The Journey Continues – A Search for the Truth


What is truth and whose truth is it? Fox Mulder (The X-Files) said “The truth is out there.”, but is that where truth is to be found? How do we know when we’ve found it?

Forgive me, I think I’m feeling the energies of Jupiter going retrograde last week. One of the many things Jupiter represents is seeking Truth. Right now, in all the chaos energies we are experiencing in the world, Truth seems to be an endangered species in the human condition. Unfortunately, once lies become more prevalent than truth, then the next to go is trust. Without the ability to trust, fear moves in to take up residence within us. Fear breeds suspicion and then person turns on person, not knowing who can be trusted and fearing for the peace and security of their existence.

Peace and security lies within the confines of truth. That brings us back to, “What is truth?” The dictionary presents a somewhat complex definition: 1. The state or character of being true in relation to being, knowledge, or speech. 2. Conformity to fact or reality. 3. Conformity to rule, standard, model, pattern, or ideal. 4. Conformity to the requirements of one’s being or nature’ steadfastness; sincerity. 5. That which is true; a statement or belief that corresponds to the reality. 6, A fact as the object of correct belief; reality. There are several more definitions that follow the ones I have already stated.

I think the thing that stands out to be is the use of the word “reality”. Who’s reality? Any police officer taking witness statements at the scene of an accident can tell you how different what each witness saw can be. Our perspectives, thus our realities, can be very different of what we see in our daily lives. So which perspective, which reality is the truth?

I think the best gauge to answering that might be the way it is presented by the person speaking it. Accuracy, integrity, honesty, veracity and intention are all elements of truth. Those witnesses to the accident, are they intending to be as accurate and honest about what they witnessed? Do they speak with integrity and veracity? If so, then they have given their truth to the best of their ability to the officer.

There are other instances where the “facts” can be checked out by googling reliable sources, but even these are only as true as those who wrote them. So, ultimately, how does one know when you’ve uncovered a truth?

To me, it’s a gut feeling. It doesn’t come from my head, where I rationalize things to what I think I need to hear. Nor does it come from my heart where I may desperately wish something to be true. It comes from my gut. That’s the place where you feel it coincide vibrationally with the Truth that lies within me. Yes, I did just capitalize that truth. Why? To differentiate from the truths of this reality.

I’ve read often that all the answers we seek externally are actually to be found internally. Perhaps that’s because we are in this reality but not of it. We have come from another place to experience Life in the confines of this reality called Earth. That would also explain the many diverse perspectives of this reality. Each of us has mapped out a very unique journey through this lifetime and along with that comes a very unique perspective of what Life is like here as we continue that journey each day.

There are some common truths of this reality: everything is born and everything dies; one season consistently follows the other: day follows night, etc. The rest is pretty much left to us to decide what is a Truth for us. So, even though Fox Mulder believes the truth is out there, the real Truth lies within in each of us and we can only know it by turning inward and feeling what rings true for us.

Why else would there also be such diversity in the elements that make up our journey? Choice is a big part of finding our personal truths. This includes where we live, where we work, who we love, and the spiritual path we choose to walk (and that includes choosing to walk no spiritual path). What feels right? What speaks to us of being a Truth for the journey we are making through this lifetime?

There is no one answer to any of these choices. There are some who would disagree with this, but the truth is that without having these choices we might as well all be robots. There’s enough of that already going on. Being on the “hamster wheel” they call it. If you live each day without feeling what is truth for you, then you may have succumbed to that hamster wheel. Your quest for truth has become lost.

My quest for the Truth may be different than your quest. I would be very surprised if it wasn’t. The point is, we are searching for our truths. We have forgotten who we are and part of our quest for the Truth is to find that answer. How will we know when we’ve found it? We’ll feel it in our gut. We may even know it without knowing how we know it. We just do.

Here’s to your own personal quest for your own personal Truth. May it be fruitful and enlightening.

Knowing Yourself

Love & Blessed Be

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