The Journey Continues – The Old and the New

Struggle 2

I’ve been struggling for days about what to write this time. Normally, for the most part, I have no trouble with this. The fact is just as I’ve been struggling we, as a people are struggling. The struggle is more than just one between people of different ideologies; more than one between our hopes and fears; and more than one between our heads and our hearts. So what is it then?

I’ve written before about the natural inclination of humans to resist change. We have the bewildering habit of clinging to the “old”, even if it’s depressing and detrimental, rather than embracing the “new” – change – because it represents the unknown and the unknown frightens us. Don’t get me wrong, there are some of us who whole-heartedly embrace change and even look forward to it, but, generally speaking, more of us are frightened by it.

Personal change is tough enough. Whether you’re talking a job change or a change of residence, a life change like marriage or the birth of our first child, we get nervous, at least, if not down-right scared. What I’m talking about, however, goes beyond anything we could experience on an individual level and yet it affects every individual.

The change I’m speaking about, the struggle that’s taking place, has to do with the energies of an old way of life and the energies of a new way of thinking, doing, and being. When energies like this clash, each fighting for supremacy, the chaos that ensues can be devastating. The Old will fight tooth and nail to hang on, even though its ways no longer work. The New, like an infant struggling to be born, pushes forward, causing pain as it seeks to take its first breath and establish its life and identity.

We humans now find ourselves caught up in this struggle, not realizing fully what is happening. The energies keep intensifying as the crisis point, the tipping point, from one way of thinking, being, and doing to the other, new way approaches. We find ourselves being divided, rather than united, even choosing up sides. “We” have become “us and them”. How sad for us to not realize there is no “us and them”. There is only us. For some, it creates a kind of temporary insanity, causing us to think, speak, and act irrationally at times. This, however, is the way of change and the chaos energies it creates.

Those who would benefit from this dissension find ways to make the rift bigger. They revel in the chaos and take pleasure from the anger and hatred they can invoke by word and deed. They find amusement in our lack of awareness that we have a choice and can put a stop to this at anytime simply by making a different choice, but we don’t see it, caught up in the heat of our need to be right so that we feel safe. Their motivation is control and profit and the more chaos and dissension they can create the more they can profit from it and have control over us. Still, this is all part of the massive change we are going through.

More than forty years ago, I ran across a passage in a book that speaks to this, almost prophetically. It goes like this:

“…Your world shall become two worlds. I am the body of one; I am the guardian of the other. There are two worlds; one of the old, one of the new. Heed not the voices that speak to the old but know that I am within you, for I would proclaim to you what comes from beyond….”

It doesn’t matter what spiritual path you follow or what the name of your deity or deities may be. This spoke then, and continues to speak, of Spirit telling us change was coming and faith would be required to make the transition. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, just as has been said so many times. It’s important that we recognize that, especially now. Our physical bodies may appear different to one another and the paths we have each chosen through this lifetime are even more diverse, yet we are all the same inside. We are spirit, part of the Creator of all-that-is. We are all on a journey back “home” – back to Him, Her, Them, It – from where we came. That’s the important part – not the guise we have assumed to make the journey.

There’s enough chaos energy to go around right now. Why must we seek ways to add to its power by creating more anger and more hate? Are we so afraid of life that if someone views things differently they become the enemy? Can we not even consider agreeing to disagree?

Our continued existence on this planet is jeopardized by our failure to move beyond our different viewpoints and still be able to love and defend each other. We may meet our demise because of our desperate need to be right and have everyone else agree with us. Is it impossible for us to choose another way to exist together? I pray this is so.

I know much of what I’ve said will fall on deaf ears. I also know there’s a chance that there may be whose who will angrily tell me how foolish I am, arguing that I just can’t see how things really are. I see more plainly than most people may believe.

What I see is that there is no amount of guns that will protect us from the changes that are taking place. The protection we seek comes in the form of Love and Faith – not in our schools or even in our churches, temples, or synagogues, but in our hearts for ourselves, for each other, and for this planet on which we reside. Call me crazy, but I truly believe this with all my heart.

Light and Love 2

Love & Blessed Be

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