a strong motivating force that they chose not to see that they were on a one-way course to self-destruction.

One of the reasons for the establishment of the United States of America was to escape the oppressive rule of the countries the immigrants came from. That oppressive rulership seems to be a recurring theme throughout human history. The few at the top, become dictatorial and oppressive to the many at the bottom of the society in which they all live. The result is always the same, whether the people themselves revolt or they are freed by outsiders, the dictators fall and their empires with them. A new, freer society is established, for a while at least.

It is said that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (George Santayana) It appears, no matter how often it happens, some humans just refuse to get the lesson. Why is that? How many societies, cultures, empires have to rise and fall before we finally get it? “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Lord Acton)

When life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are replaced with a struggle to survive, a restrictive existence and difficulty in finding any reason to be happy, we move away from a positive, prosperous co-existence to a dictatorship where a few have more than they will ever need while the majority spends their days fighting to survive. The imbalance created in the energies that surround us continues to grow. The pressure it creates can be felt and the end result is either the complete collapse of that society (tip a scale too far one way and watch it fall over) or the revolt of the many at the bottom of the society who have finally had enough.

In the case of Atlantis, their arrogance, greed, and lust for power caused them to disregard the warning signs of impending doom. With only a few able to escape the finally throes of its destruction, Atlantis sunk because the powerful believed they could continue to do what they did with no consequences for their actions. There are always consequences…always.

So here we are. Although not everyone residing in the US is a reincarnated Atlantean, I believe there are many – especially those in power here. They appear to have learned NOTHING. We are headed down that same path to destruction. While I don’t believe the continent the US is part of will sink into the ocean, I do believe it’s entirely possible that society, as we know it, will cease to exist. How do I see it happening? Well, it really does go back to those two possibilities – either those in power will keep pushing us in one direction until everything collapses or the people will rise up because they’ve had enough. My money’s on the people.

As I write this today, our youth, with others, have taken to the streets to protest gun violence. I believe this is only the beginning. Although I am basically pacifistic, I do recognize that this country was found by revolution. It’s part of its nature. It may take revolution to bring the energies back into balance so this country can thrive again.

Unlike Atlantis, and other empires that have fallen, we still have a chance to save ourselves and return to the principles it was founded on. “We the People” have that choice.

May we see the rise of “Atlantis” and all its glory once more!

You May Say I'm a Dreamer

Love & Blessed Be

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